Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Hallo thur....

this is gonna be one of those random updates that I do rarely since I dont really have much to talk about anymore nor do I blog enough anymore either LOlz.

This is an attempt to do an update lawlz.

Its holiday season time once again. boo. love hate relationship .__. where sales rip your wallets empty! LOOOLz.

Selca~ sadness my webcam is so shitty. I liked my old webcam better vs the one attached to my laptop I should get it back from my dad xD...hes not using it anyway.

I want new lenses. Thinking about the Bambi Series, the one that looks reddish brown but sadly I heard it doesnt show up as well on dark eyes =_= the photos are always so deceiving!

Went shopping~ I ordered this new top from HT not too long ago. HUrpderp.
I have a few more items coming in thanks to the bLack Friday sale and before that I raided ebay as well so I'm definitely looking forward to receiving some packages *u*

I went and finally finished the campaign mode for Modern Warfare 3 and honestly, I AM NOT disappointed! its a blockbuster movie game once again lawlz. And I played it partly tipsy too XD oh boy. been battling a hangover from Friday night and Idecided it was a smart idea to drink again last night too. And I went and wasted more time watching Black Hawk Down since I was on a gunho mode from MW3 oAo...

and I rolled out of bed at 1pm this morning, hung over slightly. NOthing a struddle, spicy chicken sandwhich and bland coffeee to make it work lolol.

Now I'm working on drafting the pattern for Ash's new costume for ALA. Which is Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear. I'd prefer for her to be Jin Kisaragi tbh but were doing a GG group for ALA not a BLazblue one. I've made a Ky costume before for Shin years ago so this shouldnt be all too hard and I've learned what I can fix from the old one 8B not to mention I'm using a nicer fabric this time. From the swap meet haul, I'm using a broad heavy satin. Vs the old fabric we used which was a double knitt cotton.

So, see you guys at ALA! ;D
I wont be cosplaying, just looking fabulous probably lmao (or attempt to) mostly coz I wanna be able to take pictures this time around vs during PMX where I was able to do NOTHING LMAO....

I also gotta make Nick's costume too :B

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Comikaze, PMX & Shopping Haul

whoooo long post is long because I've been lazy lol and deciding to dump everything in one crazy long photo filled post 8DDD

so 2 things happened this month~ Comikaze and Pacific Media Expo! And for those who follow me on twitter/tumblr you guys know I've been busy trying to get ready for PMX's masq!! And well long story short. We won Judges Award!!!!! 8DDD eeeeeeeee and won free passes to Anime Los Angeles. Which I doubt I will be cosplaying in at all since I didnt get to take ANY Photos at all at PMX ;_;...
but I will be working on some cosplays for Ash and Nick >8DDDD

and so, lets move on for now.


Comikaze was a last min decision, the admission was dirt cheap $12 for 1-day and Mark Hamill and Stan Lee were both going to be there as well as Elvira! :o oooh.

The event was held at a PARKING LOT inside the Los Angeles Convention Center. Lol. oh whut?! hahaha the turn out was pretty decent for a first time con with so many guests and so many people. Well, it felt like it had a pretty good turn out 8D.

I nabbed myself a Castlevania photo art print out thingie 8BBB

its gorgeous no?! >8DDDDDD its not hanging over my desk in my room *u* my room is starting to look less and less bare now hahaha

the baroness has always been my fav. from G.I Joe

POSTING THIS PIC OF MY BB COZ IT LOOKS GOOD AND ASH LOOKS /REALLY/ GOOD AS ION >8DD not to mention I was very picky with the red eyeshadow coz I was worried it wasnt going to show well >w< but I guess it turned out fine >8D
and vavavavoooom Lashes~ <3333

skirt was so fucking heavy I kept having to pull it and it bunches undermy corset ._.

some lady from some show in LA (in chinese) interviewed us...XD she said she chased us down from upstairs HAHAHA

I went and got KBBQ today since it never happened at PMX looool
I'm sorry, some people just really dont grow up HAHAHA. my friend got me the THOR Hammer as a xmas present >D and it does shoot things out from the top (so wrong XD....) and makes lightning noises.

I'm so set for the Avengers movie. I need to get me a Thor t-shirt and make a ghetto cape >:3 yes. best believe. I was gonna do it the Thor Movie...then. I got sick LOL so it never happened.

I got that warthhog at the PMX swap meet brand new for $5. and a few other posters >8DDD hahahaha

and huzzah fabric haul from the National City Swap Meet this morning!!! All of them are heavy satin and was about $2.50 the black looks pretty legit coz from a good distance it looks like it almost resembled Pleather >8DDD eeee!!!!!!

I'm making a Gackpod cosplay for Nick and a Ky Kiske for Ash for our Guilty Gear group for ALA.
The black is for a Loveless cosplay >:333 I bet you guys can figure out which one ;DDD

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Honestly not a big big fan of T-ara. To be honest I probably only know 2 of their songs LOL....maybe 3....

Lawlz....but they have recently caught my attention with their new epic MV for Cry Cry :o
and they just released the first part of the epic movie music video lawlz....yes if you follow me on tumblr I've probably already spammed it with stills from the previews and the video it self lawwwl. Love the style and how its shot :DDDD

thats definitely one thing I gotta hand KPOP. They make epic music videos LOLz. Atleast this one is more 'action' versus the usual ballady Drama....lolz...

I cant wait to see the 2nd half :o which I guess is launching this weekend. Sadly I will be at PMX lol, if theres wifi I'm definitely catching its launch XD or....use stupid ATT's shitty 3G network....


lol. I have my dogtags from ROTC but I need a chain...==;;

And I'm honestly loving the short hairs these ladies are sporting! :o sometimes I wish I can have my hair short like that again but then again, NOOO I'm trying to grow my hair out LOOOL. I should just get a wig but the sad things, it might just rot in my closet coz I know it would look awkward lawwwwl....especially short wigs XD...kinda....haha.

and fail me. I've been working day and night on Esther intime for PMX's Masq competition. I finally signed up for the masq. and I guess my craftmanship slot is for 1:40pm. lawl, I still gotta get up fairly early to get everyone ready and get myself ready and waddle my way down stairs to meet the judges and check in TAT boooo....

and haha I still have to write up my entry for Comikaze that I went to last weekend 8B

Thursday, November 3, 2011


The Body Shop had a sale going on /: Buy 1 get 1 half off. Or buy 2 items get 1 free.
My face has not been very happy with me. Not that I've really taken as good a care of it from the very beginning u_u yay acne scars and etc. That you cannot see from the mounts of makeup I wear to cover it up LOLz.
but recent discovery made me realize I need to really try to take better care. I'm not getting any younger LMAo and with recent weather changes, I know my skin is gonna go insane again LOL. Yay retarded combo skin )8<

So I went to the Body Shop to try some items since I wasnt ready to commit to high end products like Sephora carries or Clinique and was worried about wearing MORE heavy stuff on my face D8< when I already wear a bad combo of makeup daily LOLz....

Read some reviews on the Tea Tree Oil line so I decided to pick up 2 items from the line.
One that helps clear blemishes and control oil! Which would work for a daily moisturizer since I've noticed that I get acne flare ups every once in a while and enough is enoughhh
their not as bad as when I was younger but still! D8<

and the other is a nightly moisturizer/lotion you wear to help fade the old scars and prevent new ones from forming.
And last,y I got a free item which is their so well known Vitamin E moisturizer.

So we'll see how this goes! )8< since I'm not SUPER big into skin care LOL which I honestly should be considering I'm a stylist hahahaha....orz
maybe this would help me cut down on the amount of shit I slap on my face on the daily LMAO...and also considering I just go to work and no where else orz HAHAHA

instead of foundation + powder + concealer, maybe we can cut it down to just moisturizer (to help control the redness and oil T zone) and just mineral powder lawwwl......and I dont even use a heavy foundation on most days, I try to switch inbetween BB Cream and the now discontinued line from Maybelline's Pure Makeup. Sad that its been discontinued. I liked the fact that it was 50% water which gave it a pretty COOLING feeling but it did give a pretty light to medium coverage, which is OK for the most part since it was my 'every day' wear foundation. I kept the MAC for heavier days when I got places to go other than work LOLz....

but yes, we shall see how well this goes since I've read some decent reviews from it! :o

and I'm still waiting for a few items I ordered with my friend from! I shall be receiving them when I meet her at PMX!

this was the cup I got from when I went to SF last year~ hahaha I wish I had a opportunity to see Alcatraz. Alas, I only got to see it from a distance....

and this! I wanted to post this! Its a quote from an amazing man. BRUCE LEE.

And I shall end this entry with....

Because I am clearly sacrificing precious cosplay work time to go to comickaze for a day! LOL and I still have quite a few things to finish on Esther Q_Q lawwwlz...oh my.