Sunday, December 29, 2013

G&G 3-tone purple lenses review

Its almost the end of the year and here I am trying to catch up on reviews / entries lol. Hi..
I've had these lenses for well over half a year now? Or should be right about half a year. I got them right intime for Anime Expo but never got around to reviewing them so here we go! :D

This time I'll be reviewing the Dueba/G&G Puffy 3-tone purple! I've reviewed a similar product but the green versions here

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 5.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal
(most recommends to replace your lenses after 3-6 months to promote healthy eyewear. I'm not a doctor so...dont take it from me)

I'll just be following the same format as I've had on my previous review as to be honest, there isnt much of a difference from the other lenses I got, except for these ones are a different color and I got these from Honeycolor! (versus Kiwiberry lenses)

Design: Like the green ones, these lenses features the same tri-color blends. A gold-ish hazel tone in the middle, then the purple violet tone and finishes itself off with a smaller black limbal ring around it. These lenses are SUPER vibrant but are incredibly comfortable! Thats saying alot considering these are quite vibrant in design and color. I have typically dark asian eyes - almost black but as you can tell on the photos below, these babies pop quite well! I even included a video for you.

Enlargement: Like the green ones, not exactly the best in terms of enlargement since the limbal ring blends in with the design, so unlike the princess Mimis or the other lenses that has a more pronounced black ring around it, the enlargement effect on these aren't exactly noticeable.
Comfort: The water content is not on the high 40s but its definitely still one of the more comfortable lenses I've worn and I've worn these for hours unend thats why I keep going back to the 3-tone series (other than the vibrancy and design) but to each their own in terms of comfort. I personally had a hard time with the princes mimi series, I've tried both grey and brown I've had better luck with the brown ones but like the previous grey pairs I owned. After 3 months of owning them, I just couldn't bare to wear them for more than an hr or two /:
I've tried peroxide rinses on them numerous times as well but its still not as comfortable. These lenses in terms of comfort level are up there with my old geo nudy and angel color ones as well as my Hanabi pairs.

Sunlit / Natural Light: 

Nighttime & artificial light:

So as you can tell from the photos above, these lenses are incredibly vibrant especially for those who have dark eyes and are looking for something vibrant. I highly recommend these for cosplay despite the limbal ring. They photograph incredibly well and would definitely compliment your cosplay a lot if you're looking for a nice softer look versus using a 1-tone colored lens which can look rather artificial at times - but again, to each their own! Hope this helped on your next lens selection!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Yes. I need this.
As if monopoly hasn't ruined enough friendship lol...

My collection already includes: Lord of the Rings Monopoly, Nintendo Monopoly (still waiting for an exlusively Legend of Zelda one. You all know you want one)
How bout a Shingeki no Kyojin one?! LOOOOOO
Yeah I'd like to buy the Wall of Maria for 1600 please.
(wait, is that how much Boardwalk is even???)

Another manga ruined by anime? WHY SHINGEKI

I typically don't rant or talk about a lot of anime(s) here nowadays since I've pretty much lived under a rock lately and haven't really kept up with the anime scene as of late despite being an -obvious- cosplay photographer. I don't really devote a lot of time to watching a lot of series nowadays. I feel alot of the series coming out as of late has lost their charm or simply has been quite repetitive. Of course theres one of those gems that shines once  in a while and to be me, that was definitely Shingeko no Kyojin. I haven't thrown myself into a fandom so hard like this in almost a decade (wow that's a really long time LOL - ok I may be slightly exagerating but seriously. You know this is a comitted relationship when you drop money you dont have on a really expensive paper weight figurine of Heichou...)

I leave a lot of my anime ramblings on tumblr but this is just going to get buried under all my spam on tumbr..

Does anyone else notice how Isayama-sensei is looking more and more like Heichou? Wonder how many fangirls swooned over him because of

Partial translation taken from Sankaku:
The ending – you’ve said publicly that you had a specific ending for Shingeki envisioned from the start. You’re wavering with regard to that?

I.H: "The plot is pretty loose, there have been new elements added, and some characters have come to life in a really unexpected way."

So the story came to life on its own, and may now get a different ending to the one you had planned from the start?


That’s a huge change. I read all your interviews to date and I came to think you had some unbelievably traumatic mega-ending all planned out.

"I’m at a loss with respect to that. At first it was going to be a traumatic ending. Like in the movie ‘Mist’ where everyone dies, I wanted to do something like that.

Looking at all the fans who have come to support Shingeki by way of the anime, doing a criminal thing like that to them is just not something I can do, so I can’t really think that was what I really wanted in the first place.


I’m really lost, aren’t I?"
Everyone from my twitter feed to tumblr dashboard and Facebook are all screaming and yelling about this and personally, I'm not too fond of him 'selling' out and not going with a more traumatic ending. He has always done thing as he pleased - not a fuck is given type of thought as to his writing. He has done something so well that he made us fall in love with the characters and kill them off - George R.R Martin anyone? A song of ice & fire?...Game of Thrones?!!!

I'm honestly a bit disappointed that hes not going to grab our hearts and stomp on it like the sadist that he is. But really, who is to blame? The new fans who can't seem to stomach the lost of the charcters they find near and dear to them despite knowing that walking into this fandom you KNOW you YOU know your feels will be on the floor...

And referring to his last statement...will this mean that SnK will go on a hiatus mode and then just give us half ass predictable endings like Naruto did? /:  At some point in my life I was /that/ invested in Naruto and as soon as things started going downhill I just decided to jump ship. I was hoping SnK wouldn't make that same mistake. Or would go on permanent hiatus like NANA did ): I can't deal with this separation anxiety.

The disappointing thing really is that there is talk that he plans on ending this in 20 volumes. Which is a good nice even number and we are already half way there and I'm really hoping shit goes down in a blaze of glory. I hope Isayama-sensei reconsiders his decision on dropping the traumatic ending and continue to write SnK as how he saw best fit. Not everything needs a happy ending.
Tragic endings leave a bigger scar.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


YES Because I always choose the right time to check in - drop by a notice is when I absolutely have no time in my hands qAq (well thats not quite 100% true because you all know I'm probably going to ignore home work to play League instead) BUT HERE I AM WITH A BIG LONG COMPREHENSIVE POSTS THAT PRETTY MUCH IDK. GOES ALL THE WAY BACK FROM SEPTEMBER AND WHAT THE HECK I'VE BEEN DOING SINCE THEN /caps.Sorrynotsorry. LONG POSTS IS LONG and. Welp. Photo dumping~ so unorganized IDK where to start. I've got a couple of articles for NYC cos mag and a few reviews I got lined up as well that I haven't touched and a new taobao agent that I gotta review too. But other than that....I'm not entirely sure where to start and I have pretty much went recluse lol...that and I won't lie....ignoring Lightroom coz....IDK what to do with What do bloggers do nowadays anyway? I feel everyone has gone through vlogging and I kinda miss just /reading/ and looking at photo posts but a lot of the people I personally follow has pretty much also went into hiding, minus a few other bloggers from another country who still manages to capture outfit photos and etc.  I can't even remember the last time I've done an OOTD.

Again I'm probably going to be relying on Instagram to help me back track through all these months I've been away, if you follow me on IG you can pretty much just guess whats been going on ahaha....for the most part...thankgoodness for social media lol for helping us back track for the months/days lost ahaha....

I wont lie, this has been pretty much my life the last few weeks / months LOL...(oh wow no pun intended)
I was a bit apprehensive on starting League for a number of reasons ): games are addicting, no time to play them and there are certain individuals that just kinda make you not want to play a certain game. But I finally caved in >_> Do I regret my decision? Slightly LOL! but it IS a fun game but I pretty much taken a back seat to it now, but when I first started oh man ): where did my time go...still pretty much a n00b at it but its a fairly easy game to pickup if your familiar with DOTA type games and I think the biggest thing that would also help is having a good team / support system and well, knowing the champions because with so many different  champions you just never know who your going to face against. (Can you tell who my main champ is?! LOL the skins were all gifted to me too) I actually started off ADC with Ashe and Jinx but during world (before I got into the game) I was pretty curious about Ahri and picked her up after earning enough IP :3

 Picked up a few books from BOOK OFF for cheaps! Missed reading but again this just goes back to having enough time and everything /: but it should never be an excuse not to enjoy a good book or two. These were very easy reads, blasted through them in a weekend. So its time to hit Book Off again and peruse the isles and see what gems I stumble upon again. I lost my copy of Missin' by Novala Takemoto  (the guy behind Kamikaze girls) and I got it from Book Off before ): everytime I go I'm always hoping to find another one but I should really just try Amazon...

School is finally ending and tomorrow I have to figure out what the hell I'm doing in regards to school / need to register for classes for the Spring semester and figure all that out...whatamIdoingwithmylife...Its been almost a month or I'm sure its BEEN a month or two already since my last post....Halloween came and went and I didn't do much. Well. Work. Thats what I did. Finished up signing up for my Spring semester classes and will be going back and forth between 2 colleges and then work. Contemplating if its worth taking the 3 classes or if I should just not risk it and stick to 2 classes /: since the work load is unpredictable but with any language course I feel you really need to have the time to invest in it. I have till the first few weeks to decide if I can hang or not ): But back tracking before the end of Halloween / school. In the spirits of getting all dressed up I decided to try and do something different this year or try to get into the mood of things so a few makeup tests was done, and man. Its quite tiring. IDK where you kids get the time and energy to do this LMAO by  all means it IS fun but the time and effort it takes to put your wig on, makeup AND to finally snap photos. Wow. I forgot how much work it is to be a cosplayer ahaha....

PMX came and gone as well, I didn't really do much of a shoot except for Amnesia - which I still need to upload and go through and figure out what to do with. I'm usually pretty quick on turn-around on photos but things have taken a back burner on everything u_u. Got reviews need to write up and its just has not happened yet...but the photos above pretty much sums up my PMX weekend ahaha...loosing dollywink lashes and having to look for them. Seriously guys,  their not easy to find ): so don't loose em! That clear band!! Argh ): Hung out with some cuties :D and cosplayers too~ aaah I haven't looked through all my PMX photos yet Saw some friends who came down from Norcal too :D but too bad we didn't really get to hang out all that much but hopefully Fanime! *w*

 Of course you had to have your post con food / hang over not really coz you didn't drink that much to get a hang over anyway I'm most likely skipping out on Anime Los Angeles (despite the need to cosplay is so strong) because I'm trying to plan a trip to Houston *oh you ambitious little sh!t) lol....but we shall see!
And since nothing really happened between PMX and well, what ever happened before and after PMX was nothing exciting other than school and homework and work...then we come across BLACK FRIDAY lol the after turkey day sale which brings madness in the states ): oh well. Last year I avoided the frenzy and went the day after and just got my phone, this year I decided to brave the midnight crowd alone. I was on a mission to get a 3DSXL after years of wanting one. I'm always late to the handheld console party and usually only buy during sales lol...I got my psp 2-3 years ago also during black friday lol....

 It was a well fought battle! LOL I got inline at Target at 7:40pm Thanksgiving day since they were opening their doors early at 8pm that night versus midnight like other stores. I went to the store the day before to scout out the area lol recon mission man! Had to check where the prize was and how much they had instock. They had them in a glass case where all the electronics were, I had my eyes set on the black one since I know theres no way I was going to be able to get the Zelda bundle ):
Doors opened at 8. The line was wrapped around the building and I was definitely in the back, thankfully the lines were moving rather quickly. Years of mosh pits and convention crowd weaving has prepared me for this day. As soon  as I got into the store I weaved through the crowd who was fighting for the TVs and everything else, being 4'10" has their advantages and disadvantages. Lucky for me I was able to maneuver through the crowd easily and got THE LAST DS ON DISPLAY AAAAH which was the red one. Shamelessly grabbed it before a lady and her other daughter did. You snooze you loose lady ): shoulda known what you were looking for before you stepped into those doors! LOL (she was asking an associate where the 3DS were) and I ran to get inline, along the way I found 2 other DS on the side, pink and black one :O! Nabbed them coz I couldn't decide at that point which color to get. Made a few calls to see who wanted me to grab em one while I was there xD too....I ended the night victorious! With my prize I retreated back to base to do more homework....u_ull I didn't pick up games till the following day after work ahaha...

To continue the Black Friday haul I did some major video game hauling. Like woah. I can't remember the last time I hauled games like this ): I think the last time may have been like idk a decade ago lol when I got my xbox and I got 3 games with it. But man the price of games have surely risen from then but the good news is. I got all these games for the price of 1 new game :o holler~ Thank you black friday! First up! Hakuouki Warriors of Shinsengumi. Duuude I didn't even think Aksys was going to license this and I completely forgot about it! Thankfully I was browsing twitter when Aksys announced 30% off their games, curious coz I still didn't have any games for my DS I took a peek and woah LOL yeah I ended up with a PSP game instead.

Gamestop had a buy 2 used get 1 free. Had to take advantage of that and since I was living under a rock I didn't even know Ninja Gaiden 3 came out qAq ahaha...and apparently this time you get 3 new playable characters. wnweoihneohnroehtheydidntyouthatin2!!! Also picked up CODE PRINCESS because, beat-em-up dungeon crawlers are the best and of course OF COURSE cooking mama loooo my brother got me Harvest Moon *w*  I also forgot my friend gave me Persona Arena after PMX but I didn't get a chance to really play it till of course the week most of my projects are due I decide to get back into games..orz what is homework?...

And to continue the Black Friday haul adventure qAqll went to the mall with le friend after work just to see whats going on in terms of deals and sales as I kept getting messages from friends XD all over the place saying this and that is on sale. So I was curious to see what they got going. Grabbed a long tunic sweater hoodie from H&M (no picture) for $10. Not bad not bad. I wanted to hit up Forever21 to get more tights but then again I run through them like crazy coz for some reason I cannot just seem to keep them from ripping QwQ;; should stick to ebay then u__u

Went darker for the fall too, well, actually. I was trying to go with a purple tint to my red. I had slightly right around PMX ahaha...I initially mix 3 parts red and 1 part blue but I kinda did it 3:2 this time around and it turned a little darker than I had expected. Hoping it will fade out if not, bleach cap~ then I'll throw purple back on it again...