Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Welcome 2016

Now that we've said goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016 I am seeing a flood of updates from previous bloggers who pretty much went on hiatus mode mid year last lol. Its quite refreshing to see a more updated feed again but I wonder how long it'll last. I mean I guess I could say the same for myself LOL...not that I was ever the most active blogger either...and I'm not one for new year resolutions either...

but I guess what am I looking forward to for 2016?

Friday, January 8, 2016

Year end review of 2015

*warning super long post ahead*

We are definitely well into the way of the new year and I am still trying to play catch up on some old entries...whoops, but maybe all that will be nulled after I do this year-end review or recap of what happened n 2015. I feel I have a hard time remembering what has happened lOL and have to rely heavily on SM to remind me. Whoops. For that, I went to my twitter and IG for some good ol' recap reminders...

I feel like as with every year, when we get to the end of the year it feels like the year just flew us right by. To me, 2015 was no different. It kept me busy throughout the year with so many life events happening and a lot of waiting in preparation to bigger projects. It has definitely been a year of growth for me. I experimented and learned a lot in 2015 and have pushed myself further out to pursuing other projects and improving on my current skills and then some.

Its been a year of aesthetic discoveries and improvements if I say so myself! I spent the majority of the year glued to my sewing machine - which I felt has taken a hiatus and collected dust for the most of 2013-2014. I took up sketching even after my sketch classes finished. I probably spent more time in airports (independently) this past year than I have had in 2013-2014 combined.

I wouldn't want to say I discovered myself or anything to that extent, but it was definitely an eye opening year full of thanksgiving, long hours and gratification in the end. So lets begin with the recap!!!