Saturday, April 27, 2013

Anime Conji Photo Dump

Thank you to all the lovely ladies for taking the time to pose for me~ Hoping to run into some of you gals in the next few cons~

Emily Smith as Su from Clover
Candy as Serah Farron from Final Fantasy 13
Kazumi Chan Cosplay as Stocking from Panty & Stocking

Friday, April 26, 2013

254. Because I lost count & I think I'm back from the dead

Good gawd where have I been? Probably on a drinking binge, shameless COD zombie runs and just laying around the condo contemplating my life choices and realizing within a few weeks I'm gonna be one more year older but not so much wiser

This is my hipster instabits for the week I guess....shoots self



Someone on tumblr once asked me what equipment I use and this is also on my DeviantArt Page. I have the shittiest oldest dslr ever. Its a old ass Sony Alpha 100 dslr. Nothing fancy. I use 2 lenses with it. An external Flash with a softbox and a reflector are all I use. I'm a poor adult whos got bills to pay ): would love a new camera but alas someday.
$1 sunglasses from eBay because who doesn't love obnoxious wannabe hipster glasses. Did I also mention I'm gonna be seeing Marina & The Diamonds in May? Coz you know, you gotta be a heartbreaker.
Green Tea Pocky from Ash. AAAH SO good. Gave em' to me last day of Conji and I barely am working through 1 packet (crazy rationing much?!) lol. Their that good lol. And of course, my green tea frap with extra matcha (always gets 4-5 scoops. skim milk no whip) And I'm starting to hate that lanyard lol mostly because I'm reminded how annoying AX is lol but I always end up going without fail )': I just want a new lanyard lol.

Hah no really, I just havent had time to really update much. Conji came and gone. I didn't really get much photos from Conji than I had originally wanted. There were definitely more photographers than there were cosplayers and there was also a overcast most of the weekend - but atleast it didn't rain like it did the previous year. I also forgot to bring my reflector with me during the weekend. Oh well. Ran into a few people but only managed to do 1 real photoshoot with the lovely Emily Smith as Su from Clover. Photos down below~ or on the next photo dump....

I think I also got a legion of new followers - holla ladies and gents, how you doin'? How you stumbled on this blog I will never know. Hopefully not from my nsfw tumblr. I don't have a very interesting life but I try to pretend that I do.

but no really, I'm not gonna lie on the drinking binge produce by Conji and the weekends prior. I finished Shakugan no Shana cos but I'm a lame-o and didn't wear it during the event mostly because - well, my wig ended up being more orange toned than I had wanted especially when placed against the green fabric of the cosplay. I need to re-order a darker cooler toned wig.

I ended up wearing Westwood throughout the weekend and some SPR stuff. No outfit photos nor did I even manage to conjure up a selca and if I did I think it would be on my instagram.... I also promised lens reviews for the I.Fairy reds - I need to retake photos )': and also the Dueba 2 tones brown..... =A=lll

I've pretty much succumbed to hiding from the world and doing a lot of contemplating of life stressing about the fashion show which is a good half a year away but I want to deliver good pieces and theres no garauntee I'll even get in but I need something to inspire me and kick me in the rear and hopefully can start rolling out pieces. I need to take all 3 sewing machines to be repaired and callibrated and I would love to get a serger too >__> coughbirthdaypresentanyonecough but really, I actually would prefer to get $$$ for turning another year closer to being the creep creeper so I can buy myself new tires for my car. Oh adult responsibilities.

I also joined in on the bandwagon and finally started watching Magi. LOL. I've been a fan of Morgiana since I keep seeing gifs of her on tumblr *A* and no, I haven't finished Metal Gear or Dante's Inferno yet >_>ll my life revolves around trying to think wtf I'm suppose to do for the fashion show, Call of Duty Mob of the Dead and Game of Thrones. I have such a love hate relationship with that show. Omg.

Some product and lens reviews are also sitting on my que to be done....

Monday, April 1, 2013

Another week has gone by and here we are alread in April. WOAH time flies by so fast omg cannot keep up *A*ll I just got back from an interview with Sony (was pretty nervous/caught off gaurd at how fast the interview went. Granted my interviewer did tell me hes gonna fly by this really quickly since there is a lot of candidates applying today uwull but walking out of it I felt that I could have done the interview a lot better?...maybe I'm just feeling uneasy since personally i am not a big MMORGP gamer. I'm not even a big PC gamer to begin with because my PC cant handle a lot of games? I prefer consoles uwu and the most PC games I've played are RTS and the closest RPG I've played is Boulders Gate LOOOO faillll and Dungeon Fighters doesnt count since its a dungeon crawler game)

I'm honestly not sure how I did since it went really fast. I'd like to think I did good and that I'd be expecting a call back but, I think I'm still going to keep applying at other places since I could really use that second income ):  so I guess for the time being its safe to say I'm going to Anime Conji and that I should work on my skirt next weekend since its the only thing left to do for Shana....orz but I'm not sure since I feel a lot could change in the course of the next 2 weeks *A*ll I'll probably email my recruiter back in a few days to follow up....
So I guess onto the instagram dump for this week LOL. Some new creations and etc. Was browsing the grocery store when I ran into this malted beverage, and who am I to resist such gay pink drinks?! And for under$8 with a Vons card. HELLO YES. I'd mix this with the strawberry Daiquiri or if you don't have strawberry daiquiri I'd op for frozen strawberries and a splash of cream ;D  the cream would curd a little bit or you can always go with a shot of yogurt drink with it to sweeten it up a bit more. Or if you're looking for something stronger, my no fail mix is definitely this Delicia + Whipped Vodka (I prefer Fluffed - Marshmallow) + a splash of yogurt drink (optional~) and frozen strawberries to top it off. Mix in a giant pitcher. Hello party time.

And I also finally made melon pan. Still not perfectly soft as I wanted it to be since I followed a recipe from youtube and it didnt call for the tangzhong method but I think next time I make it I will add the tangzhong to the originally recipe. Still pretty good but its not perfect in my opinion just yet.

A photo dump on fooooood. I haven't went to a sit down chinese restaurant in a really long time ;A;
I love chinese food lol and theres just something very reminiscent about eating in a sit down chinese restaurant that reminds me of home OwO;;;

*spazz* I LOVE FRIED RICE DDD8 it was so filling the dumplings was pretty much what killed me LOL and the 2 pieces of chicken LAWL I had to work my way through the rice slowly and pack the rest for the later... the lady who was serving was so nice too like an auntie LOL we went to a little hole in the wall chinese place runned by a husband and wife and have been in business for over 30 years :o  would definitely be going back there!!!!! AAAH and their open till 1 on Fridays and Saturdays. Yeyeah, late night chinese after crawling drunk LMAO!

Went to the Swap Meet too~ this time not with the intent to buy fabric but to gather supplies for the summer! COME AT ME SUMMER I'M GEARING FOR YOU D8< (not on the photo is a black sun hat that I got too) all these were under $40 :o total except for the makeup remover lol.

Needed new sandals since the dog chewed up my old ones but I still use them but their definitely at their last dying breath haha. Found a army surplus seller at the back of the swap meet so I got that canvas bag from them, they even have one with the medic one and a surplus of other boots, bags, and gadgets :D GOING BACK THEREEE TO SUPPLY FOR MY ZOMBIE INVASION LAWL. Or any post apocalyptic shoot lawl

And who can say no to red plaid sunglasses!? my friends always told me I was the obnoxious one, I had a purple pink gradient sunglasses that broke, gawd I miss them now. I recently rediscovered my leopard print sunglasses too lol and now this!!! I honestly have just solely been wearing the white couch pair I have since well, I figured if you paid that much for them you better damn well use them a lot (but I didn't pay for mine, I got it as a gift but still! HAHA)

Needed new makeup remover and was already in Marukai so I figured I'd pick one up, And good gawd expensive stuff LOL damn you yen to US dollar conversions )': this was about $10 just for a bottle of remover. Granted I guess it'd cost the same to get one from Mac or Sephora but this one is more of a cream base not necessarily oil? Well, when I applied it on the cotton and onto my eyes it was more milky consistency and not oil. Doesn't work TOO well against latex based lash adhesives, you gotta be more abrasive with them which could be bad for your eyes ): but I like that it doesn't leave my face feeling oily.

Wrapping up LOL hello cam-whore shots. I got a new wig in the mail, I haven't seen myself with DARK hair in YEARS. Yeah, that long. So I figured why not?! this was only $10 with free shipping on ebay. it looks alittle shiny but pfft. For $10. sure, and I guess since I dont own any dark wigs I figured it'd be fun to feel my inner gawth child lol and voila. I threw this look together in seriously 5 mins coz no one was home and I had a small window of opportunity to camwhore LMAO hahaha would like to redo this look. I love that I can finally wear bold lip colors haha but I guess it only works best with dark dark hair imho lol channel your inner Kat VonD much.

The lighting totally blew out my contouring, and I thought I did a heavy hand too. OH well. And you can't really tell but I'm wearing just 1 hanabi red lens HAHA. The lenses are practically expired and my other eye was just watering like crazy )':< I have new lenses that I need to review soon too. And wish I wore a darker red lip but instead I reached for a magenta one. I didn't even wear lashes too
I'd so pair this look with the dress down below from Hell Bunny Clothing. Saving up for it! COME TO ME.