Friday, February 3, 2012

To avoid a completely bland photo less text, heres a hint to the possible photoshoot change lineup we're gonna be doing for Cherry Blossoms *u*
hurhurhur. (yes, I'm so lame. I'm still using the OLD iPhone lawl. Thinking of upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy 2 Skyrocket or the iPhone4s for my bday. hnnggg iunno cant decide ;A; the interface on the Galaxy looks nice but the iPhone is so familiar >_>)

Is it sad that my Tumblog gets more loves than my actualy blog???lol, no, not really. Haha. Who can deny that Tumblr has pretty pictures and random memes to keep things interesting and slightly random.

Oh such dramatic appeal <3

lol. I havent updated my blog in a while - simple because not much has happened that worth writing about o__o

Except for well, future planned Cherry Blossom shoot which might have a few line up changes.

ohnoes! lol, but I expect good results - I hope.

I need to really use my camera more often =_=ll
I really want to start shooting again, I need to update my Model Mayhem photog. account /: urgh. cant pick which ones are best to upload to it lol...

I'm heading out tomorrow to hit the swap meet to hopefully gather materials to start sewing up a storm in my room lol in preparation for the coming spring and photoshoots :o

I'm waiting for my new green lenses to come in~
I also need to trim my new red wig and my old one so I can use it for the photoshoot in March/April. Lawl.

I need to write up lens reviews for all the other lenses I own /:
that requires putting them on LOL. omg. HAHAHA.
</3 I dont think I got a good shot of the brown princess bambi ones I got intime for PMX either /:

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