Sunday, February 5, 2012

omg another post in one day?! Revlon Lip Butters

Oh my goodness! Another post in just one day? LOl, is this my way of trying to make up for lack of posts?! Probably. My posts arent as creative and fun as most bloggers tho, so I dont really consider myself as a legit blogger 8B

This post is going to be about the Revlon Lip Butters everyone and their mom is talking about. I'm honestly not much of a lip wearer person. At all. I get lip sticks and glosses - mostly given to me by people. but I dont really buy them /: lol.

and when I do, I avoid pinks since well, my lips are so pigmented light baby pinks just dont seem to work with me or my pigmentation ): sucks for me LOL. and also coz my lips have cracks on them and dont get 'exfoliated' as much. So, another reason why I just avoid lip sticks or anything like a plague. I only wear them for cosplay if I need to, but sometimes its nice that it just completes your look. And also its a good way for me to downplay how RED my lips can be sometimes ):

So picked these up, since everyone and their mom was talking about them. Their the new revlon lip butters and they are exactly as what everyone raves about!

pretty pigmented for something thats suppose to be like a lip balm?!
they do have a shimmer to them, so if you're looking for something more matte, you can get their color burst line or their other ones.

I've always trusted revlon for their lip sticks tbh. I used their red one for my Esther cosplay and it was pretty hydrating. I know alot of people compare these as dupes to the Dior ones. Well, I've never tried the Dior lines so I can't compare 8B

they dont leave my lips chapped or cracked looking either and are quite long lasting.

I wont swatch them since theres plenty of raves and swatches of them online already.
the only down side to these are:

their cheap and I mean, cheap. this is a brand new one that I JUST opened to take the photo and as I was putting it back, it hit the side corner leaving that ugly mark /:
and I know I'm not the only one whos had to deal with this. Everyone who had reviewed these had to say the same thing. But oh well! Their at a fraction of a price of what most people pay for super quality lip wear. No complaints from me! LOL.

2 colors I got were Peach Parfait and Sweet Tart. I didnt really expect the Sweet Tart to be THAT pigmented but oh boy was I wrong, so when I first wore it, it was PRETTY INTENSE PINK. Of course it can be pretty sheer when you first apply it but I made the mistake of thinking it was sheer so I liberally applied it on loool. So....pigmented and I had to immediately wipe it off. Was too bolt for my taste. It ended up looking like Kirbys foot like in the photo below ):

but the peach parfait is by far my favorite. Its the closest to a nude rose color -which is the most natural nudish shade I can wear without looking ridiculous and just tones down the redness in my lips just the right amount *u*

Lastly, I wanted to share this song by G.Na. I've been slowly following Kpop since I kinda fell out of the vigei scene, theres still a few bands I follow but not religiously. And I'm always looking for new music to just pop into my iPod and just listen to some nice vocals and music. And well, I stumbled on a while ago, I only really know 2 songs from her /: maybe 3. But only one stands out the most to me and its 'I'll back off so you can live'
its sort of an anthem for a dark time lol a long time ago. But it makes so much sense HAHA.

Obviously the song was in korean before but I saw this not too long ago. She re-wrote an english version of it 8D! And performed it. Whoo. I wish she would make a studio version of it. But I couldnt wait and loved the song so much, I ripped my own version from the video and cut out the intro just to get the song. I have it on my tumblr too if you want to hear it without the long intro and etc.

Amazing vocals for something live. <3

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