Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014年12月31日 - 年の終わり


Here is our obligatory end of 2014 posts. Looking back, just like every year - the year seemed to have flown by so quickly. It seemed so long but it also seemed quite faster, its like 2013 and 2014 was pretty much like a blur to me since I've enrolled back in school. I always feel like I could have done more. Been more active. Been more creative and etc in every aspect but wow. School had really kept be insanely busy and had a few commissions and cosplays I've worked on. 2015 is  gearing up to be quite a busy beginning of the year for me with commission work left and right and hopefully it will all point to good things.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Welcome to December. I can always rely on IG  & Twitter to kinda remind me where the time has gone :x and honestly, it hasn't really gone anywhere. This post is just going to be another one of those 'shit, I spent too much now I'm broke and I'm gonna cry about HW/finals post' lol yep.

But atleast we're coming to the end of the year, whoo and and with every end theres always a beginning. Hoping 2015 is going to be a big one!

MEME BOX | Missha Strawberry Latte & Rice Mask Review

Coming in from my Black Friday/Cyber Monday haul I got some goodies from MEME box! A website dedicated to all things korean skin care and cosmetics.

They had some mad sale going on before hand and I just had to jump on it.

[Their also doing a free shipping deal right now through the holidays! Take advantage of this deal~ follow the banner below!]

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Seriously putting the calendar widget at the front of my phone - best & worst decision ever...
if its about control or getting your life and priorities together - I dont want it. But I need it. //screaming

And I kinda want one of those multi USB outlet thingies ==;; I am using way too many outlets in my room to charge electronics..Amazon keeps pestering me with deals and I'm like....yass //throws money at screen but when it comes to actually hitting 'buy now' I hesitate like a little shit...
someone should just give me an Amazon gift card.....//prays gets said giftcard at xmas party at work....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014年11月11日| Pacific Media Expo

Over the weekend I went over to Los Angeles for Pacific Media Expo. it was probably the quickest con I've been to ahaha and I practically missed everything lawl...I came up Saturday night after work....and I left mid day Sunday so I really didn't  get to see any of the events :x but went to see friends uwu it was a 2 hour drive to get to LA and I couldn't get the time off from work to have the full weekend. So unfortunately missed the Heidi concert and all the other events. I didn't bother with a pass so I missed out on the fashion show as well. I went to check out the boutique but all the other brands were not there! LOL I guess they were all swooned away to prep for the fashion show. Welp. I sneaked into the artist ally and the exhibit hall though uwu and got some cute stuff but unfortunately cannot show here!! eeee because it will ruin surprises. DAMN!

This post is gonna consist of the biggest selca dump ever. Sorry not sorry. Some people didn't like the trash star/oshare kei look and so I opted to try my hand at gal. Not to mention I was due to go to a family event in Wilshire before I head up to PMX turned out I didn't need to which worked out since I got to PMX before it got too late. I should have avoided the 5 Freeway :x ugh always traffic!!!! 


Friday, October 24, 2014

2014年10月24日 | ONE OK ROCK

Ok so so so so so much YOLO went into me going to see ONE OK ROCK. It was overwhelming roller coaster of feels and everythng else. But I do not regret seeing them at all!!!

This is the 2nd 'local' show I've seen in San Diego in all the years I've been living here, I'm always so used to having to drive to LA for all the shows so of course when an epic band like One Ok Rock decides to do a show in San Diego and Anaheim you just gotta jump on that!! I had debated on going for weeks and weeks D: since it was falling on the week I have mid-terms and also on a day that I have class. I either miss work or leave work early and go to the Anaheim show Wednesday or YOLO and skip class lol and go to Thursday show in San Diego...the ticket prices were atrocious on Ticket master and I decided to venture down to Soma myself to get the tickets..the moment I did turning back you already spent $$$ on this. Just.... owe it to yourself to enjoy yourself for one night....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


yooooooo omg ok let me start off this post by sounding like an illiterate idiot and how informal all these posts are becoming but its all good. So....
HAS ANYONE BEEN KEEPING UP WITH THE NEW SEAS ONF OTHE WALK DEAD?! YO OK. IDK. I told myself I cannot deal with this show. Don't get me wrong.  I love me some zombies and etc but wooooooow.

Somteimes I just need to stop. Lay on the floor and reassess why the fuck I'm watching this LOL....this is shingeki feels all over again...Then again I feel like by season 5 we should already know by now to expect the worst and that everyone is eventually going to die anyway ahaha like what even. This is a zombie apocalyptic world. Everything is going to end AHAH //wow pessimist much?...

Yeah basically marathoned this through Netflix and just started up on the new season. I hate following a new show season after season coz you have to wait for the next weeks episode versus if you wait it out then you get to binge watch everything aha...all my feels towards American Horror Story but with mid terms I'm behind an episode anyway so maybe by the time I'm ready to watch it theres atleast 2-3 episodes for me to binge on :x .. not like I really have time but I feel I've taken it quite easy this last week despite it being mid terms OvO;; The professor gave us an extension anyway so...huehuehue....

Monday, October 6, 2014


I am a potato.

Stupid potato.

ばか ポテト

me and a friend kept laughing our butts off the entire time I was attempting this
its such a throw back to how I feel I would have been like if I was any cooler
when I was younger.
I wish my inner homo was this cool when I was 16.
It only unfortunately took me a decade to get there.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I keep having backlogged entries that I have every intention on getting to or wrapping it up but I never quite do...

I can finally say I've completed the first batch of commissions so far and am waiting to get materials and things situated for the next batch of commissions. School and full time work keeps me plenty busy as well as my brothers wedding next weekend.. What speech. Am I suppose to give one out?  Well fuck.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

throw backs and revamps

Another updated entry, wow are we on a roll!?! but here we are with the updated *finished* revamped version of K Project [ 伏見猿比古] for my friend; Sakuran who will be debuting this costume at Anime Weekend Atlanta. As you know Version 1.0 debuted at Yaoi-con but here is a revamped version and refitted. Complete with the harness and a revamped look, still quite similar to the first one but I'm a lot more excited about this version! Please like and reshare my facebook page too or tag the photos to either of our accounts~ I'm sad I won't be able to make it to AWA since prior obligation is definitely outweighing going ontop of school seriously kicking me hard. But definitely looking forward to putting some of the new things I've learned into practice and looking forward to doing more designs and sewing in the future...(I say this nowahaha) 

who else is currently streaming Worlds cup? And I don't mean soccer or football but talking about League of Legends summoners cup aka Worlds OvO;; man, its such a stomach churning game while watching ahaha. I was able to catch Day 1 but a little late that I missed TSM's match but luckily youtube has it so you can back track and rewatch. OH man, I'm streaming day 2 as we speak. I'm clearly a day behind but uwu;; this makes me miss playing but who has time anymore...uwuwu...

Who are your favorite team that your voting for? A little disappointed that SKT-1 didn't make it to this years Worlds. I remember watching Faker play Ahri and basically dominate in S3 and that pretty much got me interested in playing the game AND playing Ahri OvO

I dug out an old very vi-gei shirt aha I felt I haven't worn that in years its kinda odd now but its still a fun shirt. I kinda do miss dressing like that aha but I feel theres been a bag stigma on it idk orz...I still miss SPR aha. And I felt like throw back-ing it lol (is that even a word?!) to a few years ago when I decided it was a good idea to bleach my hair Wig it from now on lol..and back then I didn't know how to do makeup as well lol oh I can rest assure 16-18 yr old me would have thought *this* me would be such a badass ahahaha... or is it a case of expectation vs reality? expectation being the one on the left....ahaha... reality would be....ahaha me a few years ago AHAHA no photos but if you dig deep enough on my blog you can! AHHA ohnoes


was cleaning out some stuff and found my old Marjour shirt hello....
and I also dug deeper and found my prisma markers since I don't really want to buy a new set at almost $60 for a new set /: If anything I just need to pickup a few different colors and some colorless blenders too...
Also need to get a pencil set soon too uwu hoarding coupons like you don't even know....
fashion/ art school is really expensive without financial aid ): and everything is out of pocket...

lack of sleep and stress has caused my skin to just not be at its best, so I wanted to try a new foundation or go back to something familiar so I grabbed some Bare Minerals online (so much cheaper vs buying in store even with a  coupon at ulta) its great also if your in a rush in the morning and just cannot be arsed with liquid foundation and etc ): definitely a natural skin finish. Coverage is a-ok.

Such a hipster set of photos....theres no other words for it ahaaha but I've had this wig for a while but IDK I just haven't quite worn it or its just weird to photograph? AHAHA I have a similar wig too that my sister used for her popstar ahri except the purple on this one is on the bangs versus the other wig she's been using where the purple is streaked throughout the hair...

Waiting for the holidays so I can jump on some circle len sales. I still have quite a bit thats unopened from my last haul but always taking advantage of the sales though ahaha....I also really need to visit the optometrist soon coz I definitely know my prescription is dated ):

Still a little unsure about work work and we're gearing up towards Mid-terms now...

I've also been eyeing a new pair of VW earrings....I want the stud ones and a new ring but the right is alittle out of budget for now...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hopefully everyone had fun at yaoi-con this last weekend, I had every intention on going but due to scheduling conflict and bigger obligations it was a no go for me. Instead I attended my brothers bachelor party. Wow time sure flies. I remember when we use to kill each other practicing wrestling moves and jumping off my moms bedframe.

The wedding in a few weeks and I still haven't gotten my shit together on what the fuck I'm gonna wear nor had I planned a speach. I probably need to be pretty drunk for this one coz its gonna be super corny, embarrassing, tear jerking and just I dont do public speaking infront of close friends/family lol. Coz you know how you have you infront of your friends and the 'you' infront of elders and etc..yeah...I'm definitely gonna need a good dose of some liquid courage as the time comes up and probably improve the crap out of this coz...ain't nobody got time for this.

or I can just pull a few lines and speeches from a few movies...heh... I wonder how many of the relatives will be judging considering they dont know I drink/can drink..

I digress, but another filler post just to get this out there I guess...

Heres K Project military jacket version 2.0
version 1.0 debuted this past weekend at Yaoi-con but due to possibly miscalculations
it turned to be a little bit snug and  I had spent the last few hours panicking since I had promised to get the costume ready for Y-con..
turns out it got snug onthe shoulder and arm area due to some shoulder pads...==;;
but nonetheless sped haste to the store right after work on Friday to gather some needed supplies to crank this badboy out ASAP.

Spent a determined yet sleepless friday night cranking out the base and crawling out of bed like a zombie a few hours later to get to work.
Shameful enough I kept catching myself dozing at my desk. oh no....
no coffee, no food 
I just couldn't hang. Good thing the office closed early that day and I ran home for a power nap before getting up to cook for the bachelor party and gather a few other stuff in preparation for it...
 Not much happened at the party and we tried to get as many people involved in the debauchery but it was definitely lackluster of glitter and strippers and most especially cake.
It just was not his scene but commend him for even trying.
I ended up with a cut on my finger without realizing it and I was gutting the pineapple...
yooo....thats not fun...
I caught myself tear up this morning. I caught myself before I fell.
I knew it was over and I closed that chapter but once in a while that book falls open and all you can do is stare at it.

The only lesson you taught me is the lesson that no one would want you. I pulled myself out of my own comfort zone because I felt I needed to bend and break to reform a stronger me...

This has been my life, my domain and my permanent spot the last few weeks.
Everything is an organized mess but no surface is left safe. I even went as far as taking over the top bunk as a dumping ground for laundry and other stuff that I just need out of the way...

I keep grumbling at how expensive school is considering everything is coming out of pocket
I just hope at the end of the year I can claim all these on taxes....

I'm starting to enjoy Fashion sketching a bit more but the work load that comes with it ontop of commissions and gym is just too much but its a challenge I accepted 
even if it came with lack of sleep and deeper eye bags. Oh well.
I'm tired of waking up tired & hungry.

My sketches still need quite a bit of work, I can't seem to get the proportions down on the calves
that or I simply rush it or just YOLO it but I need to refine that more and more as we are almost nearing mid-terms...

My flats I'm more confident on but the figures...
oh the figures...

I'm looking forward to a power nap after work and then tackling more homework.
Working out will have to take a back burner once again or just finding time to work out in between..

once commissions are done again, I feel I can devote some crunch time there once again...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Checking in...

 Checking in before I let months pass all over again, I still haven't had time to devote to wrapping up my photo edits from some past photoshoots and I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me, namely planning out the Spirited Away shoot but I have wrapped up the Howl Commission and has succesfully shipped it out and waiting for some photos back.

I'm stuck at work burred in work and homework and the responsibilities of a Bachelor party (yes you read it right, bachelor....not bachlorette..) while everyone is at Yaoi-con...or Y am I not there con. But oh well, responsibilities.

I feel I completely underestimated the amount of work it really goes into school especially sketching class, I've heard horror stories about art classes but I didn't expect it to be this challenging. Its a good challenge but its definetely have its up and downs. I find myself devoting 2-3 hours a night working on the homework and I feel its not even enough.

I'm taking 2 fashion classes this semester and I can only imagine how much I'll wanna hang myself come next semester.

Let me just start by saying I am no artist, I was not blessed with hands that can sketch, draw or paint. Its all a struggle to me but I know with enough practice and diligence you could train your muscle and eye to move to how you want it to be. Thats the thing I feel I lack the most is practice...juggling full time work hours, gym hours and then commission and homework is not the business. I have been getting less and less sleep lately but thats nothing new, except this time it feels justified due to progress. My biggest critique right now is getting the leg proportions right on the croquis...

sketching hands and feet on a separate paper is ok but for some reason getting them on the body is a whole nothing ball game...or even getting the leg proportions down too...practice...

I also tried to turn my hair a violet base again, I yolo mode too much the other time and threw black-blue temp dye over my head and now parts of my hair are fading to a green tone...I threw redpurple over it but its not taking it in...and continues to fade out...some parts of my hair are also bleached out so that too is fading quite fast....well...then...
Don't you hate it when you've given yourself a certain period of time to try and locate an item you lost and ultimately giving up and giving in to replacing it only to find out the same day you find said lost item?..

I've lost my Raybans and scratched up my other shades really badly to the point I can't really see with them..oops I googled up ways to fix it but driving in direct sunlight just no no no. Wrinkles no no no. So I caved and got new shades (woah not happy with the price but the quality is nice tbh) but then thatsame day I found my Raybans == and was tempted to return this pair it orz...dammit...

This has been my life, my world the last few weeks, I sometimes question the direction I'm going and if this will really get me anywhere but after last nights session in class on learning how to do the flats and sketches and how the professor placed an emphasis that you can draw shitty croquis but excel in flats, thats where the job market is... so thats a little light of hope since I'm a little bit more confident in my flats... I can tell this is gonna be a painful and expensive semester...

I still have to order my markers and pencils and I'm definitely not looking forward to that but excited at the same time. Financial aid pls....

時々 | 初音ミク

Another throw back and redo.

I remember a few years ago when me & Toshi did Vocaloid LOVE IS WAR. It was definitely a failure. It was so hot. And the wig was just not happening. I remember we were very particular with colors since potato modes. 

I think this may be 3-4 years old? I don't quite recall but I'm sure FB will remind me and I'll be crying and screaming internally...

That was the first time in a really long time I wore a cosplay and a girl for that matter, years previously I mostly did crossplay but fast forward to now, I just dont do any anymore. Cosplaying her was intimidating at the time and to this day still since you get so many good Vocaloid cosplay/cosplayers and some with mediocre store bought ones though thats not to say they dont pull through the character...

I'm posting this now because I actually read some tacky bad commentary from another persons facebook account that had tagged our photos. The comment was in Chinese but I'm no fool. I know what I read ahaha..... 

I digress. The point is, I was traumatized by this ahaha that may sound extreme but seriously, wow. I decided to revisit this years later with much trial and error with makeup to now. I can finally rest this aside knowing I was able to re-do....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The reverse side of beautyIt dyed by beloved filth.

The firefly that sunk into the ocean of glamor
Denial is a lie over a desire
The temperature dyed in contradictions
The reasoning worn on caresses
Dancing and melting into the youth suddenly

Without a doubt Filth in the beauty was my theme song throughout my early 20s....

I've experimented with this look on several people and have always been one of my favorites it was bound time I did it as well. I made this dread piece years ago and have worn it on occasion before when I was also sporting the blonde patch as Ruki did during the Filth days. Ahaha. But my makeup was never that on point or good at all. Nor would I ever considered any of the looks I've done when I use to wear this on a regular basis any justice...


Mayoko Okino is the wicked witch of the east from Zone-00 Zone-00 has such amazing artwork and character designs that its quite intimidating to even phatom trying to cosplay or cos test anyone from the series unless your super tall and lanky CLAMP style characters. I did this on a whim. Took apart an old NANA wig and threw together some extensions to replicate her braids and wow. This happened. 
Quite surprised and shocked myself. 
Makeup is so fun. 
 Eyes: Princess Bambi in Chocolate Brown
 Lashes: Diamond Lash 
Lips: MELT Six6Six

I'm a 90s jpop idol

 Totally channeling my inner 90s Jpop idol. I was hoping this wig was going to be just /alittle/ longer like it was on the stock photo. Not bad not bad. I got this with the intent of if I'm ever caught in a predicament where I passed out at dawn from a night of debauchery that I'll still look somewhat presentable...but no really, I wanted a short "gyaru wig" channeling when Rina Sakurai had her hair short...This feels so out of my comfort zone but its so fun...

I even wore lipgloss....and I hate lip gloss...

Lashes: Diamond Lash
Lenses: Princess Mimi chocolate brown
Lips: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

Got new hair. So selcas ensued. No denying it.

Lashes: Diamond Lash
Lenses: Princess Mimi chocolate brown

woah still forever backlogged but I figured I'd drop a line here. Sometimes I get lost in the flurry of things and get confused and just thrown all around. You question what type of content you need to be putting up here, is it too personal? too informal? Should I try to keep it on a more consistent topic basis? Sometimes I forget to treat this more of a personal blog rather than those business-y type blogs...IDK lol.  Its clearly too early for anything and I'm sure if I posted this ramble on my tumblr it'll definitely get lost in the shuffle of things.

I guess I just wanted to check in and push out some content in here before everything gets reburried into a monthly dump at the end of a few months time /:

And sometimes you just need to stop and collect your thoughts before you get lost all over again...theres not much 'bloggers' out there anymore in terms of informal writting, imho. Everything has now turned into more businessy type blogging. From sponsor posts and reviews...

I still have to do a few photo dumps from Fanime and AX but lets face it, thats probably not happening anytime soon. Wow orz

and If I recalled correctly my Ax and FAnime wasnt exactly that insanely adventrous other than a fancy hotel with a kitchen in it aha but now that summer is ending and things are winding down (or as they should be) it just feel things are heating up! AHAH what. Commissions and school are keeping me well busy in between working full time as well. I have no more Saturdays open from now till the end of the semester since i have to take Thursdays off in place of school and then Saturdays would take its place. Intense. But I feel you sometimes need that to get regrounded?...

my instagram basically is pretty much an extension of my blog and is so much easier to just snap and go. QvQ huwow.. but yes I'm full blown back in school and I need to go and meet with the councelor and declare my major which I decided is going to be Computer Fashion Technology: Merchandising & Marketing. but lets not get too ambitious as working full time and going to school *really* part time is probably going to take me atleast a decade to even get an AA...

I got a couple of tutorials I need to edit or just gdamn film ahah its sooooo much effort its not even funny wow. Props to ladies who makes this a living coz wow..I just...//lays here// and a few other lens reviews to do and still a few left unopened yet I find myself on Honeycolor quite often ahaha wow hoarder much!? yes I have a hoarding tendancy especially when stuff are on sale. 

School started last week and i gotta pat myself in the back for surviving week 1, but now its time to really hit the grind. I already dropped a few bucks on school supplies ==ll and wow, my wallet does not appreciate this and this truly reminds me why I dropped out of the fashion program before but now I'm back...and  its not getting any cheaper. No wonder the phrase starving artists is quite ironic...and our parents always thought us that, that is the career field for those who are broke orz...

 I tried my hand at making egg-tarts and mabo tofu!


Seriously obsessed with that mixed fruit tea from tea station uwu and my brothers are forever addicted to the caramel slush drinks they have there...but its so damn expensive q.q
and you best believe I did buy like 5 packets of those Diamond Lash....but I sold 2 lol....
coz really..Chris... you...dont...need that much....
but...ironically before that I ordered some on eBay and made the mistake of walking into Marukai to find this ahaha 

I dont know why anyone wouldn't get excited over lashes, I mean. COME ON why not


I recently discovered the korean market here has THE FACE SHOP. WOAH. Why dont they have SKIN FOOD TOO!?!? if they did i'd probably be broke /:

speaking of teas though you guys should try pineapple lychee green tea with lychee jelly uwu #currentobsession

I picked up a few things from The Face Shop but mostly for a present for a friend, I walked away with *just* the foundation this time to try it.

Quick review on it:
*light - medium coverage
*comes in 3 shades, I'm wearing the middle shade though I feel it might be a shade darker than what I'd normally wear (i'm an NC30-35 from Mac)
*SMELLS NICE AHAH some people may not like that
*consistency is too watery, again could be good or bad. Apply it with your hands, its impossible to use a brush or sponge on it. Reminds me of the Maybelline water foundations.
*Feels hydrating

*I wouldn't consider it fully matte even though it claims to keep face matte

I wouldn't mind trying and pairing this up with their powder too which feels silky smooth...
what have I been up to lately, and why I've been sleeping less and less:

I'm a workaholic but a full time potato procrastinator as well.
I rather sit and roll around for days and procrastinate on a project needing to be done and then but power through ti when the fire is lit. I guess I work better under pressure and the pressure was to finish all by Y-con! 

as always I feel things could look/be constructed better and I guess thats probably why I need to stop waiting till the fire is lit under me to get to them. Aha. Wow.
I'm not entire sure how I feel about the trims on the K project uniform. Theres a mixture of golds and textures from matte to shiny. I want to try and keep a consistent theme when designing or taking liberties on costumes coz you dont want to overwhelm. 
Be gaudy but not ugly tacky...

I also like to take into consideration the fabric choices on the materials on what type of character and timeline the character is portraying.

For the K Project uniform I chose a heavy cotton twill which is very rigid and I'd consider it medium to heavy weight. Its definitely what people would consider 'dickies' fabric or what most dickie pants are made out of.

In contrast to the Howl jacket on the table, it is fully lined in matching fabric, I used a heavy satin throughout the whole costume. Inside. Out and even on the diamonds. Gold pipping around the diamonds and gems inbetween them as well. I'll hopefully be posting more progress or photos as I wrap up this project. This would be my 2nd Howl costume to date. I really wanna make the bluexwhite version someday too. All that Miyazaki feels.

Sadly my life the past 2 weeks have been working on commissions and haven't had much time to pay attention to league. But I took advantage of the fact that Netflix has *well* dubbed anime now and have played catch up to Psycho-Pass! And Fate/Zero huehuehue *w*


hopefully updates may be alittle more consistent but I am highly doubting that one, I haven't touched LR in a while either I dont know when I ever will be able to go through all of my Fanime set nonetheless the AX sets too... /:

And the Howl shoot as well. Oh...

my sister also leaves for Japan this weekend and off she goes to be there for a year, hopefully if I get my citizenship sorted out and have money saved *aha sobs* I'll be joining her next year..