Monday, March 28, 2011

AnimeConji 2011

Anime Conji was this past weekend! San Diego's first ever real Anime Convention, funny how it took us this long to actually come up with one. SD has always been famous for hosting Comic Con but as most of you know, its primarly a COMIC book convention :B and pop culture versus more of an anime one.

This was Conji's 2nd year around, the last time it was held at the Double Tree hotel and this year was at the Town & Country Inn, which had a convention center! but, unfortunately by the time we got there, it looked like the convention center got booked by another con which left Conji to try and pack everything in the little area that is the con, it felt like a maze/sardines walking through the tiny hallways with the vendors selling out of the hotel rooms! :o

yeah, well atleast this year felt like there was a bigger turn out of people. I didnt cosplay and unfortunately, I didnt even bother taking photos of cosplayers. There were a few but truth be told, I wasnt feeling it with the location of the con, and most of the people from ALA were at this con too. I also got the feeling that the con was a very 'sexified' con. Ahahaha rumors had it after we left at sat night, people were running in spanks and were having sex at the balcony in the whee hours of the morning! ahahahah

well, there WERE a few people running around in skimpy bikinis at the con, funny, it was under 65 the entire time, despite the sun being out, it was still pretty chilly!

lol, yesss my hair is brown and I got my extensions back on, I dont wear them daily. And dang, my hair went down in the chair! LOLZ. I guess its time to trim my layers again oAo;;

Has anyone else notice but Ash seems to have the coolest jackets all the time hu?!

yes a fashion comment, this one looked like a white motorcycle jacket with a hoodie too! it reminds me of my brothers white motor jacket.

Anthony, Amanda, Michael (of and Ash all came Friday night to crash at our place to get ready for the con.
Got up sat morning and made everyone break fast :D hot cocoa, bacon, eggs and french toast.

I was pussyshit and Ash took over cooking the bacon xD coz I was like 'nyaaaarghgggh -rage- hot oil ;; lawlz'

Yeah clearly we are lame and didnt really do much. ahahaha ;; this video pretty much sums up my convention experience more or less. I 'borrowed' my friends Flip Cam :B fufufufu

I totally want a power-shot / point-and-shoot cam that does video just for silly willy photos and videos since I dont like the range of the flip so much. And i'd be nice to have a cam that fits in my back pocket. I think I simply have an obsession for camera oAo

if blogger doesnt work, link link from photobucket or add my FB
:B since I didnt wanna upload to youtube.
youtube has too much drama xD;; nyaha.

At the end of the day we ended going to the Mall and Starbucks to chill and catch up. made another video but it looks like blogspot said it might be too big. So. Link it is

At the end of the night, after korean BBQ we all returned back to the Condo for some good times and drinking. If any of you know Toshi and Shin irl, you should add me on FB and watch the Toshi parody video :B hehehehe we <3 you Toshi!!!!
and thanks to Ash and Michael for the red velvet cheese cake! I've never had cheesecake before but omfg that was amazing! oAo and it was from the cheesecake factory.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Update

In a sad attempt to try and update this blog a lot more~ ahahaha
So just an update as of late.

Things are finally falling into place that they should :D
we just got a new flat screen tv for the living room. FTW! Just waiting now for the HDMI cables we order from Amazon to come in so I can play COD again :3

Just got a new car, its a White 2009 Nissan Versa Hatchback. Not my very first pick, but a car is a car! My top picks were the Scion XB (box cars ftw oAo), a Scion TC or the Acura RSX or a Honda Si. Was really banking on the box car since I test drove one a while ago and they are just freakin' awesome! I also test drove a TC before with a muffler in it! Back when I was thinking of trading in my 92 Jaguar. but backed out since the financing would have cost me $300 a month. oAo

but yes, now I am no longer carless. Just. Super broke >D! lalalalawlz. Mortgage payments ;_; yaaaay.

We broke in the new big screen with some good ol' Halo Reach. The tv I believe is 46"? not quite sure but something like that, sucks/sad that I'm pretty rusty with Halo. I've been more on Whack-ops lately ._____. but haven't played in awhile. lolz. I wonder how sucky I'd be if I picked it up again tonight.

but yes, busy busy, trying to get life in order. New car, now the hunt for new jobs. I have a stack of job apps/cover letters I need to write and send my resume out to. Amazing craigslist but sucks at the same time since the competition is so fierce! oAo its so unnerving sometimes since I'm not a college grad-yet. ;_; but I am applying for school again, come summer, I -need- to sign up for summer sessions since I missed Spring. bah! And could def use the Financial Aid too, school is not cheap at all! D<

so been busy doing that, I have a long list of things that 'needs to be done' thats just been piling up, more importantly - job apps needs to be done.
list a few items up on craigslist - unwanted furniture and other stuff
I've been itching to sew or make something for a while now. I've also looked back into possibly doing dread wigs/fall commissions again oAo I did miss doing that. I'll probably look at investing in a steamer too since I'm still doing the ghetto towel+really hot straightener method D<
since its getting warmer too, I can probably make my dread/falls at the balcony lawlz :B

I use to offer doing extensions for people via craigslist and do visual kei styling/cut/color for people up and down LA and SD county, but I think at this point I'd rather just go back to doing dreads. Less customer interaction xD;; no its not coz I'm anti social, its just easier to make dreads/falls and send them out rather than setting up a meeting time to do someones hair
and you have NO idea how hard/time consuming it is to do peoples extensions ;_; but I'm really debating about doing it again.

I almost feel that the cyber scene is dieing but not quite. I'd like to experiment with falls again and whatnot. I still have my old ruki hair piece. I'd love to make myself a big huge dread wig in browns and blondes fufufu. Big hair is big :D it might turn out to be a pretty heavy wig in the end + be super warm in the summer time too lolz. oh jeez.

but yeah, I have a few entries I need to finish writing up on my hair blog / product reviews and etc. I'm so behind. but most importantly, I need to finish my job applications! D<

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disneyland & New Room! :O

Hi~ Dead or alive?! once again behind on posting, not much entertainment has happened lately that was worth blogging about - except for. dundundn DISNEYLAND! :O

First of all. LOOK AT THIS GIANT A$$ STRAWBEBERRRY :O Placed it against a sharpie for size comparison coz I couldnt find a quarter xD at the time and I was getting ready to slice this bad boy up and throw it into a blender for a smoothie lawl.

That's still pretty big against the sharpie :o

but yes, this last weekend my friends kidnapped me and took me to Disneyland *A*

Thank you thank you thank youuuu~ ;; (now I gotta get a 2nd job and pay em' back >D)

First stop of the day was riding the train all around the park just to get a feel of the park was, since its been over 10+ years since any of us has been back there >D

our first stop was Tomorrow Land! And got some fast passes for autoban?....the crappy car driving school that wont let you go pass 6.5 MPG .___.

Then while waiting, we went ahead and shot for Mata-horn! >D the line wasnt that bad for this ride so early in the morning, we probably arrived just as the park was opening up and sure enough, even before entering the park, security has managed to stop me and Mikey coz I guess we look like were up to no good ._.

The old man was questioning me if I stuffed something in my Dr Martens....since I took it off prior to entering the security gate coz there was a rock in there D<>

Oh by the way, all photos taken were taken with my cellphone since I didn't feel like bringing my giant DSLR. I have YET to get a small point-and-shoot camera to take with me places *A* or atleast a powerful enough powershot /:

shortly after, we walked around a bit looking for a smoker poll for Mikey xD then made our way to Fantasy Land. Got hungry and grabbed a Churo >D fucking shits are $3.50! D<>D

We got inline for Dumbo but ended up bailing since we got HUNGRY D<>:D

I ended up getting a breakfast platter >D mhm eggs, bacon and toast LAWLS, I think Breakfast foods is THE best type of food anytime LAWLS

After 'brunch' we walked around Downtown Disney a bit more (and sadly convincing Ash to suck it up and come back down to SD with us that night for some drinking and karaokekekeke) we then made our way back to Disneyland, I don't think we really hit anymore other rides after coming back, we def worked our way towards Frontier to get into Thunder mountain! >:D

we met some Jedis too~ lawls and we also tried to get a fast pass for Space Mountain but didn't make it intime ._.

but we did ended up getting a fast pass for Thunder Mountain, got in line for almost an hr >D then right after we got through our first run, quickly jumped back on for our 2nd time around! Def my fav!!! ride throughout Dland. I remember me and my bro riding this almost 6 times last time we went.

We didnt get a chance to visit the Haunted Mansion - which is also my favorite since the line was just too much, it was starting to get pretty dark so we made our way back to Mainstreet USA to browse the shops and look at merch. we couldn't afford xD!
next time we come back I definitely need to have $$$ with me ._.

being a disneyland has definitely brought back some lovely kiddie memories and rekindled my love for good ol' classic Disney. I ampted myself the last couple weeks by watching all sorts of Disney documentaries on Netflix lawls. I need to visit DisneyWORLD. Since my fam is in Florida....why not?! lawls. I didnt get to go last time I flew out there ._.

We didnt stay for the fire works or anything since we wanted to hurry home for some drinkings. Funny, everyone passed out on the car on the way home and I entertained myself with my ipod and cutting people off all the way down to SD >D
Drove ALL the way down to Downtown SD near Mikey/Cathy's place to pick up more booze then drive all the way back up North to my place. lawls, no one really got drunk except Earl since the rest of us were just too tired....lawwwwlz

Anyways moving on! :D
I'm officially moved into the room and no more living/sleeping in the living room >D~
yay. So in light of me moving into my new "room", I decided to PAINT IT >D I need color in my life :D considering my last room was a nice LINK GREEN. kekekeke :D
this room was a nasty green so I decided. NURGH! PURPLE! PURPLE IT IS!

you can see the 'green' it was before on the right side. 8D

and the final results: