Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drug store eye shadows. HiP & ELF

Lol, not going to lie~ Dungeon Fighter is still eating up my life oAo;; and well thats definitely nothing something worth bragging about to be honest..ROFLMAO...then of course my friends convince me to dress up for PMX LOL instead of something gaudy and obnoxiously lolita or vigei....I got convinced to bring out my old Trinity Blood cosplay :o which I did years ago and never wore. LMAo so its time to redo it. I'm gonna be ordering a new wig (even if my hair IS red lmao its not thick enough!! or long enough ish) XD and yeaaah...and I'll also be ordering a crap load of rhinestones via ebay (whooo china~) and glueing the crap out of it into the dress and I also need to get more laces! MORE LACES and add it onto the dress. I realized my Esther dress needs more jewelry and laces and jems! LOL. So I'm also ordering strings of pearls and redoing pieces of the outfit )8 and I also need to fix as much of Seth as possible so my friend can borrow it. Whoo~ and also Ion! waah hahahaha.
oh man, I kinda miss this rush lol...but not really. I would much rather level up my battle mage and nen master XD /epicfail.

But anyways heres some reviews of some drug store make up. Not the best photography /: lol, but the purpose here is to tell you how good they are not how photogenic they look. Lol.
First up! HIP Duo Maude MATTE Shadow

Now I remember when these shadows first came out a couple years ago they were going for almost $13 (wow! thats the price of a MAC shadow /: and you probably get more from mac but its only a single pot. vs this which is duo....but yeah) but has since dropped prices to $6-9. Depending on where you got them. I got these at Target and retailed for about $6~7...

the Hip shadows are HIGHLY pigmented and comes in 3 finishes; matte, shimmer and metallic.
They go on SUPER SMOOTH and their applicator is a small sponge one and its not all that terrible. I like to say that the HIP is definitely considered a 'higher end' drug store brand considering the price point they are at /:
and to be honest, their products are pretty good - the only thing I really dont like is their cream liner - it dries too quickly. The best go to cream liner is definetely from Maybelline! 8D
that thing has lasted us through cons, sweat and alcohol LMAO!
but yeah thats beside the point.

Total soft, pigmented shadows. This particular one is Maude Taupe coloreda and a darker brown.

The only thing I gotta note though is for the taupe color - as you can see from my swatch, its pretty light or close to my actual skin tone. To some people who are probably more fair skined it might show up better but when I use it as an over all wash it gives my lids a very fresh clean palette and I use the darker brown on my crease and blend.
Staying power is pretty good, lasted me a good 8+ hours (though I must note I wear primer to help keep lasting it longer)

The only thing I gotta say about this is - it doesnt come with a highlighter color so I always end up having to dig into my other pallets to get a highlighter for my brows. Other than that, super good shadow and I've always been a fan of the Hip line.


next up is the ELF shadow. I picked this up on whim and it was $1. Score~

just check out that swatch, yes, my fingers are not sexy roflmao but totally fat and stubby. Sorry. I cant keep my nails long for the life of me. LMAo.

This isjust me running my finger ontop for a quickie swatch and I'm pretty impress with the color out put :o
this is without primer too.

Though the pallettes are super soft so the only thing I gotta say is - do expect fall out. Their super soft but super pigmented.
As far as longivity goes, I havent worn them long enough to judge how long or how well they last on your lids but I CAN say that the colors are pretty true to the swatch. And nothing lasts forever so I wouldnt expect much.

Packaging is ok, you cant expect much from a product thats sold for a $1. Way better than L.A COLOR to be honest! And its small and compact and goes anywhere with you. lol.

and in other news, I got new keychains added onto my key ring. Tokidoki Thor one was given to me by a friend recently. O_O I wish my iPhone was able to have phone straps on it, alas. They shall remain on my keys instead.

Lol, hords of Starbucks coffee cups in my cup board at work Lol. I try not to get Starbucks frequently because they cost an arm and a leg for something I can make at homeLOL. Yes, complete with my own carmel sauce and everything roflmao. But I cannot deny the clean packaging and reusable cups. Especially when theres never always cups at the water cooler =__=.... and you really should avoid drinking things with acids in them since they do ruin the enamel in your teeth and stain them as well. O_O

haha with that being said, I got myself a little gift today. I caved in and got a real tumbler cup thingie. This one I can leave at home or fill it with Ice Coffee for my morning rush to work. Haha. I think I deserve a little treat to myself for being good and keeping on track with this weight loss progres thingie. I could honestly be doing much better but I wont lie. LMAO. I 'd muchrather be trying to level up my Nen master and battle mage but life doesnt stop just coz you want to play games XD!!

Pretty boring. not much to update to be honest but hopefully within the next couple weeks I'll have a more productive entry since I'll be working on revamping some cosplays and working simpler new ones for my sister since shes up in Berkeley without a sewing machine. Lol.

and yep its def that time of the year again when its not exactly near the holidays but you know its going to creep up on you. Last year I tried to make scarves but clearly started too late and was unable to finish. I tried to pick up kniitting but there was just something about it that I was missing. So I picked up crochette instead in hopes I can make cool cute things like Twinkie-chan does LMAO and honestly, I havent quite gotten there yet. LMAO! I can barely keep a straight line scarf LMAO! So this is probably attempt.....iuno 9000?! And so far so good. Hahahaha.

random picture from the weekend trip to Bevmo. I'm determined to try this. If anything. I'd get it for the fucking packaging ROFLMAO.

I'm a sucker for packaging and this is probably why I spent so many hours at work staring at Lioeli products online =__=....

I never post FOTD since well. Nothing special about my regular face ROFLMAO. Its boring going to work without the lashes and lenses combo /:
neutral eye palette is neutral too and yeah. Boring outfits since you have to adhere to work dress policy. Lawl. Till next time~

P.S: I havent orderd a new gundam in so long! D8 its also because I need to order some rhinestones for Esthers dress LOL! Shiet. Maybe I'll blow my money on Gundams come PMX?! LOLZ!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lil' Angel

Got 2 wisdom tooth pulled over the weekend )8
2 more to go but I need to see a Oral Dentist for that. Boo. Need to apply for dental insurance.

But in other news, didnt get a new Gundam yet. Gears of War 3 is Out, a new Harvest Moon Game is out. I'm waiting for people to place torrents up so I can get it into my r4 xD....hahaha and of course Dead Island. Havent gotten any new games.
I went and spent $$$ on bros bday and sis' bday presents.
Got bro Gears of War 3. Sister new shoes + makeup. And a few more items and I need to set money aside for my oral surgery
before I can spend money on materials for PMX and then PMX of course /:

I also want a new gundam.

I've been riding my bike to work lately so I've been pretty tired and working out nightly as much as I can. Boo.

Anyways. My co-worker and fabulous friend gave me a Harajuku Lovers Perfume :o! lawlz and it looks like me! HHAHAHAA red hair~

I love the fragrance ~ its very 'clean' smelling and fresh :o def gonna look into getting another one if I run out of this one :3

Monday, September 12, 2011


Red hair of any shade is definitely always a show stopper. It beckons for attention and definitely captures a room when you enter it. When you see someone walking by with red hair you simply cant stop but look and pay attention to them! Even for a split second!
Red hair is definitely a fun fun color! And personally I believe its a very complimentary color on any skin tone! :o And it comes in so many different shades so you're guaranteed to find a GOOD RED on you!

2. It will NOT show up on black hair unless you use a highlift color and even still, sometimes you're not garaunteed a very vibrant color. Alot of different things can go into this...hormones. hair structure. virgin vs dyed hair...etc etc etc..

I've been dying my hair red on and off for almost 10 yrs? or so? first ever dye job was a burgundy red my mom tried on me when I was on 2nd grade XD...needless to say it didnt fly very well since I went to an All Girls Catholic school then. Hurpderp! but it was only the back bottom side of my hair but still! LOL! I've been burgundy to the brightest fire engine red to even shades of pinkish red.

Heres a few rundown of red hair colors I've had in the pass that I am still able to dig up photos of O_O....if I find anymore, I'll definetly try and post them up?...hahaha....And all of these dye jobs were achieved many different ways and using different products. I'll try and briefly talk about each one to kind of give you an idea of the shades or how I achieve them?

the first 2 photos: this was over bleached hair. I have naturally
BLACK hair and I bleached it using vol.40 + bleach
(you can refer to my 'bleaching hair FAQs for Q&A)
and I used SLAT hair dye on the very top one
and on the 2nd photo I used MANIC PANIC Pill Box Red.

And even when you DID wash it properly
theres still chances that it will stain some items :B...
I think this all depends on how bleached out your hair is and how much
of the dye will hold on your hair.

Always handle with gloves! And keep bleach or bathroom spray handy to spray your bath tub down!

Used L'oriel Feria in Ruby Rush + a hint of SPLAT Cherry Dye mixed
in to add the extra umf of red. Over BLEACHED hair.

This one is my most recent adventures with red.
This is with L'oriel Feria Rush Rush once again over
Blonde x Brown hair.
Only my front bangs were bleached blonde while the rest of my hair was a
medium to light brown....

I do want to stress that you cannot achieve this vibrant red color OVER BLACK HAIR without having to prelighten it to atleast a brownish shade or use a high lift color. I dont like to use high lift colors exactly over black hair (unless its virgin hair) simply because I feel that the colors arent as exact or accurate. Its better to be safe than sorry? by pre-bleaching. Haha I know hu? Double process, whats safer about that?! Well, atleast you know you're getting exactly what you're looking for! especially if you're doing this at home and are unfamiliar with High Lift colors too!

To achieve my latest hair color I used this box dye:

I wont go into detail about how the process work. LOL. its pretty simple~ that and while I was typing all that up earlier firefox decided to die on me and I don't think its really worth writing it up again when its pretty straight forward :o

Now lets talk about products and maintenance! (or mostly products and ways you can do to help maintain your vibrant fierce red hair!!!)

So its basically a no brainer that Red hair fades the fastest! But, like I said, there are ways you can do to help maintain you're red hair longer!

heres my routine for keeping my red hair 8D!

I only wash my hair (as in wet it + shampoo & condition) about only 2-3 times a week. EEK! Yes! Sometimes when I DO have to wet my hair, I use a red hair safe shampoo or color friendly shampoo.

The shampoo and conditioner I use is the John Freida Red one 8B and every so often I have a small bottle of white conditioner where in I put a spoon or two of RED dye in it to kinda just help redeposit color in as I condition my hair.

In between days when I'm not shampooing my hair, I use DRY SHAMPOO. I've heard of this before but it was only recently that I've decided to pick myself a bottle! Tresamme, Suave Professional AND Got2Be now makes Dry Shampoos and are easily accessible to the general public - your local drug store carries them in their hair care line.
How it works? You spray it in your hair in sections as close to the roots as possible and just let it sit for a few mins - see directions per bottle. And brush it away~

For brushing it away I like to use a tight bristled brush like a GROOMING BRUSH (which looks awefully close to a teasing brush! but the teasing brush is thinner. See images below) And if you do not have a tight brittle brush, you can go ahead and use a rat tail comb since its pretty tight together that it helps brush out all that oil from your hair.

grooming brush
teasing brush
which looks almost like a rat tail comb but with
bristles perfect for teasing or back comnbing your hair into
a volumized mess! HAHAHA

And the good thing about DRY SHAMPOO is, it adds volume to your hair! :D win-win situation! The one I'm currently using is the Suave Professional one. I got it since it was on sale at my CVS I was originally going to try out the Tresamme one or the Got2Be brand (since I swear by their hair spray!!!) So far so good its working out just fine for me.

Secondly, you know your hair WILL fade! I usually like to retouch my color every 2 weeks using
a deposit only VEGGIE based dye like Manic Panic or Special Effects. My go to is manic panic VAMPIRE RED. I leave it on for a few mins and rinse out - and tada! Red hair again, now this is only a deposit only color so it just refreshes your shade. Once every 2-3 months or so I like to use a box dye with peroxide to retouch my color and roots.

Roots: since my roots are BLACK, I like to do 2 mixtures. One with vol. 40 to help lift and deposit the color to my roots without having to pre-bleach my roots. If you're not too familiar with the different levels of peroxide just refer to my post on bleaching hair and peroxide levels~
And I use vol. 10-20 for the rest of my hair with the red dye of my choice.
But of course you dont NEED to use box dye or dye + developer, you can just simply keep using the veggie dyes - but keep in mind you WILL need to prelighten your hair and expect your color to fade faster when using deposit only veggie dye.

And please! Remember! Anytime you apply heat or go out in the sun you're hair is susceptible to heat damage and everytime heat is applied to your hair it opens up the hair shaft allowing color pigments to fade and go bye bye~ so please remember to use thermal spray to protect your locks. I use to go to the extreme and even go as far as using color friendly hair spray XD! But that was when I had blues and reds in my hair and was using the deposit only dyes and I was THAT paranoid in keeping my hair as fire engine red as possible. LOL

Sad to say but having high maintenance hair definitely can be costly with all the products you'll be using/needing...but all this is optional! You dont HAVE to do all this or use all this. Sometimes its just fun to throw a bit of color in your hair.

And normally when you let your red hair fade, it can go one or two ways~
it'll fade to a brown shade (if your in the ruby shades) or more of a pinkish-orange tone - strawberry blondeish if your hair is prelightened and you used a lighter shade of red~

I personally have always preferred to be in the more dynamic ranges of red from vibrant ruby reds to something as insane as traffic light red/stop sign red! HAHAHAHA

Good luck~

Sunday, September 11, 2011

massive black out! impuslive Sea World trip! :O

lol, so pretty much if you did not live south of Orange County So-Cal to the Border you wouldn't have known about the massive black out us So-Cal folks experienced Thursday afternoon till early Friday morning! AHAHAHA.
I was driving back to the office during my lunch break after dropping off my roomie/co-worker back at the condo and noticed that alot of the streets lights were out and the power went out at Target while I was shopping for lunch too! LOL. I honestly didnt think much of it since our block gets black outs quite often. But as I was driving back to work I went, WTF a lot of the lights are off?!....
I tried to call my co-workers to ask if power went out completely in our area. And I got several texts from people asking if power was out in our area as well! So I guess that pretty much hit it that power was indeed out in more areas in San Diego than just one! lol.

I walked back into our office - after walking through a super dark hallway and stumbling around to find the door to our office suite. Most of my co-workers were pretty much freaking out coz of the black out. my dumbass on the other hand was used to massive black outs coming from a 3rd world country XD where this shit happens quite often. Its just really annoying /:
Walked out and walked to the other office building to wait it out hoping that the power would come back on. Derped around for about an hour trying to figure out what to do about all the calls and work that needed to be done...then we kept getting random updates from people that the black out was spreading everywhere! Ooooh boy. I eventually left work at 5:40 and made the glorious drive home through traffic and mass hysteria. lol. Yes. No lie. everyone was rushing to get home despite the fact that the lights wasnt on. Some people seriously are not made to drive /:
People were all over Vons - since Vons had a power generator that could run atleast 3 registers at the most. People were buying ice and supplies as if this was a zombie apocalypse or something hahaha! Oh man. So many people were buying cases and cases of water and bread and canned goods. I honestly doubted that the power could go out for days! but these people were stoking up like it was.... /:

When night fell people started coming over to our condo since we busted out the grill and just started grilling meat LOL so it wouldnt go bad. And pretty much had a mini picnic outside our condo LOL...And played Monopoly in the dark but thankfully the power came back on at 2 am that night. Joy. Part of me was hoping it wouldnt so we didnt have to go to work and deal with the madness but part of me did want the power back LOL since 3G was down and my phhone needed to be charged. Soon. HAHA.
I will definitely be investing in a solar charger from strapya after this and a car charger for my phone lol!!!

Wish could have taken pictures but alas everything would have been too dark to do anything! LMAO!

Today was my companys picnic as well. But no one wants to really hear about that O_O....
stayed there for about 2 and half hours or so before running away to SEA WORLD LMAO!!! I've lived in SD for almost 10 yrs but I wont lie when I say the last time I went to Sea World was before I even moved to the sad.
So a trip to sea world was indeed needed today :o

hello crappy cellphone pics~First ride we went on was Journey to Atlantis. I wont lie lmao Roller Coasters or anything with drops are definitely my weakness - in a bad way LMAO. I cant deal with big drops but I decided 'you need to try everything once atleast right?' and I was looking at the ride the drop didnt seem THAT huge. Of course thats what it ALWAYS looks like before you board it and when you're finally on it you start freaking out LMAO. but of course that didnt happen. I prefer to internalize my agony lmao. the chicks behind us was a funny group of black girls who made the funniest commentaries. EVER. LMAO!!!

But so yeah heres the crazy weird thing about this ride, you see that water splash in the photo?...well. THATS THE FIRST THING THAT HAPPENS ON THE FUCKING RIDE. WHUT?! yes. Normally you expect that to come at the END of the ride right?! no!
thats the first thing you experience fresh from taking your seat!!!! And from there it rotates you around this water raft into a small cave thingie that plays a really......cheesy animation of Shamu?..../: wtf. lol. yes. And it turns out its actually an ELEVATOR lmao. That takes you back up and you up to circle around the building and comes down to a drop that curves in and there. End of ride. /: lol. super fast and quick. Kinda reminds of the Matahorn ride in Disneyland in Anaheim but....less epic?...lmao....

hey, me and the penguin plush both have the same circle lenses LMAO!!!!

Apparently he was king of the rock /:

Another one to add to my collection. I <3 skull candy headphones and these type are my favorite >3

so much more comfortable than the DJ style ones - especially if you wear glasses D: they kinda push the frames in the side of your head after a while...that or its just me?...

not to mention they bother my earrings too lmao!

These sit comfortable without any fuss and you can interchange the designs on them. Lmao. shweet.

Hello dirty desk is dirty. lol.

Short update is short. Kinda tired from lack of sleep the last few days and I was pushing to level up a bit more on Dungeon Fighters tonight. I was hoping to go to the bakery tomorrow to pick up Lavender and Rose extracts to make lavender cupcakes/cookies. But apparently the store is closed on Sundays )8 I guess I'll have to wait next weekend when I have time to run over there week should also be the street fair ): dammit. LMAO....meaning its harder to get in and out of my street lmao since their closing down the main road hahaha hopefully it works out still XD! I should wake up early next weekend and run to the store and make it back in time to enjoy the rest of the street fair now that I live across the effing street from it now LMAO!!!

Also, I went back to RED HAIR! :o my next entry will be talking about mainting your colored hair! especially for red heads! )8 since everyone and their mom knows how much of a b!tch red hair is! I've gone back and forth from being a red hair for years and years and with each year I find another way to help maintain that rich ruby color :3 since I hate the subtle red color. I like firey red red red!! If it was up to me I'd have my hair that fire engine red hair I had 4-5 yrs back LMAO!....

.....I really shouldnt be posting such an unflattering photo of me ROFLMAO and yes thats how RED it was, it looks more orange due to the purikura machine but trust me. it was a ruby fire engine red!! 8D....

When it comes to BOXED RED HAIR DYE. Feria POWER REDs is always my go to color! :3!!! Especially in the shade Ruby Rush.
I'll post the entry tomorrow or something since I need to properly cam whore or something lmao since I didnt take such good photos last time I had red hair?...o_O or did I?! I just need to go and dig them up lmao!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Primers for everyday wear! Hi and Lows

Hiho~ I know I havent made much of a post lately hahaha. I guess most of my posts as of late has been talking about Gundam plastic models! Ahahaha so I guess its bound time for me to talk about another thing that I ALSO and spends loads of money on ._. which I really shouldnt lawl....
hurpderp and with convention season coming to a start come this fall, cosplayers and con go-ers are starting to re organize their makeup kits in preparation for cons and different events. Some not really wanting to break the bank but still wanting to look good - duh, who doesnt?! So, why dont we start with the basics...lmao. and I mean literrally the 'base' for keeping your eye make up lasting long without having to break your bank!

I'm going to be talking about different EYE SHADOW PRIMERS on different price points! 8D since we all know with the economy now a days a lot of people are learning to cut back on a few items that they consider luxury products and we all know women spend hords and hords of money on cosmetics on the daily! But just because something is cheap doesnt mean you have to sacrifice ALOT. These products I've tried on my own - spent my own money on it and tried them all out for sheer curiosity. So basically starting from the cheapest to the 'more pricey' ones....

I'm making this post also because a lot of people have asked me about the product I mostly use everyday versus my go to products when were at a convention, concert or photoshoot setting...To be honest, I bring a lot of these products that I use everyday to shoots/concerts and cons with me. Depending on what the event is demanding, clearly I'd pick different primers and etc...

First up! ELF (Eyes.Lips.Face) Eye Primer! This baby sells for $1 and can be found at your local Target now or you can purchase them via ELF's website, and I do know that 'styles for less' carries ELF and LA Color products now too but I'm not too sure how extensively they carry ELF products....

Now onto the product!
Texture: The first thing I did notice with this product was when I first opened it that it IS quite runny. It wasnt as creamy or 'mousy' in consistency that I had hoped for and it came in a lighter beige color in comparison to other primers I've tried but that doesn't mean I have to already give this a bad rep!

It felt more like...butter o_O...smooth and somewhat milky/liquidy but applies on clear or blends with your lid color anyway. So dont even worry about the color.

Packaging: I cant say I'm a big fan of this type of packaging. With the whole wand applicator thing and bottle, as I feel like theres always wasted product in packaging like these since theres only so much dept the wand can reach to retrieve the product. And it comes in a glass acrylic? container so its not like I can just cut it open or break it open... lol....
but honestly, you're not gonna really miss out much considering its only $1 >8D so its really not worth the battle trying to grab every last drop of it XD....

Staying Power: As far as creasing and staying power goes. I've worn this for a regular 8 hr work shift and I can say its done its job.

As far as color saturation and bright ness goes....well thats a whole 'nother story. Coz honestly, color vibrancy is the last thing I'd be looking for from these primers, I mostly wear them to get the lasting power. Not so much as to getting the vibrant colors from them. If you want your colors to pop without breaking the bank. I suggest getting a cream gel liner or cream stick (any brand - NYX JUmbo pencils are amazing and cheap) and use a darker or lighter shade as a base and it really helps the colors pop out more. So just apply the cream base color underneath first, then your choice of eyeshadow over to get it to really pop.

Second up is the L'oriel DeCrease! Retails for about $8-9 in Walmart in CA. (prices vary depending on where you are....)

Packaging: The packaging on this can be as bad as the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I dont believe in shitty packaging. The way its made is it gets wider at the bottom and the middle gives you a skinny neck till you hit bottom. The wand is a doe tip applicator that probably doesnt even really reach all the way to the bottom or even around the edges to pick up the rest of the product so in the end you're really left with ALOT of left over product but you're wand is pretty much useless in trying to get at it. I even tried as far as picking at it with a cotton tip or a orange wood stick to pry out as much product. But in the end its really not worth it.
Its also made of acrylic plastic so its a bitch to try and break without breaking your table or tile counter hahaha!

Texture: love the texture on this one. Its not runny at all, it actually feels light and mouse-like texture. Applies on real well too. Too bad the packaging is such a buzz kill which would hinder me from even thinking of repurchasing it.

Staying Power: Again, went with it for a good 8 hr, and even took it on a trip to LA where it was blisterring hot and well, my makeup stayed in place LOL! Little creasing thats for sure hahaha. I say it does do just as well as any eye primer does. I'd say if you def have oilylids, you shouldnt expect your eye shadow to be perfect to the last 8th hour. I guess I feel like my shadow starts to wear down around hte 5th or 6th hour...but hey for a primer as cheap as this, it does the job well enough. On days when my lids arent as oily, I say it can go the whole way through, 8hr, but do expect it to break down come the 10th hour hahaha! Nothing stays on forever jeez. You shouldnt expect THAT much! hahaha

Now onto NYX Primer Eye shadow! I've reviewed this before but got dumped in a whole bunch of other entries HAHAHA. So I'm just gonna copy and paste it for the most part!

  • It comes in a POT! Versus the Urban Decay Primer Potion which comes with a wand and etc, a lot of people have complained that the packaging isnt very practical, which I personally agree as well
  • Price!!!! :D its under $15! 8DDD I think I paid $10? or $11ish after taxes.
  • After 8 hrs of wear, the eyeshadow still stayed without much creasing. And I used a metallic and matte eyeshadow. And normally I find the metallic shimmer shadows tend to crease faster on my lids. but yeayeah! :D
  • you only need a SMALL amount, a little goes a long way!
  • creamy soft light texture
  • Comes in a pot - can be a hygiene issue since most people wouldnt wanna dip their finger into the container, but I like the pot since it caters to makeup artists. When working with clients, I'd simply use a plastic spatula, scoop up a SMALL amount and apply.
but lets go alittle bit more in dept about this product.
the texture is creamy but sometimes its hard to get it out of the pot, some people say to use your fingers, I personally use a concealer flat brush to apply the primer on.

This baby retails for about $12-14. So its alittle bit more on the price-y range. Its definitely not a primer I use on the daily since I like to reserve this and the TooFace one for when I definitely want it to last and i mean, a 18+ hr day at a convention run LMAO ontop of a concert and photoshoots to boot!!!!! So this is definitely my GO TO for Cons and Concets mostly because of the creamy consistency - its thicker and I feel like it grabs onto the shadow powders alot more and it stays on longer.

(OH WHUT THEY HAVE GLITTER?!!Y do i not own this?! XDDD)

Lastly the Two Faced Eyeshadow Primer. Sorry. No photo, so heres a stock photo for you! I lost this primer ahahaha so I wasnt able to take a photo of it /: so I googled one up real quick. Credit is on the photo itself~

Texture: This one I feel is a bit on the runny side if you dont shake the tube up prior to using or let it sit for a while. It tends to seperate itself and can come out in parts /:
ie: oil. then the product. D: uh, do not want.

This primer retails for $18-19 via Sephora. And defintely is the priciest of primers and stands along Urban Decay.

Packaging: aweosme packaging! They didnt make the same mistake as Urban Decay did with their primer potion. I LOVE tube packaging coz you can easily cut that badboy open and extract the products yourself hahaha!

Staying Power: I honestly feel like the staying power is on par with ELF - seeing as the consistency is almost the same.
And unlike the creamy NYX one, I feel like the pigments from the shadow has less to grab onto. this dries on smooth and really does give your lids a nice smooth finish.

not exactly a primer I would reach for when I expect it to last through a convention + concert. It does its job and I mostly use it for a good night out and I want my shadow to last /: or on a photoshoot set. Since you dont really expect it to last throughout the whole day seeing as when your in a shoot, your there for a couple hours then your done. Honestly, the ELF one could have done the job hahaha but theres just something about showing up to a job with 'cheap' looking product that turns alot of models off. Just sayin' hahaha.

If you dont mind dropping the $18 everytime you run out of this, by all means go ahead, but honestly for a 'every day primer' I would still swear by the ELF and the L'oriel one.
Unless of course the ELF isnt just working out for you - as like I said, not everyone has the same skin type /:

So best of luck to you! :o

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Food pr0n and where have I been?!

Omg where have I been again? LOL. Sad to say my life has simply been revolving around working. Making/building gundam figures and video games. I dont keep up with anime anymore since I just cant seen to find a show I can dedicate myself to. While video games on the other hand have a bit more of a gratification thing on the spot. Some sense of accomplishment no matter how much of a waste of time they really feel like...hahaha. So I decided to go ahead and try and spam you guys with food if you already dont follow me on Tumblr! HAHAHA.

Hello trashy desk...full of....nexon cards and bottle of drinks and etc...XD;;

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs. A little taste of Los Angeles street food hahaha.
This shit is sooo bad for you! Especially for me who recovered from surgery not too long ago! Hahaha

So over the 3 day weekend I was suppose to try making French Macarons. But. Unfortunately after searching high and low for Almond Flour and finally finding it at Henry's. We decided to abort the mission seeing as they were charging $10 for a TINY bag. Which you could only really get 2-3 sets out of! Uhhh...NOT WORTH IT?!!!
So me being the cheap ass Asian I am. Will rather sit here with a bag of flour and almond and dice, chop, and do what ever I can to make my OWN version of Almond Flour just to save myself alittle bit of money hahaha!

So instead. I decided to bake some obnoxious flavored cookies, but let me tell you, they are a hit >8D! I plan on making a batch before heading to a con to share with some friends later on~
Up there we have some Red Velvet cookies with white chocolate chips. Cotton Candy & Bubble Gum cookies. (Cotton candy had sprinkles baked in them and they are simply omffgggggg I need to stop eating them HAHAHA so I gave abunch of them to my little brother and his friends...lmao...) the bubble gum was def the most bizzarre flavor out of them, when you eat it you cant help but feel like you should be blowing a bubble hahahaa. So I guess I should definitely reserve the bubble gum for frosting flavoring or cupcakes if any...hahaha...

and lastly, my favorite. Strawberry cookies with white chocolate chips. They seriously taste like Strawberries n' Cream from Starbucks but in a cookie form!

But yes, believe it or not....This has been pretty much my life the last couple pathetic as it sounds HAHAHA! But I'm definitely going to try and sit down and write up a more interesting and well worth
to read entry Q_Qll I've been trying to put together a entry in regarding to EYE PRIMERS :o
yes. so please look forward to it HAHAHAHA I've been really trying not to be so lazy about it but I cant lie. Video games have sucked me back in.

If not Call of Duty, its zombie mode in COD. Or Dungeon Figthers and of course; Pharoah.
A pretty old ass 'city building' game that I still find quite addictive and oh best believe when my roomies leave for Hawaii and leaving me with the Alienware laptop . I'm plugging that shit into the big screen tv in the living room and will pretty much live there till they come back. Hahaha.

Now onto music! I'm pretty bad at keeping up with music. From jrock to kpop.
Even with Soompie I still cant seem to keep up, but my new fandom is F(x). I blame it on Amber Josephine Liu and her amazing charisma.
Probably my next favorite rapper other than CL of 2ne1.

while derping at work earlier I stumbled on that video and queeee!!
mirror mirror sang by F(x)! oh whut?!

lmao apparently F(x) did Mirror Mirror (orig by 4minute)

and 4minute did their own rendition of ‘Danger’
honestly, 4minute did a good job with most of the vocals with Danger but HyunA’s rapping was weak in comparison to Ambers. And dance wise, they def looked awkward.
F(x) on the other hand dominated with Mirror Mirror, the dancing looked on key and the vocals! omg. I’m definitely impressed >8D and hurhurhur. Amber <3
like what the Netizen noted on the comment box on the youtube. I TOO have more respect for F(x) more and more now :o

and I wanted to pimp out one of my new favorite music maker >8D, Epitone Music
check out his youtube page for some legit ass kpop remixes! My favorite among all his remixes is GD&Top HIGH HIGH!!!
Hes got some pretty sick beats and its really a nice refreshing change to be honest hahaha. I just like to leave his music on a playlist and let it play while I do something else or something haha.

Sometimes I wish my car had a plug in for an iPod so I can stop burning CDs Q_Qll

but onward to me finally working on that PRIMER review or something hahaha.