Sunday, November 22, 2015

Quickly following the Fire Emblem shoot we did, the girls quickly got out of costumes and switched to RWBY and League of Legends Heart Seeker Ashe but by the time they wrapped up and changed the sun had already set on us. This was a big learning curve for me to have to be forced to shoot in the dark. Again thankful to our helpers Trish and Anthony of Bits Photography for teaching me a thing or two about shooting in pitch darkness! 

We had to use our phones and flashlights to light the way for the shoot and use it to light a focal point in the cosplayers pose/costume and target our cameras at that, pray and hope we got the shot we want ahaha...trooper again to Cindy for climbing that tree trunk in heels!

I dont have any BTS to show for this one since it was nearly impossible to get any since everything was pitch black. We had 1-2 sets of slave flashes to help illuminate the set. 

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