Monday, January 23, 2012


One of the blogs I frequently browse / follow here is Design Fetish, its a really interesting blog that show cases different interesting designs. From marketing adverts to just interesting products! Its really interesting and entertaining what people can come up with :o

and one of the things I've stumbled upon today is...well...GIANT POLAROIDS LOL. Who DOESNT love the vintage feel of polaroids?! xD Their just awesome and made of epic win (or in my opinion atleast)

I know in the past people have come out with remakes of the polaroid. From the original polaroids, to instant printer docks even to the popular Fuji Instax Minis. But has anyone ever tried making GIANT ones? HAHA, cue in a Berlin company called!

From what I read on their website, they also do light framing fixtures? And they take your existing polaroid and blow it up and turn it into a giant poraloid o_o...hmm....interesting.

The polaroids comes in 2 different sizes. So I guess you'd have a choice if you wanted a more traditional wider polaroid or the imitation size of the Mini instaxs. Haha. Fun.

This just gives me an idea to try and be ghetto and make my own. hahaha.
Time to visit my local kinkos and blow up an image and pick me up some poster boards then HAHAHA!

you know what, I think this would be my new project HAHA. Maybe I'll make a medium sized polaroid HAHA a 8x10 or some along that lines HAHAHA and maybe a GIANT ONE?! lol. The walls in my room is looking pretty bare lolz....hmm....

Friday, January 20, 2012

Los Angeles Cosplay Photoshoot & Plans

A couple days ago someone sent me a private message via Deviantart regarding a cosplay photoshoot gathering type deal being hosted over in Los Angeles at USC (University Southern California ???)
and I went and checked their website, apparently they are looking for volunteer photographers. So I figured why not o_o

I havent done a photoshoot outside of a convention setting in so long, it might be nice to get out again and a good chance to cover another event and meet new people?

Before that, I need to make sure to order a new compact flash for my camera since I'll be converting back to shooting RAW photos and hopefully we can get more shots out of our old GG group from ALA - this time in a different setting? 8D

Along with new photo shoot plans - I talked about this on my dA and tumblr accounts too. I do not want to miss another year of Cherry Blossoms and let it pass me by. I roped a few friends into doing "Tsugai Kogarashi" Vocaloid 8D for Meiko and Kaito.

So with that being said, new costumes need to be sewn! 8D oh yes! hahaha

Lets hope this happens!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anime Los Angeles 2012

Wheeee Anime Anime Los Angeles came and went *u* this one was a pretty interesting one since we didnt have Toshi with us ;A; sad faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Toshi couldnt make it but def. tried ;A;

This years ALA we did something new that we havent done in a long time - GROUP COSPLAY. Lol. I didnt participate in this said group LOL. But I did contribute by making Ash's costume *u* Hahaha. If you follow me on Tumblr you'd see progress photos of the costumes I did - Ky Kiske & Madness of the Duke Gackpod. (Warning: my Tumblr is NSFW 8BB and 18+ lawwwl. Sorry. xD)

We left Friday midnoon since I had to work early that morning u__u zomfg I was so dead like a zombie but hahaha. We swung by Mennifee (middle of no where near Riverside)to pick up Shou and hit LA traffic LOl. didnt get there till Friday evening around 6 or 7. So we missed Friday activities and I didnt get to pick up my badge till late the following morning. X__x

My sister and her BF joined us for this years ALA instead. She sported her Dirge of Cerbirus Yuffie and her BF did someone from Fairy Tale 8B

que in photo dump!!!!! 8D

Lol, not much activity happened Friday night other than trying to find our hotel rooms LOL and a random shoot for my sisters costume. I still have a few more photos I need to try and process but I think she will be processing them herself. Check our

her Deviantart page for updates and her cosplay. We use to do shoots together but she moved to Florida before and now shes in Berkeley for College 8B
Next con we'll be shooting together isnt going

to be till Fanime I guess HAHA

Moving on! Guilty Gear group photo dump! Me, Christ, Natt and Anthony all slaved over costumes during New Years eve and this is the results!!

(Anthony did Persona Yosuke I didnt get photos of him tho ): but hopefully we'll do a shoot soon


The ladies of Guilty Gear


We got stuck in the courtyard for quite some time since alot of people kept trying to get photos of everyone LOl. but of course, who wouldnt?! When everyone looked so bad ass and epic!! Christ really worked hard onthe I-no and Dizzy costumes! And his last minute Testament costume came out alright too!


Tatiana made such a HOT I-No, I loveed how she

did the makeup! 8DDD

Jeff worked hard on getting his prop for Sol badguy look BADASS. Christ made the last minute prop for Ash's Ky Kiske. I wished I made the costume cleaner u__u hahaha

Ash badly needed that smoke break

hahaha. I guess the shoes were a killer too? I cant believe I walked in those all day for PMX as Esther!


.___. I dont know....

hahaha, I guess thats it for now. I'm looking forward to more shoots since theres that one in Feburary in LA coming up too 8D

I didnt get a chance to meet or shoot alot of people or mingle much /: or even take a lot of pics of people in cosplay, the courtyard was insanely


Saturday night was epicly stupid o_o lotsa drinking....and I mean LOTS. Mostly involving Natt challenging me to drinking. Clearly, I won HAHA. He passed out pretty early xD

We also did shot games with Blazblue. I need to practice my BB game more hahaha. I lost most matches but still held my liqour longer lol.

no photos from that LOLz.

but I did came back with gifts from friends HAHAHA

Bearth Vader from Shou! The bear has light sabers - a purple and a red one. But its not in the photo lol.

The cupcake vodka is from Ash - that vodka taste like crap tbh but its tolerable with Dr. Pepper /:

its so misleading! )8 shoulda brought the Marshmallow one <3

HAHAHAHA more booze from Ash lol. And this one is all Vodka in a super cool skull bottle. 8D

I'm a sucker for cool packaging <3 so I'm definitely keeping this next to my cotton candly bottle LOL.

And when I got back home, my new tanks from F21 came in, I was hoping they would come in before I left for ALA but its all good~

And last but not least hahaha

Emoticon key-chains from Ash also, press the button and it makes a different face xD

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Edit funs LOL and New Purse

Long time no post - I know. I've been lame and dead. I went to ALA tho 8D eeee lmao. Finished a few costumes zomfg. xD that was interesting.

I did Ky Kiske for Ash and a Gackpod costume from Vocaloid for Nick 8D in just a few days. Spent New Years eve working on costumes till late with a few friends. Fun times. Fun times but I welcomed this years New Year sober but made up for it with ALA. But that post is for later >8D

This post is about me rambling on about photography and my new purse LOLZ!

Coming back from ALA I decided I wanted to try and make this year a productive one. I have a few ideas I want to try and make it happen -get back into shooting and more cosplays. Regardless of budget constraints and whatnot, you gotta find something that makes you happy right? or productive atleast HAHA. A fun productive hobby.

And with that being said, one of my goals is to try and learn a few more photo tricks - mostly photo editing tricks. I felt I've played it face with most photos from the past year. This time I want to be able to play with more muted tones, sepias and whatnot - basically hipster Instagram shit haha.

And eventually I do want to upgrade my camera since my current Sony Alpha has shit ISO control ): sadly sadly sadly. But till then, might as well make do with what I have.
This post is gonna be a kill two birds with one stone type of post hahaha.

I experimented with these muted tones and whatnot - or well, tried to. I dont know if I achieved it well enough. I hope to be able to try it on a portraiture subject eventually 8D but till then, make do with what you got, right?

I recently ordered a new purse from The Purse Boutique over at Ebay since I've been needing a - decently sized one that doesnt have to be a messenger bag. I was originally eyeing the H.Naoto messenger but I decided to opt out of it ): and I'm kinda glad I did since I stumbled upon the PERFECT one. This bag is HUGE, LEATHER-Y, HAS ALOT OF POCKETS and Hidden Compartments and...did I mention it was HUGE and is LEOPARD print inside?! *u* I can practically shove my camera in there if I want to and a few other things.
Best part is, its a HANDBAG AND A MESSENGER - well, it has a long enough strap that you can wear it across your body. And to me, THAT IS WIN WIN!!! So I'm totally loving this one.

And so moving on to the new photo edits HAHAHA.

This is basically what I carry with me on a daily basis - I use to carry a DS/PSP with me, but since I was using a small to medium sized bag prior to this, I didnt feel the need to shove it in with everything else. but now, omfg I CAN BRING IT hahaha but its not in the photo. Lol. Sorry.



I personally dont know how I feel about the edited version. I feel like maybe I should have stuck with warmer tones and sepias and whanot instead of going with a more cool tone. Just because the lighting I had was more warm - yellow. /: oh well. Trial and error.

but yeah I believe I'll let the photos speak for themselves on the detailing of the bag *u*

hurpderp - crap on my bed. HAHA. the bag on the left is the one I've been using on and off, between the wanna-be Hnaoto bag I made. Its a decent sized but my wallet and 'makeup' pouch eats up alot of the room in the bag and I cant exactly shove the book in there /:

looking back at the photos I felt like I should have stuck with warmer tones and should have attempted to shoot raw. I forgot to turn my camera RAW =_=lll

the last time I shot raw was a year ago, omg sad ):

the result was ok but it ate up a lot of room in my camera and I ended up having to delete some photos on the spot ;A; or transfer it to a friends laptop since I didnt bring a laptop with me to AX. And due to my cameras ISO level not being so legit, I ended up with a lot of noise in the photos.

I'm hesitant to buy another COMPACT Flash for my camera because I plan on gettinga new camera soon enough and hoping the next one I get relies on SD Cards since I have plenty of that ):

next shoot I have planned is in Febuary and hoping another one when the cherry blossoms are in bloom 8D which is going to be a Vocaloid one. Wow, I havent done an onlocation shoot in so long. I'm pretty stoked about it. I need to make the costumes and solidify plans with my friends and keep an eye on the weather.

I'll attempt to shoot raw there then *u* I'm excited. I'll bring my laptop with me incase I have to unload photos into my hard drive while on location too :o