Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sadly I have become less and less active on this journal. Mostly because I
do alot of my updates via Livejournal where alot of my more personal entries
are? /:
not that its really that shockingly personal haha I guess I've just been
used to using LJ alot more and not so much on blogspot. But I will try and
be more active on this one I guess haha. Its just sad that I dont get to
write alot in here since I dont go out as much anymore and my life has been
quite boring lately.

Work. Sleep. Work. Sleep. Stress. Haha.

If I were to keep a public journal, I had hoped atleast it to be somewhat
interesting LOL. But I guess I definitely fail on that one then /: I thought
about writing more informational entries. Perhaps I'll work into making
another blogspot account and convert it to be more of a.....blogblog?XD haha
iunno. Its is the age of information. It might be something to add onto my
series of other projects I am working on, which I will eventually happen
haha. w00t. Haha.

I'll probably be writing stuff that ranges from all my various of interests!
Haha. I guess ranging from random articles to reviews and tutorials and
whatnot. haha. O_o
busy busy bee. Lol. Funs. I've always wanted to try my hand at it, I've
written articles for several other sites in the past but that had gone
stagnant for awhile /:

My head is simply full of ideas and whatnot but finding the time to sit down
and just do these would be like, woah crazy. But life is just full of
experiences. You're only young once. Haha.

Hopefully I'll find time over the weekend to look into it more seriously
hahaha, in between my gaming and other stufff. Time to brainstorm some