Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mononoke Hime

I am still behind on my katsucon write-ups but my facebook page should have a bulk of the photos on there already for viewing!

I should really be posting those photos in order but I am not....so I'm
 going to throw things off again by throwing in a recent shoot I did about late last month!

Princess Mononoke | Prince Ashitaka
Costume & Photography: Black Heaven / Me
Modeled by: Trish

Many of you have followed this little journey with me on both my Facebookpage and my instagram page, from making the costume to the props and now to the photoshoot!

I've always wanted to take my hand on a Ghibli classic. Spirited Away is still my absolute favorite movie but Mononoke is such a classic and I can say its probably one of the 'goriest' Ghibli film to my knowledge where you can see people get their limbs chopped off!

In this shoot I was able to try out a new technique that I've been /trying/ to get done since years ago --- that elusive misty effect! We've tried different ones, aerosol sprays and etc. But so far I'm a definite believer in $1 baby powder! LOOOO... It can get messy but its very cheap and very effective!

Someone asked me before why do I make the costume myself and not get the cosers to do it?
I'd love to work with cosplayers who provide their own costumes but sometimes I don't quite have that luxury and I personally am a coser myself though I have made the transition to photographer years ago, I still truly enjoy the control of having the freedom to pick and chose the textiles that is used for the costumes I've shot/made.

Its not a big deal to a lot of people but the more I stare at costumes from stage plays and movies the more and more I fall in love with the idea of being 'textiles accurate'...

I try to match the fabric choices I use for the costumes I make based on the character types and I feel it makes a huge different in the overall finished product.

For this one, I would have loved to used linen and cotton. Linen has such a nice woven look to it but it was difficult to locate linen in the right light blue color and I was not about to start dying linen just for a shoot...ahaha...So I opted for kona cotton on his overall coat.

I am not very prop savvy (yet!) but I was happy with the result I got on the sword. I used balsa wood and carved it down to the right shape and bevel using an exact-o knife. Primed and painted. The bow was plastic pvc pipe bent to shape with a heat gun and painted with a brown-red acrylic mixture. I made sure to use a stiff brush to keep the brush strokes on it to replicate the look and feel of wood.
I hope I can do a part 2 shoot with a Sen in the future and also have more Ghibli shoots in the future!

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