Monday, September 28, 2015

Persona Cosplay Shoot

Notorious for backlogs coz I'm just awesome at that, lets flash back to July when we did the impromptus Persona Shoot where I managed to drag newly made friends to a dark sketchy parking garage with me to shoot lOOO

Cosers: Moui, Kurtis, Jessica and ??? I'm sorry I forgot your name QWQ!!! I'll edit this post later looo
I did a Persona shoot before a few AX ago but never got around to really doing a photo post on them...I feel I may have achieved the look I was going for this time around! Creepy, dark low light shoot but it was definitely low light! We were working with what we had and I'm grateful for the high ISO on the 5D qAq!!!
Thank you to all the cosers who were patiently working with me on this shoot. Muah~

LOL some BTS on how we achieved the look! LOLOL
It was twilight when we shot but gradually the sun kept going we had to make do with what we had and tbh I think it turned out quite well. I have wanted to invest in LEDs but who needs those when you got $30 concert lights 

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