Monday, September 28, 2015

Persona Cosplay Shoot

Notorious for backlogs coz I'm just awesome at that, lets flash back to July when we did the impromptus Persona Shoot where I managed to drag newly made friends to a dark sketchy parking garage with me to shoot lOOO

Tuesday, September 15, 2015




I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone (ok, maybe not) that their dream as a cosphotogapher is to get their stuff printed and recognized right? Well, some of us just dont quite have that luxury.
Some of us dont have 10k LIKES on Facebook or big social media presence to really warrant doing a photo print book - but I question, why not? Why not just do it to do it!? Ok, maybe it sounds really stupid but I cannot express just how amazing and gratifying it is to see your work on print. Wide or small distribution or not, the idea to be able to tangibly see your collaborative project on print is just too exhilarating.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Hair post: Getting your hair grey/silver & maintenance

Here we go! The post I had been procrastinating on for months loooo I finally sat down long enough (on a friday night nonetheless) and wrote this up. Including ample amount of selfies coz why not.
This is your basic bitch guide on how to get dark grey hair and maintaining it. Welp. And nope, you don't need to be a level 10 blonde - pale afk blonde to those of you who dont know hair get the same gunmetal ashy grey charcoal shit my dead locks have been rocking. Lets get to it.


Forever backlogged on entries! I'm not sure how long I've put off putting this entry together only to realize I don't really have much photos to post from AX lol...since I don't think I did as much as I thought I did or just didn't document as much of sewing and working on projects, Hopefully I'll be able to que up some entries of them. I have locked myself in the house for weeks ahaha and have skipped a few summer cons LOL (worth) gearing up for big projects to come tho!

But onto the entry~