Friday, October 24, 2014

2014年10月24日 | ONE OK ROCK

Ok so so so so so much YOLO went into me going to see ONE OK ROCK. It was overwhelming roller coaster of feels and everythng else. But I do not regret seeing them at all!!!

This is the 2nd 'local' show I've seen in San Diego in all the years I've been living here, I'm always so used to having to drive to LA for all the shows so of course when an epic band like One Ok Rock decides to do a show in San Diego and Anaheim you just gotta jump on that!! I had debated on going for weeks and weeks D: since it was falling on the week I have mid-terms and also on a day that I have class. I either miss work or leave work early and go to the Anaheim show Wednesday or YOLO and skip class lol and go to Thursday show in San Diego...the ticket prices were atrocious on Ticket master and I decided to venture down to Soma myself to get the tickets..the moment I did turning back you already spent $$$ on this. Just.... owe it to yourself to enjoy yourself for one night....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


yooooooo omg ok let me start off this post by sounding like an illiterate idiot and how informal all these posts are becoming but its all good. So....
HAS ANYONE BEEN KEEPING UP WITH THE NEW SEAS ONF OTHE WALK DEAD?! YO OK. IDK. I told myself I cannot deal with this show. Don't get me wrong.  I love me some zombies and etc but wooooooow.

Somteimes I just need to stop. Lay on the floor and reassess why the fuck I'm watching this LOL....this is shingeki feels all over again...Then again I feel like by season 5 we should already know by now to expect the worst and that everyone is eventually going to die anyway ahaha like what even. This is a zombie apocalyptic world. Everything is going to end AHAH //wow pessimist much?...

Yeah basically marathoned this through Netflix and just started up on the new season. I hate following a new show season after season coz you have to wait for the next weeks episode versus if you wait it out then you get to binge watch everything aha...all my feels towards American Horror Story but with mid terms I'm behind an episode anyway so maybe by the time I'm ready to watch it theres atleast 2-3 episodes for me to binge on :x .. not like I really have time but I feel I've taken it quite easy this last week despite it being mid terms OvO;; The professor gave us an extension anyway so...huehuehue....

Monday, October 6, 2014


I am a potato.

Stupid potato.

ばか ポテト

me and a friend kept laughing our butts off the entire time I was attempting this
its such a throw back to how I feel I would have been like if I was any cooler
when I was younger.
I wish my inner homo was this cool when I was 16.
It only unfortunately took me a decade to get there.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I keep having backlogged entries that I have every intention on getting to or wrapping it up but I never quite do...

I can finally say I've completed the first batch of commissions so far and am waiting to get materials and things situated for the next batch of commissions. School and full time work keeps me plenty busy as well as my brothers wedding next weekend.. What speech. Am I suppose to give one out?  Well fuck.