Sunday, July 26, 2009

productive day was productive-ish

Went to the mall with my friend and older brother to pick up a few things I've needed and also to pick up a present for Mrs.E since she was nice enough to take me in for the time being till we get our shit together. Shes moving to Hawaii tomorrow but her husband will still have the house but I'm not sure for how much longer I can bum around here so I need to get going and get my stuff together. Definitely!

Picture dump picture dump since I got inspired to play around with my camera. I've been thinking about either a 50mm lens or a Fisheye Lens but after talking to my sister, I think I should get the Fish Eye lens first since its cooler and would definitely work well for alot of the alternative styled shoots I tend to do. And I can debate between the wacom tablet or a the 50mm lens afterwards but of course before the lenses, I should get my eyes checked and after FAFSA pulls through I should get a laptop since my desktop right now is most definitely being a little bitch and is dieing, its already crashed out on me 3 times already just in this last year alone. Well considering I've had this for over 5 years now? thats pretty decent for a Dell as well /:
most definitely thinking of getting a white sony. But after looking at, they have it in red! :O
but its an ugly dark red LOL, even the metal rose(pink) doesnt look too bad but again I am not a pink person and I think I would prefer to get the white one for a change. But its funny coz I've always been a red person. hmm /: who knows, we'll see haha. I also should consider getting an external hard-drive. It'd be nice to be able to save back-ups of my photos that I've taken for shoots too :O

Originally when I first started uploading the pics, they were suppose to be in a decent order so that this entry would make more sense but I guess that failed. So, onto the pictures and my commentaries to go with it.

wow, this is me, so plain, without makeup and all that hair haha. Yes, my real hair is quite short. I wear clip-on extensions. I use to had them permanently on my head but that got quite tiring /: and fusions were a bitch LOL. Nothing beats good ol' clip-ons. I wanna get 25" ones :O so I can curl them like those girls in Ageha lol, and they'd just shrink up to 20" or 18" as oppose to when I curl my 18" TAT they shrink quite a bit.

also! Hah! Another thing I did today, I bleached my eyebrows LOLOLOL. Well, I applied bleach on them to lighten them up so they dont look so harsh and DARK against my light brownish hair 8D and I definitely like them better now >3 the little things do make a difference I guess haha. Wow, I am incredibly vain. Excuse me :P

messy room is messy and so is the desk. The pikachu face on the chair finally faded off. Time to draw on another one! D: the art inside the closet isnt mine, they were drawn there before I got there since I am staying in Stephanie's room, she drew them inside her closet back when she was in HS? I guess lol coz she was bored at the time haha.

this is the little things I brought from home with me D: I dont have alot to decorate the room with since I didnt feel like decorating someone else's room that I'll only be temporarily staying at, you know? but I bought that poster earlier and my brother got me a frame for it, and thats all I have but it definitely feels alittle bit more comfortable and homey being in this room. Though I have left the walls baren for the longest time since i've been here. But that piece of paper framed up against the wall feels like it makes the world of a difference TAT

I got this shirt in clearance earlier hahahaha, though I personally have a love x hate relationship with Hot Topic, I gotta give them props for being the only place I can get my gamer apparel haha

got new 'cow' kicks, high tops. I definitely do have a diverse style and I tend to go through different phases and looks haha. I've been meaning to get a pair of high-tops like those for I guess not too long ago /:?
It was mostly influenced from watching too much of 2ne1's live performances of FIRE hahaha and I guess from browsing throught the soompi forum. Iunno, I think they'd be snazzy haha. Atleast their less boring than my chucks that I normally wear to work at marukai or the black skater shoes I have /:
I usually wear my creepers to work too but haha, needed something new? And not to mention they were on sale at Shiekk for $10! and they were originally $60 :O
I really wanted the blackxleopard print high tops from PUNKROSE I saw at the Hot Topic website alittle while ago, but you know what, they've been long gone and whatever. I like cows too ahhaha. this would go fine with the new hot pink pants I got too from Tillys that were only $10 hahaha, I was definitely iffy bout them, but they were bright, obnoxious and would definitely work alright with the shoes LOL! Not to mention I do need more pants /:

now for the random photos out of boredom. INKED! :O
the bottom 2 photos are just random snapshots I took while we were at AX eating at Dennys on our last night there.

ps: I tried out my black circle lenses today, and wow, I just realized how squinty my eyes really are! :O
definitely gotta thank the chinese side for that? hahaha iunno it was funny coz my friend, who was in the bathroom with me while I was trying to put them on, mentioned that all 3 of us siblings made comments about our squinty eyes randomly throughout the time shes known us hahahaha. As if we didnt really notice it nd have just have to a sudden realization to it lol.

I'll post a pic of them later on, I forgot to take one when I had them on LOL!

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