Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The reverse side of beautyIt dyed by beloved filth.

The firefly that sunk into the ocean of glamor
Denial is a lie over a desire
The temperature dyed in contradictions
The reasoning worn on caresses
Dancing and melting into the youth suddenly

Without a doubt Filth in the beauty was my theme song throughout my early 20s....

I've experimented with this look on several people and have always been one of my favorites it was bound time I did it as well. I made this dread piece years ago and have worn it on occasion before when I was also sporting the blonde patch as Ruki did during the Filth days. Ahaha. But my makeup was never that on point or good at all. Nor would I ever considered any of the looks I've done when I use to wear this on a regular basis any justice...

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