Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drug store eye shadows. HiP & ELF

Lol, not going to lie~ Dungeon Fighter is still eating up my life oAo;; and well thats definitely nothing something worth bragging about to be honest..ROFLMAO...then of course my friends convince me to dress up for PMX LOL instead of something gaudy and obnoxiously lolita or vigei....I got convinced to bring out my old Trinity Blood cosplay :o which I did years ago and never wore. LMAo so its time to redo it. I'm gonna be ordering a new wig (even if my hair IS red lmao its not thick enough!! or long enough ish) XD and yeaaah...and I'll also be ordering a crap load of rhinestones via ebay (whooo china~) and glueing the crap out of it into the dress and I also need to get more laces! MORE LACES and add it onto the dress. I realized my Esther dress needs more jewelry and laces and jems! LOL. So I'm also ordering strings of pearls and redoing pieces of the outfit )8 and I also need to fix as much of Seth as possible so my friend can borrow it. Whoo~ and also Ion! waah hahahaha.
oh man, I kinda miss this rush lol...but not really. I would much rather level up my battle mage and nen master XD /epicfail.

But anyways heres some reviews of some drug store make up. Not the best photography /: lol, but the purpose here is to tell you how good they are not how photogenic they look. Lol.
First up! HIP Duo Maude MATTE Shadow

Now I remember when these shadows first came out a couple years ago they were going for almost $13 (wow! thats the price of a MAC shadow /: and you probably get more from mac but its only a single pot. vs this which is duo....but yeah) but has since dropped prices to $6-9. Depending on where you got them. I got these at Target and retailed for about $6~7...

the Hip shadows are HIGHLY pigmented and comes in 3 finishes; matte, shimmer and metallic.
They go on SUPER SMOOTH and their applicator is a small sponge one and its not all that terrible. I like to say that the HIP is definitely considered a 'higher end' drug store brand considering the price point they are at /:
and to be honest, their products are pretty good - the only thing I really dont like is their cream liner - it dries too quickly. The best go to cream liner is definetely from Maybelline! 8D
that thing has lasted us through cons, sweat and alcohol LMAO!
but yeah thats beside the point.

Total soft, pigmented shadows. This particular one is Maude Taupe coloreda and a darker brown.

The only thing I gotta note though is for the taupe color - as you can see from my swatch, its pretty light or close to my actual skin tone. To some people who are probably more fair skined it might show up better but when I use it as an over all wash it gives my lids a very fresh clean palette and I use the darker brown on my crease and blend.
Staying power is pretty good, lasted me a good 8+ hours (though I must note I wear primer to help keep lasting it longer)

The only thing I gotta say about this is - it doesnt come with a highlighter color so I always end up having to dig into my other pallets to get a highlighter for my brows. Other than that, super good shadow and I've always been a fan of the Hip line.


next up is the ELF shadow. I picked this up on whim and it was $1. Score~

just check out that swatch, yes, my fingers are not sexy roflmao but totally fat and stubby. Sorry. I cant keep my nails long for the life of me. LMAo.

This isjust me running my finger ontop for a quickie swatch and I'm pretty impress with the color out put :o
this is without primer too.

Though the pallettes are super soft so the only thing I gotta say is - do expect fall out. Their super soft but super pigmented.
As far as longivity goes, I havent worn them long enough to judge how long or how well they last on your lids but I CAN say that the colors are pretty true to the swatch. And nothing lasts forever so I wouldnt expect much.

Packaging is ok, you cant expect much from a product thats sold for a $1. Way better than L.A COLOR to be honest! And its small and compact and goes anywhere with you. lol.

and in other news, I got new keychains added onto my key ring. Tokidoki Thor one was given to me by a friend recently. O_O I wish my iPhone was able to have phone straps on it, alas. They shall remain on my keys instead.

Lol, hords of Starbucks coffee cups in my cup board at work Lol. I try not to get Starbucks frequently because they cost an arm and a leg for something I can make at homeLOL. Yes, complete with my own carmel sauce and everything roflmao. But I cannot deny the clean packaging and reusable cups. Especially when theres never always cups at the water cooler =__=.... and you really should avoid drinking things with acids in them since they do ruin the enamel in your teeth and stain them as well. O_O

haha with that being said, I got myself a little gift today. I caved in and got a real tumbler cup thingie. This one I can leave at home or fill it with Ice Coffee for my morning rush to work. Haha. I think I deserve a little treat to myself for being good and keeping on track with this weight loss progres thingie. I could honestly be doing much better but I wont lie. LMAO. I 'd muchrather be trying to level up my Nen master and battle mage but life doesnt stop just coz you want to play games XD!!

Pretty boring. not much to update to be honest but hopefully within the next couple weeks I'll have a more productive entry since I'll be working on revamping some cosplays and working simpler new ones for my sister since shes up in Berkeley without a sewing machine. Lol.

and yep its def that time of the year again when its not exactly near the holidays but you know its going to creep up on you. Last year I tried to make scarves but clearly started too late and was unable to finish. I tried to pick up kniitting but there was just something about it that I was missing. So I picked up crochette instead in hopes I can make cool cute things like Twinkie-chan does LMAO and honestly, I havent quite gotten there yet. LMAO! I can barely keep a straight line scarf LMAO! So this is probably attempt.....iuno 9000?! And so far so good. Hahahaha.

random picture from the weekend trip to Bevmo. I'm determined to try this. If anything. I'd get it for the fucking packaging ROFLMAO.

I'm a sucker for packaging and this is probably why I spent so many hours at work staring at Lioeli products online =__=....

I never post FOTD since well. Nothing special about my regular face ROFLMAO. Its boring going to work without the lashes and lenses combo /:
neutral eye palette is neutral too and yeah. Boring outfits since you have to adhere to work dress policy. Lawl. Till next time~

P.S: I havent orderd a new gundam in so long! D8 its also because I need to order some rhinestones for Esthers dress LOL! Shiet. Maybe I'll blow my money on Gundams come PMX?! LOLZ!

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