Sunday, November 22, 2015

Fire Emblem Awakening Cosplay Shoot

Its almost the end of the year and I'm trying to play catch-up to all the entry back logs I have...

Also yay updated the layout. Let me know if its annoying/bad since I know it does the pop-up thing now per page...But I digress, lets flash  back to the 'beginning of summer' LOL AKA July right after AX when my Florida bbs came and stayed with me for a few days and where we managed to do some on-location shoot for a few of their costumes. Yes!

All props and Costumes done by the lovely cosers!
Sumia - Cindy (XxSnowFrostxx @ Facebook)
Tiki - Mari  (Puri Puri Cosplay @ Facebook)
both fan-pages are linked on my FB album :D

Again these photos were taken back early summer just right after Anime Expo when these lovelies decided to stay with me for a few days after our AX adventure! We trekked out to the fields by my house to do this super quick shoot before the sun set on us. We did the shoot pretty late in the afternoon since I had to work a full shift at work that morning )': so we were in a mad rush to do this shoot while we had day light.

Thank you t o Trish and Anthony of Bits Photography for helping us on this shoot! And again to Mari and Cindy for trekking on uneven fields and up the mountain for this shoot. I didn't get a chance to really do a lot of BTS but hope you enjoy the photos!

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