Monday, January 23, 2012


One of the blogs I frequently browse / follow here is Design Fetish, its a really interesting blog that show cases different interesting designs. From marketing adverts to just interesting products! Its really interesting and entertaining what people can come up with :o

and one of the things I've stumbled upon today is...well...GIANT POLAROIDS LOL. Who DOESNT love the vintage feel of polaroids?! xD Their just awesome and made of epic win (or in my opinion atleast)

I know in the past people have come out with remakes of the polaroid. From the original polaroids, to instant printer docks even to the popular Fuji Instax Minis. But has anyone ever tried making GIANT ones? HAHA, cue in a Berlin company called!

From what I read on their website, they also do light framing fixtures? And they take your existing polaroid and blow it up and turn it into a giant poraloid o_o...hmm....interesting.

The polaroids comes in 2 different sizes. So I guess you'd have a choice if you wanted a more traditional wider polaroid or the imitation size of the Mini instaxs. Haha. Fun.

This just gives me an idea to try and be ghetto and make my own. hahaha.
Time to visit my local kinkos and blow up an image and pick me up some poster boards then HAHAHA!

you know what, I think this would be my new project HAHA. Maybe I'll make a medium sized polaroid HAHA a 8x10 or some along that lines HAHAHA and maybe a GIANT ONE?! lol. The walls in my room is looking pretty bare lolz....hmm....

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