Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Seriously putting the calendar widget at the front of my phone - best & worst decision ever...
if its about control or getting your life and priorities together - I dont want it. But I need it. //screaming

And I kinda want one of those multi USB outlet thingies ==;; I am using way too many outlets in my room to charge electronics..Amazon keeps pestering me with deals and I'm like....yass //throws money at screen but when it comes to actually hitting 'buy now' I hesitate like a little shit...
someone should just give me an Amazon gift card.....//prays gets said giftcard at xmas party at work....

I need the following:

  • multi USB port wall plug
  • need new iPhone cable - I just need to crawl my ass to Daiso to grab one :x ugh fuckingshit I was already there yesterday too and its not like its a far drive. Its in my neighborhood but nooooooo you simply don't just walk into Daiso and come out with /one/ item. Its a money pit... I have to wait...but...my music...fuck.
  • powerbank charger. 
Another comprehensive post of shit that happened/I got in the last week, I actually have  a few more items coming in the mail == im so bad...but I like to think I was good for a bit since I didn't really do much....(thats a lie, this b just got that burger bag not long ago....lolol plz....)

One of my biggest splurges and very guilty pleasure is a new Acer Tablet.
I was originally eyeing the ASUS transformer tablet since for the bundle, for under $300 you got the keyboard with it, HDMI capabilities and an external SD card slot.

but I hear Bestbuy and and several other stores are starting their Black Friday pricing sales already and I do *not* want to be lining up for anything else on Black Friday. I already did it last year when I dove in for a 3DS...and the year or two before that was for a PSP3000....ugh...and that one time I got up early to get a Galaxy S3 uwu...yeah not going it again. Notice how I only buy or splurge on electronics during Black Friday. When really, I'd love to splurge on makeup but I don't need anymore.....

as if I need anymore electronics ahahaha

Probed around Best Buy and tested a few of their tablets. Some big, some small.
Ultimately I ended up getting the Acer coaxed by my brother since he vouched for them and I remember having a PC from them before that did last me quite a while
this also checked out my wishlist as far as HDMI and SD Card capabilities.
Size is perfect. 

I can watch anime and read on kindle app on a bigger screen uwu without having to get a bigger phone. Plz. I like my HTC right now or my galaxy then, they were good sizes for me. I don't need a tablet for a phone ahaha....this...this is good...
Didn't take me long to run out the very next day to get a book cover for it and screen protector and slapping the said cover with trash stickers...ahaha..I figured since I wasn't going to Aime Matsuri this coming year that its time to splurge on something instead uwu uh it doesn't make sense but really I do wanted to watch anime on a bigger screen without it being on my phone and we have a tablet already but my mom is using it quite often and it just the bare essentials on it...

I've already finished 3 books on the kindle app and wow, its a money pit for me now ahahaha but support writers right?? uwu  //reads all the smut//

  ugh Sephora will be forever the death of me but uwu essentials??? much??? lol....Picked up my HG foundation - Makeup Forever Matt Velvet. Love love love this uwu amazing coverage, does stay on for quite a long time - I was so sad about the Dermablend not working to my expectation but glad MUF did! Its really hard for me to find a good foundation and to commit to it and I may just have found the one uwu. It also lasts me forever. Almost a good year. I cut the last bottle open and scrapped /every last drop/ I could out of it. So yes. I'm pretty sure I got every drop of my money spent on it.

Picked up a new liquid liner coz my last one feels like its drying out uwu I originally got a felt tipped version - my good ol Milani tech but having switched to a brush tip I can never go back to felt tip liners q.q so I ended up grabbing the Kat Von D one. Good yes but almost $20 then I went to marukai over the weekend and found my old liner - in kawaii AF packaging for $13!!! //flipping desk. Too much trouble to go and return the KvD one and etc...ugh...

Poked head into F21 and was greeted with new stocks of items uwu. Much Alexander Wang knock offs and much Michael Kors bags and I even spotted 1 that reminded me of CHanel which I (almost) got but I was like nope nope nope!! You already /have/ a Chanel bag AND the stupid Alexander Wang bag that you spent forever tracking down uwu so i said ok ok...good me...no no no. But I ended up getting yoga shorts COZ JESUS THEY COME WITH POCKETS. WHUT WHUT WHUT WHUT!?!?!? REJOICE!?!?!?! OMFG. So yes. That happened uwu no more cursing at the gym for not having pockets or anything ahaha....jeez....

Since Marukai pretty muich did a redo on their stores and extended their beauty section and introduced Anime trash and Rilakkuma crap in what was formerly Daiso, one simply cannot pass up the opportunity to go and gawk at shit uwu

sadly enough they dont have my go to lashes enough but its ok, I pretty much bought out as much of the styles I normally wear anyway but still sad nonetheless!!!!

My little haul from Marukai/Daiso uwu I got the following:

  • Green tea sponge cleanser thingie 
  • Obnoxious towel headband thingie to keep your hair out of your face and your hairline from getting wet when washing your face AHAHA
  • Lucky knock off Pocky lol
  • Kracie Cleansing Oil - I've always wanted to try a cleansing oil and they had a variety of different ones to pick from. IDK if I made a right choice in picking this one tbh. It doesn't clean out your eye makeup - since its citrus it will burn and trust me oh boy did it. It doesn't remove water proof eyeliner (I swatched stuf on my arm and it wasnt really coming off) I'm not entirely sure how well it cleans but oh well, no return policy so I'll keep using it. I mean I like to think it melts off my foundation /:
  • Milk and Peach Milk facemask OvO!!!  and I got a lot of freebies lol
  • Rilakkuma crap ahahaha

but lets rewind back to the beginning of the week when I thought it was a good idea to go drinking at 10pm and I worked at 8am the following day....LOLOL....We ended up getting 3 bottles of mixed Soju but I already 'pre-gamed' with some bacardi and midori before I left the house aahaha oh man.

clearly me the next day tired as fuck, I wouldn't say I was hung over but I was def. tired. I think  I went to bed at 3am that evening too. welp.


Then onto Friday night where yet again I thought it was a good idea to dive into some more drinks. IDK whats happening lately, I haven't been in a drinking mood till recently /:
shall I blame all those novels I've been reading? Stress of the end of the semester finally kicking in?
Or simply just because I can?

IDK I kinda stopped drinking after Fanime and AX coz it got tiring and oh boy Monday was definitely a reminder of how tiring it is ahaha...and then I worked at 7am on Saturday too.

I clearly couldn't get 'drunk' enough and should have given up well ahead of time /:

I dont know what I ended up doing and why did I think it was a good idea to draw faces aha.

Went back to the anime store over the weekend even though I just went there Saturday, came back on Sunday and did a blind pick pool and luckily ended up with the cousins ahahahaa
cousins. Sure.

I originally wanted Saturn and Pluto. 
I might...just...try for them again lol...

That same weekend we went for Ramen, German Potato and ughhhh favorite
Blue Hawaii OvO

As if the tablet wasn't a big enough splurge, spur of the moment and #treatyourself 
a impromptus trip to San Francisco with the homodachi uwu
I honesty wasn't planning or expecting to go there so soon but Toshi egged me on and it is definitely a much needed vacation.

Thank you Southwest for your Black Friday sale. Definitely skipping Anime Matsuri for this and skipping AX for Anime Weekend Atlanta.
Its a New Year, lets have more adventures.

I clearly don't travel as much as I wish I do
I like to consider myself a season traveller but travelling is always stressful and exciting.

Next stop: New York and New Orleans? AHAHA IDK
I also would like to see Colorado and Seattle 

I'll be skipping Anime Los Angeles weekend in lue of going to San Francisco instead
no cons, just. Chilling *v* I think we need this.

man, but I still want to work on my cosplays though, I dont even know when I'll wear them but ugh I need to make them happen. I also gotta get working on my commissions soon too /:

Now I just gotta get some last minute stuff to prep for the trip: namely a powerbank coz I'm pretty sure we'll be running through phone batteries like crazy.
I'm not even sure if I want to bring a camera - ugh

everytime I go somewhere or to a concert I wish I invested in a good camera - and I mean a powershot not a dSLR /:
so the debate is still on if I should bring one or not....

and I wonder how the weather is like in SF in January uwu probably gonna be cold - I'm flying Southwest I dont want to check in baggage but man how much stuff am I going to end up bringing with me on a weekend trip?? AHAH Wig?? yes? hey, it'll keep my head warm uwu


I haven't had a real vacation in so long, its always been cons which I dont know if its even counted as a vacation. Honestly, I'd still a super chill beach front vacation someday but this is ok. I'm going to be seeing my niggie who stood by me for years uwu oh man. 
This is gonna be exciting. 

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