Friday, August 21, 2015

Card Captor Sakura Wallet

Wow some of the photos turned out pretty dark but you get the idea :x
I'm honestly not one to buy wallets on a regular basis (and I mean like, you know how some people go through several wallets through their lifetime just like how most goes through purses or something) but really, I'm just not the type to wonder off to the wallet section of stores thinking 'oh I need a new wallet' unless my current one is dead or dying or just impractical for use lol...
but with that being said, my current one has been taking a beating and before it goes through more of a beating I figured its time to let it take a break for a while so I was in search of a new replacement. One that I wont cry over once it starts to fall apart....but also be cute afk coz why not.
This design came out a while ago, probably about a year ago.
I have mixed feeling about anime oriented designs tbh but glad that in the recent years
they've released more and more items designed for the anime fans but not so much as it screams cheap weeb status.
So with that said, took the plunged. Finally got a new wallet.
I got mine off eBay but you can get them through taobao and other US sellers.
The parcel came in after a few weeks (well, considering I got it for less than $20 vs other stores. I would wait) it was well packaged. I was surprised that it even came with its own box.
normally sellers would just wrap it up in a envelope and ship it to you wrapped in bubble wrap.
but  glad to know the wallet came with its own hard box and inside the hard box it was wrapped in  paper to protect it from chaffing as well. Wow. good job!
 The wallet comes with a wristlet strap incase you want to wear it as a clutch
Sturdy textured material
lots of pockets on the inside
I didn't note it there but the zipper is a nice metal zipper with the Sakura's wand on it.
A lot of compartments and separators in the inside of the wallet with a coin holder inside too.

Size wise, its a good sized wallet. Pretty big but if your a person with a lot of cards and etc
I think this works well. I put a size comparison on the photos as well, its basically the same size as my Vivienne Westwood wallet. Its definitely the type that has to be put inside a purse lol...or I mean you can put it on your wrist.
Theres enough room for you to put your iPhone inside if you want to. It fits my HTC Desire Eye phone (if I take the case off if not it still fits but can be bulky)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Insta-dump June :: July recap

I'm terrible and I dont know how much out of order all this will be because I am behind again. AX has come and gone and I think the last post I did was basically post well we're well into August so heres my recap for June-July. I know I'll probably put up a more legit AX recap post...though I dont think I did /that/ much... so I'll probably put some of the AX stuff here since I don't think theres much  to warrant a full on post...maybe.