Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm not really a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty, I'm simply amused
at how much her ugly fat ass is stamped on everything
and anything LOL.

but, I definitely do need a toaster oven and a coffee maker
in my new pad.
so. Randomly browsing the interwebs and I found this.
I'd much rather prefer if they had Rilakkuma ones D<
I know theres a Rilakkuma Cup /: but if its a cup.
I rather use my Macross one
udurhurhurhururhurrr 8D
I feel like a captain of my own fleet drinking from the macross cup.
yes, Otaku status much?! D<

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I have said this before, but this article is fucking amazing:

I took the test on that thing at the end of the article, and I got mostly Bs. meaning, I'm starting to show symptoms of a Quarter Life Crisis. Good gawd the entire time this morning at work - it was hectic once more, its been a long as week.
my phone did break =_=ll well its not completely dead but it didnt sound the alarm this morning and the person iw as supposet to take to the airport ended up having to find another means of transportation. I felt so bad. I didnt realize my phone died in the middle of the night, i can still use it but if im not careful, it dies on random occasions.

I went to ebay to try and see if I could get another phone and realized. I cant afford a new phone right now, even a partly used one at that. I dont even think we have a new upgrade for awhile and if its anyone that needs the upgrade, i think i should give it to my brother, hes had the samedamn phone for years D< but for some reason I am just fucking terribly brutal with mine.
I cant afford a new/used phone because....chaha....well Bills bills bils and my brothers birthday and my little sisters birthday (ts my brothers birthday tonight and tomorrow is my sisters D<) not to mention I now owe my mom $185! D< coz the checks I wrote her got bounced back and she got charged a fee! D< fuckfuckfuck. I told her I'd send her cash when I send my little sisters birthday present D< and I dont quite have the money for the bills coz I ahve the phone bill due TOMORROW udhurhurhurhur D< which is $107 on my part D< and rent due on the beginning of next month D< fakkkkkinng shit

yeah Im going to go out tonight and get acheapy cheapy alarm clock that hopefulyl works coz now I'm paranoid that my ugly ass pink razr will randomly die on me in the middle of the night and the alarm wont go off >w<

I've practically given up on taking the exam for cosmetology, I decided its going to be my 'back-up' plan if LifeWork (the printing shop i work for) wont make it D< but I think we have a good shot at making it big.

we just keep stumbling onto problems TAT which is why im always so hectic insane at work and by the time the afternooon rolls around Im so warn-out D< and in mad need of some caffeine, I dont even like eating D< I get repulsed by it D< but i force myself to get SOMETHING in my system.
man i wanna drink LOL but I cant/shouldnt LOL

I get so fucking warn-out at work D< and fucking exhausted, this week has been fucking long, this day alone has been too long for me.

little did we all realize how much responsibility i have weighted on me D< damn you manageent piosition.

i love my first job, the comp. is amazing its just when things go wrong, it gets insane, especially if your in the supervision position, your the one that has to sit there and figure shit out and its just annoying and wrong, coz with each mistake, thats money were loosing! D<

as for my second job, i get so worn out dealin and accomodating insane customers D<
and after hours, when the manager is goen for the day, I'm left in charge of 2 other employees, they hired 2 new girls to work the night shift with me. but uuggh D<

vacation, yeah probly but iunno D<

fuck, I should have ordered a LARGE Ice Coffee =_= I practically downed a Medium one in no time, normally it takes me forever to drink it, but this afternoon I just DOWNED That shit and its barely 5pm D<

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


(i'm pretty sure my friends and family would scorn me if I ever ended up with him LOL!)


1 weekend ago:

last night:
*shin plugs in xbox live to ethernal cable*
Xbox Live Connected


Shin: mmhm.....someday xP

(and here i was being all tech savvy and fucking around with the IP address and DNS and interweb ports for the last week and a half, and his smartass just walks in and chirps in 'why dont you just plug the ethernet into the cable box? udurhurhurhurhur. I use AT&T U-verse at my rental place :o and I guess I never paid attention that, that cable box had a ethernet port! D< and so now I officially have Xbox Live back 8DDDD)

fucking shit. omg. yeah so I fail for the lack on update, been busy, or more so I've been trying to keep myself busy D<
work has been pretty hectic so I havent taken much of the time to write a blog D<

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the shit that runs in my system

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I spent the last hour of my shift at my first job looking at Video Games.
My guilty pleasure. Xbox Live has definitely distracted me and since now I am without it. Its making me rethink and look at all these other wonderful visual distractions I have.

And more to look forward to. I was watching Game Trailers and I'm kinda excited fro Resonance of Fate. I'm iffy about it since its SEGA but it doesnt hurt to try new gameso -o and im not a big rpg-er. No patience for them whatsoever.
BUT! I need to finish magna carta:tears of blood before the new magna carta comes out for the xbox 360 :O

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Officially Moved In...

and now I’m ready to get out XD

raging because I cant get onto Xbox Live =____= need to figure out the damn IP address so I can haxxor my xbox into live. *epic rage*

not to mention the cable box is fucking up with me.

it worked yesterday coz how else could dumbass Doosh and Pee-Tree get Cartoon Network?! =___=ll

time to make it on my own.

Looking into apartments pretty soon. If I survive the first month or two 8D


O(≧∇≦)O (face jack from Cara >D)

yes that is my mattress on the floor and yes I am ghetto to set up my DESKTOP next to my bed/mattress.
I'm going to get a Laptop eventually XDlll
and no i refuse to get a bedframe and desk. that'd be too much of a bitch to move with me when I'm ready to get out.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've been meaning to write up an entry all week, my mind has been a jumble of things but I just havent had the time to actually sit down and write something D: I've contemplated several times about writing down a physical journal but no, I just couldnt do it /:

ok, goodness when was the last time I wrote anything relevant?! or anything at all?
I have atleast 2-3 weeks worth of ranting to do but I havent quite found the time to do so, this has been sitting in my 'draft' for atleast a week now. And again I am using company time to write this shit out 8D because I'm a terrible employee at the call center lOL.

So i guess 2-3 weeks worth of writing...

where to start? D: lets break it down now..

/Car: Ok, I love my Jag. I love it love it love it. BUT my wallet quite doesnt share my love for it.
Its a gas guzzler. I drive from Mira Mesa to San Marcos daily, thats 25 miles going up and another 25 miles going back down.
And with 20 MPG thats no bueno at all! D: so I'm debating that eventually, I'd sell the car or trade it in. And no, I refuse to get another Corolla. I'm debating between a BMW or a Scion XB (yes the CUBBE) but then I'm nto sure.
BMW - Sports car. rawr. Or a Honda...still sports :o
Scion XB - Hilarious, simply because its  a cube on wheels. Huge trunk space. huge space for lugging all my shit I would use/need for traveling and photoshoots. Gas efficient. but. ugh. whut? D:

/Dissidia | Video Games In general: GAWD. I havent had time to play games much. Last weekend was a 3 day weekend. I had a BBQ on Saturday with a few friends (3 of us actually lOL!) and I spent the other 2 days of the weekend SlEEPING ! D: I think I caught something since I just felt so sluggish and tired! D: I did force myself to game on Monday just because hahahaha

/3 day weekend: continueing my rant fromt he other one, lol, other than sleeping. I spent the weekend watching LA INK (Downloaded 2 seasons worth) and the Law and Order SVU Marathon on TV and on Monday was a Ghost Hunters/Taps marathon on Sci-fi.
I forced myself to do some gaming on monday and I went on Halo and WOW some people really should not be allowed to have a Shit Talker! LOL I know I have a terrible potty mouth when it comes to games and Halo and shit, but jeeez LOL some people are juststupid as fuck.

speaking of Shit Talkers....I WANT THIS. I will christmas myself with this:  this bitchis huge as xbox >D but ommmmmgggg it makes me excited just thinking about it lulz!

/LA Ink | Kat Von D: I picked up her book not too long ago since I've been recently fascinated by the show LA Ink, well, I have always been but can never catch teh show till I finally figured out when its showing and times >D and I went and downloaded 2 seasons worth and still have yet to really sit down and watch it all.  But thats regardless the point.
All I have to say is; shes an amazing person D: driven and talented. Her book is quite inspirational and the artists shes working with is simply amazing too. I admire this woman, talented, business minded and all around well rounded. I feel pretty stupid right now since the last couple of days I've been sitting here thinking I have so much going through my mind and now im sitting here writing it down, my mind is blanking out D: wow, whut. Now I sound less intelligent LOL. Great. Haha.
Tats tats tats. Eventually I'll get it doonnne. Shit aint cheap >_o

/Growing Up and Moving out: there we have it, the safety net, the comfort blanket (or whatever was left of it) is finally off and gone. I have made the move. I'm moving out this saturday, away from the ellwoods house and into a small rental roomin a house on kibler Dr. still in Mira Mesa. And eventually I'll move out to my own studio/apartment 8D
I'm on the hunt for a mini fridge and microwave now >3 total dorm room status :o
the concept of moving out and making it on your own is damn scary but its something thats needed. :o and yes, I've been raiding craigslist for the mini fridge and microwave. I'm selling my tv and cabinet for a thinner tv to save space, all I have with me is a matress, I'm not sure if I'm going to be looking for a bed frame at all, but I think its time to adapt the japanese living style. Minimalistic and mastering the art of tiny rooms lol!
I'm debating about trading in the matress for a foldable futon like they do in japan, but i like my matress =___= soooofttt
because i know for afact futons are NOT that comfortable at all! their just sufficient for small spaces coz their foldable

/Fashion show: Gloom Nation will be hosting a fashion show in November 20th for a charity art event. I've signed up to be in the show. Now I need to work on a collection. D: I need to get an adjustable dressform and get started on this, I dont have alot of time obviously.
Skipping out on PMX XD and other cons for awhile. Because, money is very tight! D:
we need to make sacrifices for our dreams and goals.

/Fashion Wants: /: I kinda wanna get another pair of Rocking Horse Shoes. I already have this pair:
 I thougth about selling it / trading it for this pair:
 (but the straps would be ribbons instead of ugly pleather straps)

since I've been toying with the idea of flats. but i'm already pretty short as it is! D: the ballerina rocking horse shoes would be nice to wear as quick slip ons >3  but my friend doesnt want me to sell / trade my old pair D: I kinda dont either LOL.
I dont invest in expensive articles of clothing or accessories if I'm just going to sell it / trade it D:

but yeah, I'll continue to toy with this idea~ uurrgh...hmm...

/Anime Expo Midnight Tea Contest: MIkarin emailed me/called me asking me to join her for the EGL Midnight tea contest come ax!
lol. so I guess now I'm actually going to seriously make a lolita dress in the theme of Antoinette then. Wow, I am only motivated by money and wishing LOL. I'm such a greedy asian ROFLMAO!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

wonder wonder

Sometimes we all wonder what the hell are we doing with our lieves?
what are our plans?
plans? I got plenty of plans. Dreams. Aspirations.
Jealousy. /: wait, what?!

well, sometimes we all cant help but be jealous of the opportunities we missed out on

Sometimes I wonder if I should have pursues graphic design/and/or photography.
What am I doing now? Where is this going to get me?
steping stones stepping stones.

patience patience.

Now that is something I do not have.


I want to start saving money to go traveling now.

Also sometimes you cant help but different things could have been if what happened didnt happen?
but in a way I'm thankful for it, reality has slapped me in the face, chewed me up and spitted me out, but in the end, regardless of anything. I'm content. because. It has definitely helped me grow up.

Now I need to get off my ass and seriously start looking for a new place to live.