Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Seriously putting the calendar widget at the front of my phone - best & worst decision ever...
if its about control or getting your life and priorities together - I dont want it. But I need it. //screaming

And I kinda want one of those multi USB outlet thingies ==;; I am using way too many outlets in my room to charge electronics..Amazon keeps pestering me with deals and I'm like....yass //throws money at screen but when it comes to actually hitting 'buy now' I hesitate like a little shit...
someone should just give me an Amazon gift card.....//prays gets said giftcard at xmas party at work....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014年11月11日| Pacific Media Expo

Over the weekend I went over to Los Angeles for Pacific Media Expo. it was probably the quickest con I've been to ahaha and I practically missed everything lawl...I came up Saturday night after work....and I left mid day Sunday so I really didn't  get to see any of the events :x but went to see friends uwu it was a 2 hour drive to get to LA and I couldn't get the time off from work to have the full weekend. So unfortunately missed the Heidi concert and all the other events. I didn't bother with a pass so I missed out on the fashion show as well. I went to check out the boutique but all the other brands were not there! LOL I guess they were all swooned away to prep for the fashion show. Welp. I sneaked into the artist ally and the exhibit hall though uwu and got some cute stuff but unfortunately cannot show here!! eeee because it will ruin surprises. DAMN!

This post is gonna consist of the biggest selca dump ever. Sorry not sorry. Some people didn't like the trash star/oshare kei look and so I opted to try my hand at gal. Not to mention I was due to go to a family event in Wilshire before I head up to PMX turned out I didn't need to which worked out since I got to PMX before it got too late. I should have avoided the 5 Freeway :x ugh always traffic!!!!