Project  707 FAQS:
What is Project 707:
A collaborative project that hopes to bring together ai yazawa nana and paradise kiss fans together to collaborate and compile together a finished cosplay photoshoot.

The targeted goal is to wrap up the project by 2017 and have the book be released by 7/7/17! 
I can't get anymore black and white about this.
why: why not?
 I want to participate but I see you’ve already shot a nana oosaki? but i really wanna do nana o!?:
I know some people have messaged me directly about this and what I do about repeat characters.
I'm open to reshooting the same characters in more than 1 occasion since everyone would have their own different take in styling their characters, I'd work with the cosplayer on a different set/theme per photo, so repeat characters are perfectly fine!
I do ask that if you are inquiring about participating in the project that you meet the following criteria:
  • Must be 18 years and above
  • This is volunteer only! Unfortunately, since this is a fan project you are volunteering your time and cosplay to be part of this. Cosplayers who participate will receive a code to enter to get a discount when the book is put together / ready to be released
  • Cosplayers who participate will receive a copy of the photos from the photoshoot as not all of the photos will make it to the final cut.
  • I will not be providing costumes/outfits unless otherwise stated.
  • Styling & Make-up can be provided for you as needed
Unfortunately, currently at this moment I am Southern California base, I East Coast dates will hopefully be announced towards the end of the year when I can solidify time for that :x

  • Nana Osaki
  • Nana Komatsu
  • Ren Honjo
  • Shin Okazaki
  • Reira Serizawa
  • Nobuo Terashima
  • Yasushi Takagi
  • Takumi Ichinose
  • Misato
  • Junko Saotome
  • Kyosuke Takakura
  • Shoji Endo
  • Sachiko Kawamura
I feel getting the last bit of the extra characters would be an incredibly far fetched but who knows
  • Yukari
  • George
  • Miwako
  • Arashi
  • Isabella
Once we get to the point that we are ready to schedule and collaborate on a scene from the project, i will proceed to break down and plan which ‘scenario’ or ‘scene’ i want to base our shoot on, since ultimate my goal and style of photos are very heavily based on storyboarding - but this does not mean i am not open to portrait and glamour shots either.

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