Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my desk is quite messy....

lol, on my, lets see what my desk has to offer. /: it is quite a mess no?
but LOL. not much as you can telll.

lets see what we have here...
on the screen, I'm currently screening 14 sai no haha. Its a story about a 14 yr old junior high student who gets preggers. Its very slow progressing but its only 11 eps long. Curiosity got the best of me /: so I had to watch it.

I have an Avon Catalog, I took it from work and I browse through it when I'm bored LOL.
rice cake snacks, my keys. xbox controller and my keys attached to the xboxlanyard i got from working at gamestop. sketchbook and art stuff burried under the avon catalog.
cellphone, acuvue contact lens solution, my contacts (circle lenses) burried somewhere under the xbox controller probly. And Garnier Leave-in Conditioner. I personally use ENJOY leave in conditioner or Joico but ran out and I found that bottle in one of my suitcases, so...cant be put to waste now can it? LOL.
and teaaaa~

lol shit blendy pens and hahahaha couldnt help it, 3D glitter paint hahaha. We use to use nail-polish at cosmo school when we got boredXD;;
but its hard to scan /: since the nail polishes dont really show up as nicely hahahaha. especially the glitter ones. I doubt these paints would be any better lol.

heres the art stuff my friend got me, she brought me the sketchbok, watercolor (burried under the sketch book) and oil pastels. i havent finished the sketch I was working on /: probly will do it when I'm uberly bored again. Oil Pastels, I personally think looks great on sand paper TAT or on a canvas D:
I wanna get canvas's and arcrylic paints ~____~ I really wish I had a studio to call my own and a better hand at art. D:


after seeing Fi and Ayato's videos and photos....it reminds me...
damn, i want a kigurumi XD;; i made a black gloomy bear one before but I threw it away since we moved D:
I wanna get one for my sister and myself, though shes far away. I think she;d want one lol since she wrote on her tumblr that shes into Rilakuma now too. And she likes teh white one and that she thinks i should be the poo colored one o_O
ironic, me and shin both have matching 'poo' colored rilakuma charms i got us for our phones from little tokyo.
i got her one of the white one while i was at ax.

Which reminds me, kuma-chan needs a bath D: hes way dirty LOL

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