Monday, July 20, 2009


Today, went out with my bro to go check out a used vehicle I was looking at since I neeeeeeeeed a car.
The acura integra ended up being a piece of shit and was totally not worth it D:
back to hunting again. uuggh.

but! other than that, one of the more exciting things about today (regardless of the heat) brother took me to look at bikes to check out and see what type of bike best fit my body type and my riding style.
and, we've come to the conclusion that...
its a Kawasaki Ninja 250RC
I'm most likely getting it in either redxblack or the blackxsilver. I'd really like it in Silver since my brother is getting the same one but in redxblack and we dont want to be completely matching LOL!
we also went and tried out helmets and gears just to get a feel for it, hes already been loooking and etc. but i just impulsively decided today...why not?! life is short. Might as well go for it! And i've ALWAYS wanted to ride one ever since I was a dumbass kid.

but you know what. This was the first time I felt so excited and happy in a while. And, I guess it shows.
my friend(s) who went with us and the ones I've talked to regarding it, all mentioned that I do seem much more happier when I was a the bike shop trying out different bikes. Haha. Iunno. I guess in a way its also refreshing.
lol, me and my brother trying out helmets. Its recommended you wear the helmet for 15 mins around the store to get a feel for it, it cant be too snug or too tight but snug enough that you know itwont wibble wobble and burn your ears haha. Then it'd be a perfect fit 83
There were SOOOO many Ed Hardy helmets >_O wowers.

We also tried out gears and etc.

then we went to get boobbaa~ TARO SMOOTHIE O_O oh gawd i miss that flavor LOL I normally get honeydew or strawberry banana, but I felt like something different and new. Haha.


How can I be so happy one minute and just not the next?
all because of you.
its not your fault.
it never was.
I just cant stand the thought of hurting you again.
so I feel selfish but. I dont think we should see each other as much anymore.
or. at all for that matter.
I cant stand the thought of hurting you. ever. again.

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