Thursday, July 30, 2009

purple drink

LOL OMFG WHAT?! I just spoke to a very angry customer on the phone whos accent and voice and tone and everything sounds s almost exactly like the actor from The Transporter! :O whuuuuuut.So tired. =___= I had to drraaaggg myself out of bed for the first time since I finished school D: wow. whut. fail.
lolol my nails match my for blurry picture o-ollthe razr sucks for photos LOL!I miss my old phone now /:

=__= im so tired of working but I checked my email earlier and my mom sent in an email, begging me to move to Florida, saying that shes worried sick coz my brother was a dumbfuck and called my mom and complained that theres no grocery money D: wtf. see. this is why i cant quit my 2nd job to go back to school coz I gotta send money back home to her, to dad AND feed my brother =____= rantrantrant.its frustrating coz his other job hasnt called his schedule in yet so his ass is only working 2 days a week at Sea World while I have to use my money a majority of the time to feed him =__=;

I realized I really have a bad temper regarding people who are one-uppers. who think that their always better than you without even knowing who you are. I try to think humbly and give people the benefit of the doubt but dont you dare say you're godly compared to me or think your the shit when you've barely walked a step in my shoes >__>

the one thing thats going to be the highlight of my night tonight: LA Ink. I was dissappointed the barnes and nobles I went to last night didnt have it. I have half the mind of driving to the one in Carmel Mountain just to get it /: coz I hate waiting even though the Barnes & Nobles here said they'll order it for me but can take a few days D:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my desk is quite messy....

lol, on my, lets see what my desk has to offer. /: it is quite a mess no?
but LOL. not much as you can telll.

lets see what we have here...
on the screen, I'm currently screening 14 sai no haha. Its a story about a 14 yr old junior high student who gets preggers. Its very slow progressing but its only 11 eps long. Curiosity got the best of me /: so I had to watch it.

I have an Avon Catalog, I took it from work and I browse through it when I'm bored LOL.
rice cake snacks, my keys. xbox controller and my keys attached to the xboxlanyard i got from working at gamestop. sketchbook and art stuff burried under the avon catalog.
cellphone, acuvue contact lens solution, my contacts (circle lenses) burried somewhere under the xbox controller probly. And Garnier Leave-in Conditioner. I personally use ENJOY leave in conditioner or Joico but ran out and I found that bottle in one of my suitcases, so...cant be put to waste now can it? LOL.
and teaaaa~

lol shit blendy pens and hahahaha couldnt help it, 3D glitter paint hahaha. We use to use nail-polish at cosmo school when we got boredXD;;
but its hard to scan /: since the nail polishes dont really show up as nicely hahahaha. especially the glitter ones. I doubt these paints would be any better lol.

heres the art stuff my friend got me, she brought me the sketchbok, watercolor (burried under the sketch book) and oil pastels. i havent finished the sketch I was working on /: probly will do it when I'm uberly bored again. Oil Pastels, I personally think looks great on sand paper TAT or on a canvas D:
I wanna get canvas's and arcrylic paints ~____~ I really wish I had a studio to call my own and a better hand at art. D:


after seeing Fi and Ayato's videos and reminds me...
damn, i want a kigurumi XD;; i made a black gloomy bear one before but I threw it away since we moved D:
I wanna get one for my sister and myself, though shes far away. I think she;d want one lol since she wrote on her tumblr that shes into Rilakuma now too. And she likes teh white one and that she thinks i should be the poo colored one o_O
ironic, me and shin both have matching 'poo' colored rilakuma charms i got us for our phones from little tokyo.
i got her one of the white one while i was at ax.

Which reminds me, kuma-chan needs a bath D: hes way dirty LOL

OOMMMMGGGG wtf is wrong with me?! i've been feeling terribly sluggish this last couple days =___= I feeel so stupid and lazy, all I do is work, sleep, eat, work. its an unending disgusting cycle. I should get up and walk around tomorrow, run, bike. DO Something. this is starting to get quite disgusting.I'm so sick and tired of sitting here at the office constantly yawning like i'm exhausted when really I've done nothing to really make me this exhausted. so, its like WTF?! D:It cant possibly be the stress. Ax is long over, shit happens, life goes on. The accident happened almost a month ago! yeah, again this happens I'm ready to move on. but wtf. =___=ugh.lately, i've been reading blogs and blogs and blogs. it helps pass the time away at work.and I've come to the point that wow, as easy as my job is at Marukai is, I'm so sick of working the 2nd job D: its nice coz it fills in my time and gives me money but I've hit a slump now and I've just been feeling super lazy ~___~ wtf is going on.I'm kinda getting tired of the extensions, I like teh long hair look but I sometimes like to play around with my shorter hair. but still /: hmm, I'm probly being dumb. I need to start getting into shape again, this is turning disgusting =___=

Sunday, July 26, 2009

bored out of my mind. Sitting here watching Law & Order SVU Marathon. I feel like such a couch potato. I wanna draw, paint or sew. I wanna make dread falls even though just my last entry was talking bout how I'd been like into this whole FOB styling thing haha. Iunno. Boredom.

I'm waiting for my friend or brother to come over so we can go get In and out burgers. They have amazing burgers. I'm starving.

I'm not much of an artist but lately, I've been feeling like I wanna try something different. I wanna buy a small canvas and see how far I can get. I'm not an amazing artist, I cant draw anime style like most people on DA. but I do like alternative styled art. I wanna get a sketch book but Icant find it in me to draw anything on it.
I have markets and pencils but I prefer acrylics, oil paints, and canvases. Oil pastels and sandpaper.
I feel so limited since I cant do much here. I dont have the room to work.
I should sew something like the dresses from Kera and pretend I'm a designer. Just like how i'd like to pretend I'm an artist.

I want my ibanez so I can prtend I'm a rockstar.

why am I hitting my stump again.

productive day was productive-ish

Went to the mall with my friend and older brother to pick up a few things I've needed and also to pick up a present for Mrs.E since she was nice enough to take me in for the time being till we get our shit together. Shes moving to Hawaii tomorrow but her husband will still have the house but I'm not sure for how much longer I can bum around here so I need to get going and get my stuff together. Definitely!

Picture dump picture dump since I got inspired to play around with my camera. I've been thinking about either a 50mm lens or a Fisheye Lens but after talking to my sister, I think I should get the Fish Eye lens first since its cooler and would definitely work well for alot of the alternative styled shoots I tend to do. And I can debate between the wacom tablet or a the 50mm lens afterwards but of course before the lenses, I should get my eyes checked and after FAFSA pulls through I should get a laptop since my desktop right now is most definitely being a little bitch and is dieing, its already crashed out on me 3 times already just in this last year alone. Well considering I've had this for over 5 years now? thats pretty decent for a Dell as well /:
most definitely thinking of getting a white sony. But after looking at, they have it in red! :O
but its an ugly dark red LOL, even the metal rose(pink) doesnt look too bad but again I am not a pink person and I think I would prefer to get the white one for a change. But its funny coz I've always been a red person. hmm /: who knows, we'll see haha. I also should consider getting an external hard-drive. It'd be nice to be able to save back-ups of my photos that I've taken for shoots too :O

Originally when I first started uploading the pics, they were suppose to be in a decent order so that this entry would make more sense but I guess that failed. So, onto the pictures and my commentaries to go with it.

wow, this is me, so plain, without makeup and all that hair haha. Yes, my real hair is quite short. I wear clip-on extensions. I use to had them permanently on my head but that got quite tiring /: and fusions were a bitch LOL. Nothing beats good ol' clip-ons. I wanna get 25" ones :O so I can curl them like those girls in Ageha lol, and they'd just shrink up to 20" or 18" as oppose to when I curl my 18" TAT they shrink quite a bit.

also! Hah! Another thing I did today, I bleached my eyebrows LOLOLOL. Well, I applied bleach on them to lighten them up so they dont look so harsh and DARK against my light brownish hair 8D and I definitely like them better now >3 the little things do make a difference I guess haha. Wow, I am incredibly vain. Excuse me :P

messy room is messy and so is the desk. The pikachu face on the chair finally faded off. Time to draw on another one! D: the art inside the closet isnt mine, they were drawn there before I got there since I am staying in Stephanie's room, she drew them inside her closet back when she was in HS? I guess lol coz she was bored at the time haha.

this is the little things I brought from home with me D: I dont have alot to decorate the room with since I didnt feel like decorating someone else's room that I'll only be temporarily staying at, you know? but I bought that poster earlier and my brother got me a frame for it, and thats all I have but it definitely feels alittle bit more comfortable and homey being in this room. Though I have left the walls baren for the longest time since i've been here. But that piece of paper framed up against the wall feels like it makes the world of a difference TAT

I got this shirt in clearance earlier hahahaha, though I personally have a love x hate relationship with Hot Topic, I gotta give them props for being the only place I can get my gamer apparel haha

got new 'cow' kicks, high tops. I definitely do have a diverse style and I tend to go through different phases and looks haha. I've been meaning to get a pair of high-tops like those for I guess not too long ago /:?
It was mostly influenced from watching too much of 2ne1's live performances of FIRE hahaha and I guess from browsing throught the soompi forum. Iunno, I think they'd be snazzy haha. Atleast their less boring than my chucks that I normally wear to work at marukai or the black skater shoes I have /:
I usually wear my creepers to work too but haha, needed something new? And not to mention they were on sale at Shiekk for $10! and they were originally $60 :O
I really wanted the blackxleopard print high tops from PUNKROSE I saw at the Hot Topic website alittle while ago, but you know what, they've been long gone and whatever. I like cows too ahhaha. this would go fine with the new hot pink pants I got too from Tillys that were only $10 hahaha, I was definitely iffy bout them, but they were bright, obnoxious and would definitely work alright with the shoes LOL! Not to mention I do need more pants /:

now for the random photos out of boredom. INKED! :O
the bottom 2 photos are just random snapshots I took while we were at AX eating at Dennys on our last night there.

ps: I tried out my black circle lenses today, and wow, I just realized how squinty my eyes really are! :O
definitely gotta thank the chinese side for that? hahaha iunno it was funny coz my friend, who was in the bathroom with me while I was trying to put them on, mentioned that all 3 of us siblings made comments about our squinty eyes randomly throughout the time shes known us hahahaha. As if we didnt really notice it nd have just have to a sudden realization to it lol.

I'll post a pic of them later on, I forgot to take one when I had them on LOL!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

so sick of....~

=__= i swear to god no offense to anyone who is a fan of twilight but seriously, I cant stand the actress of twilight, she probly did fit the well perfectly since I cant stand her character at allLOL she looks so gothic and gloomy and well. boring. exactly how bella was explained in the book (or from the little bit that I actually given it teh little time of day of the book) Iunno I'm just rambling because i'm hearing the commercial about comic con and how they were showing tid bits from the Twilight panel. w/essss. its also funny coz i know 2 people irl who looks exactly like the gloomy chick (aka bella) from Twilight ;P eww. do not want.

work was super busy earlier and now I'm exhausted.
Shin was originally coming over but well, things happened so i'm probably am not going to see him for awhile till I seriously get my shit together then.
life goes on, it sucks but it is what it is /:

reading my friends blog (she goes to Paul Mitchel school and I went to Marinellos) makes me really think, maybe I should have tried going to other schools /: but cant change that now, I enjoy what I do. I was just meeh coz they have a makeup class that specializes in photoshoots and whatnot and, well, shins looking into going to Paul Mitchell school. iunno, it just kinda feels like yeah. He really wont need me around anymore. I probly should stop holding onto what we have and just accept things as the way it is. Hes a growing artist, he'll find his own new concepts, own makeup ideas, stylings and possibly a new photographer and get into bigger and better things. I really dont know why I'm saying this when I pride myself in my work and am and will continue to work hard till I get recognized and build more and more of a better portfolio D:
but iunno.

a part of growing up is also learning to let go?

speaking of vampires, yeah I just totally changed subjects like that coz I can.
I was reading vampire knight earlier at work since just recently updated it with a new chapter. and. GOODGAWD What I was I thinking?! I really dont know why I keep reading this manga when I already soo many flaws in it. I cant stand the character, the weak plot and just how overly dramatic everything and it really doesnt grab me /: iunno, seriously, no offense to anyone who likes vampire knight but I totally feel like I have a love x hate relationship with it. Honestly, it shouldnt even really be considered lovexhate when. I feel like I just read it coz its there and i'm bored /:
I like the uniform design. Definitely one of the far more snazzier uniforms I've seen to come out from an anime and I did admit to wanting to own one just to wear once and thats it, but D: ugh. seriously. XD gawd. iunno, I was just probly going off on everything and anythingg I could have earlier at work =___= but yeah, Marukai was pretty slow then it picked up since more and more people kept coming in for the 20% off sale at work. I'm sure tomorrow would be hell but I'm not working tomorrow 8D

but, again, I feel like if I'm not going to be seeing him, I might as well not be wasting time (lol instead of lounging around and relaxing - enjoying my weekend) i should be working TAT. I'm still waiting to hear word from my friend if he'll be free at all anytime tomorrow or sometime in the weekend or weekday so we can possibly try and look at the car honda civic I found. D: It suchs working around peoples schedule when you, yourself have stuff to do TAT and I really need the car too. ugggh its so frustrating just the whole process and whatnot.

ps: my black circle lenses came in today :o cant wait to try it out tomorrow and see how it looks lul. And I got a new cross earring, well, its the same exact one I had before but its GOLD D: they didnt have the silver one anymore TAT personally, I feel like I'm more of a silver than gold person D:
everything else I wear is silver and so it just feels akward having a single cross earring /: since my other dangly is Shin's crown earring which is like titanium D: so wow, totally off colored and the barbels I have on as the rest of my earrings are all silverxblack LOL so totally off~

pps: I want to try and bleach my eye brows brown tomorrow /: coz, my hair is a lighter brown and my eye brows are still dark as hell. Iunno why but I just got impulsive and want to do it. I wonder if Phoebe can bring me bleach tomorrow /:

the clothes you wear

the clothes you wear...
Body: What others see from your style

You probably live in your own little world and studiously avoid having to search for your own identity. You may feel that you are not loved, and being in your imaginary world is your way of coping with this. You get moody easily.
What your nightclothes reveal

You are friendly and always in good mood. You are candid and helpful, and can be sexy at times too.
What others see from your ties

You are a happy and contented person. You are protective of your friends, honest and tidy. You are hardworking and like to be the person in charge.
What others see from your belts

You are a frank, assertive and sometimes flamboyant person. You are friendly and want to be accepted by everybody. You like to have fun, to be free, and to live a comfortable lifestyle.
What others see from your shoes

You are adventurous. You have high self-esteem and are able to keep your promises. You like to take chances and are always looking for new opportunities to make your life more exciting.
What others see from your earrings

You are a sweet and talkative person. You are sociable, energetic and interesting, and get easily bored by the same old things. You are always looking for adventure.
The last analysis

You are probably a romantic and passionate person. You are sensitive and lonely when you aren't in love. You can be somewhat self-centered, but you are honest and sincere to others. You like to make a good impression of yourself and worry about what others think of you.

LOLOL! iunno, w/e.

tests while being bored at work, their a good way to pass the time.

link to the test:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

go away emo postages, go away.

its so frustrating looking for a used car on craigslist D: uurrgh.
I think I spent a majority of the time here in the office making calls for cars and then dealing with INSANE customers.

photo dump.
I got this fortune alittle while ago when we went to panda express earlier on in the week.

yes, its time to do something new D:
bike, yes yes?!

and why is it that all the eclipse I keep finding on craigslist has atleast SOMETHING wrong with it XD well, then again no sane young mind would let their car go like that /:

gawd I want a drink so bad. Or maybe a Taro boba. Maybe Boba would be better instead of alchy >D
i've been meaning to try the harder stuff and building my immunity more /: but, not when I have work early tomorrow morning at marukai. ugh. I was so tired at work earlier =___= and it was so slow in the beginning especially on a fucking thursday when the new sales usually starts popping in, hopefully tomorrow will be more busy so it passes the the im on much quicker D: coz I know we have a 20% off sale going on tomorrow till saturday on all meat,veggies and fish. Did I mention MEAT?! :O I might have to jump in on that tomorrow.
meat at work is already considerably cheap, ontop of my discount for being an employee there but ontop of that a 20% off too?! :O whhuuuut must take advantage of that.

wow, that sounds like a line from a shoujo manga =___= goddamnfuckshit i'm such a nerd.

Since I was rushing from work to work I decided to grab food from work, I got kara-age and nishiki instant rice, but I grabbed the brown rice instead of the white thinking I'd go and try something new D: ugh, wrong!
as if the 'instant rice' isnt already a bad enough idea XD;; the brown rice tasted fuky to me and I just couldnt quite stomach it down. That or the smell bothered me for some reason and I just couldnt really eat it. /: but I'm willing to give brown rice another try. This time, i'll probly try cooking it myself and staying away from that instant nuke-your-rice-bullshit.

huzzah! they updated the new scans for SKIP BEAT. Yush.

now, the question is, to drink or not to drink?! probly not /: I already know I fucked up my stomach last time. but toher than that....i got instant WONTON SOUP! :O whuuuuuttt. Iunno, I've been craving wonton and I picked up 2 instant wonton soups earlier from work. Just pour hot water >_O gawd this sounds so bad for you lOL.

I also had alittle time to kill on my break and I went to book off and picked up2 new mags for cheap.

The march edition of KERA and another mag. I fail at reading the title. I picked it up coz lately I've been kinda getting re-intrested in traditional garments again. /:

like so! this is a scan from the Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan game for the psp >__O its a visual novel game but damn D: Hijikata's got some styles.

I totally feel like a nerd now more and more talking about shit like this but you know what, its refreshing D:

I need to stop getting so distracted and I need to finish my FAFSA for real now =___= but I've been so tired lately I just plop my ass on the pc at home, download some more music then hit the hay to watch tv,t hen listen to my mp3 player while I dozze off, though I do admit its kinda hard trying to sleep while having GIGANTIC skullcandy DJ style headphones onyour head >_O but I like it how it blocks out sound for the most part /:
not that theres much to block out now anyway.

ALSO! I saw Honda-san putting up the Ads for EVANGELION the movie! You are not alone.
hmmm I'm not sure if this is the so-called live-action movie everyone was raving about years ago or if its just another animated one that summarizes the series for the lesser dumbfucks out there /:
no fense to anyone. Pardon my language.

but, its showing in SD for 1 night only! on wednesday night at the Misson Valley mall and at Chula Vista too. I kinda wanna go but I work early the next day and wednesday night I dont get off till 8 either at my office job! D: yarg. I can probly always pirate that shit anyway.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

transformers 2

oh sweeeeet jesssuusss I finally saw Transformers 2 earlier today before work! :O
it was....well, in short. EPIC :O soo much explosions and metal on metal XDD crashing. yargh
iunno. I'm so freaking tired right now, I keep yawning at work *-*

and not looking forward to working tomorrow at marukai but again, as always I suck it up and deal with it.

Its definitely tiring looking at cars on craigslist =___= but omfg sweet jesus I found a 95 bmw for $900 D: im going to call him and see if its still available >D I wonder if my mom would kill me for it but its pretty *-*

all it needs is a fuel pump replace but its not going to cost much and honeslty for a BMW wooow steal :O I just hope no ones beat me to it yet. Its a v6 engine and probly runs me 25mpg. not too bad since I really dont commute anyway /:

but I can definitely tell my moms dissapprovingness already >D haha.

oh my.

but yeah, iunno why but i'm soooo fuccckking exhausted D: ugh. I'm going to crawl into bed as soon as I get home. Well, after I clean the bathroom thats for sure since Mrs.E is like /: about the bano again XD;;


EDIT:ok fucking rage =___= got my hopes up for nothing the bastard put in the wrong number at the craigslist ad and theres no email contact either. Fuckfuckfuck.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Today, went out with my bro to go check out a used vehicle I was looking at since I neeeeeeeeed a car.
The acura integra ended up being a piece of shit and was totally not worth it D:
back to hunting again. uuggh.

but! other than that, one of the more exciting things about today (regardless of the heat) brother took me to look at bikes to check out and see what type of bike best fit my body type and my riding style.
and, we've come to the conclusion that...
its a Kawasaki Ninja 250RC
I'm most likely getting it in either redxblack or the blackxsilver. I'd really like it in Silver since my brother is getting the same one but in redxblack and we dont want to be completely matching LOL!
we also went and tried out helmets and gears just to get a feel for it, hes already been loooking and etc. but i just impulsively decided today...why not?! life is short. Might as well go for it! And i've ALWAYS wanted to ride one ever since I was a dumbass kid.

but you know what. This was the first time I felt so excited and happy in a while. And, I guess it shows.
my friend(s) who went with us and the ones I've talked to regarding it, all mentioned that I do seem much more happier when I was a the bike shop trying out different bikes. Haha. Iunno. I guess in a way its also refreshing.
lol, me and my brother trying out helmets. Its recommended you wear the helmet for 15 mins around the store to get a feel for it, it cant be too snug or too tight but snug enough that you know itwont wibble wobble and burn your ears haha. Then it'd be a perfect fit 83
There were SOOOO many Ed Hardy helmets >_O wowers.

We also tried out gears and etc.

then we went to get boobbaa~ TARO SMOOTHIE O_O oh gawd i miss that flavor LOL I normally get honeydew or strawberry banana, but I felt like something different and new. Haha.


How can I be so happy one minute and just not the next?
all because of you.
its not your fault.
it never was.
I just cant stand the thought of hurting you again.
so I feel selfish but. I dont think we should see each other as much anymore.
or. at all for that matter.
I cant stand the thought of hurting you. ever. again.

Friday, July 17, 2009

hell to the fuck yes | macross frontier movie!

hell to the fuck yes! one of the best news I've heard all day!

MACROSS FRONTIER THE MOVIE MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAOH THE SCANDAL >Dalto you little fag you~ANDbrera-oujisama gets a new outfit >33333

Alto and Sheryl did a tribute to Isamu and Myung's sky scene gbrhnre blaarggh from what I hear 8D Iunno, totally uber nerd postage right here but. I needed it. This calls for a Macross Frontier ringtone because I'm not cool enough for Jrock ringtones anymore.

Its definitely brought me something good though, a distraction. Been pretty emo/angry/angsty lately and I fucking hate that. but! yes. hell to the fuck yes for the Macross Frontier movie.

I also wanna make Jin Kisaragi's blackxred alternative outfit. Probly will never do it, no confidence in myself as a cosplayer. I love the construction aspect but not so much as the wearing it. Too much elistists out there that only brings you down. I hate it when I write like this. Its not me.


Instead of making a whole another post after this, that would make it a total of 3 posts in one day, but no, I wont allow myself to be that lame and pathetic since what I'm about to be writing is seriously asking for some patheticness.

Because. Its a fucking friday night but it was barely 9 when I got home and already I'm fucking exhaused. All I wanted to do was shower, and sleep and prep myself for work the next day. normally I'd be fucking out and about on a friday night (true that I dont really do much but I felt like I could have been able to do something more but I'm not) I totally feel like a fag loser and someone whos old. I feel old. =___= I have work tomorrow and I only have sunday off. And then my cycle starts again. This is quite pathetic. Its a friday night. and I'm sitting here downloading music and sadly attempting at filling up the hand-me-down mp3 player with some musica. And then i'm probly going to down some ramen. A round or two of Halo and maybe another round or two of Blazblue (if I even get there is lucky) then I'm knocking out and heading to bed. Tomorrow is saturday and I'm off by 6. but. Again, I have no plans.
Wtfuck. Thats fucking sad.