Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014年11月11日| Pacific Media Expo

Over the weekend I went over to Los Angeles for Pacific Media Expo. it was probably the quickest con I've been to ahaha and I practically missed everything lawl...I came up Saturday night after work....and I left mid day Sunday so I really didn't  get to see any of the events :x but went to see friends uwu it was a 2 hour drive to get to LA and I couldn't get the time off from work to have the full weekend. So unfortunately missed the Heidi concert and all the other events. I didn't bother with a pass so I missed out on the fashion show as well. I went to check out the boutique but all the other brands were not there! LOL I guess they were all swooned away to prep for the fashion show. Welp. I sneaked into the artist ally and the exhibit hall though uwu and got some cute stuff but unfortunately cannot show here!! eeee because it will ruin surprises. DAMN!

This post is gonna consist of the biggest selca dump ever. Sorry not sorry. Some people didn't like the trash star/oshare kei look and so I opted to try my hand at gal. Not to mention I was due to go to a family event in Wilshire before I head up to PMX turned out I didn't need to which worked out since I got to PMX before it got too late. I should have avoided the 5 Freeway :x ugh always traffic!!!! 



 Before I proceed to the biggest selfie dump ever, above are my little haul for the weekend kinda not really ahaha~ I finally got my hands on the waifu patch now I need to find a cute hat to go with it. Normally not a hat person myself but as I learned this weekend, theres a reason why you always see those cosplayers in casual clothes and snap back hats ahaha!!! It covers up your flat boring wig hair!!! AHAHA Glad I packed a hat with me as after Little Tokyo I was doneeeee lol. And we ended up going to a boba shop on the way back lol....so yes. OvO;;;; so Waifu patch is clearly justified . Need it on a sequinced hat now lol for epic gaudyness.

Rilakkuma mini mini mini duffel bag lol which replaced my Betsy Johnson makeup pouch huehuehue OvO (I actually carry 2....one with my main arsenal lol coz I never wakeup early enough to do my face at home. I'm a terrible person lawls..and the other one is my essentials...but I usually leave one at my lunch bag for work lol so its not exactly bulky in my purse lol)

I really wanted coco ichibanya curry but opted to Curry House instead. On the drive home we stopped by 7leaf cafe - regret. Its got good reviews by yelp but wow I've never been to an 'artisan tea shop' that has such a limited menu and no /regular/ milk tea....I ended up getting Taro milk tea but maybe I should have gone with matcha :x or coffee as a safe bet. The taro milk tea had  real taro bits at the bottom. The macarons were ok OvO I got red velvet, green tea, oreo and stawberry.   I ended up giving them away loooo...

I actually took *more* selfies coz NGL super happy/proud/escatic about the makeup look. #dresslikeyourgonnaslayyourex#slayedthat pretty much summed up my Saturday night. I walked away gracefully in the end.

Pineapple green tea sooo good
I also made s'mores cookies as well as matcha flavored s'mores cookies as well
I should have used the marshmallow puffs instead or bigger marshmallow so its more gooey /:
these were my contribution to my roomies at PMX for letting me crash their couch uwu
friend booked a huge room and I laid claim to the couch

This was the first time I was trying out this full look out and about, I almost wish I had those fake nails with me but I remembered how useless I was with them at AX loooo.....wow.....I can never.....

Its also been months since I've actually stepped out the house dressed up head to toe, I want to say the Project K movie was the last time I actually gone out or during AX and both times it was still ridiculously warm and unmotivating lol...I've potatoed long enough thuogh I play with makeup at home and etc its still huehuehuehue....yeah...

I wore so much makeup on my gdamn face it was flawless imho ahaha oh cosplay/con makeup QWQ!!!!!!

Face: Too Faced Prime & Poreless primer
Mac studio concealer
Mehron HD Creme foundation in L2 and M1.
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil for contour
Sparkle Baby kitten parade as blush.

I actually really like using that peachy gold color from the Sparkle Baby palette since its not too intense and I'm a fan of blush since alot are too pink and I dont like anything pinky or red on my face since I do my best to cover up all that redness already hahaaha

 Eyes: Princess Mimi Lenses (in brown) 
E.L.F Lustre cream eye shadow (in that pinkish red color as base)
Sparkle Baby Kitten Parade 
Mac Sketch as contour shade
Diamond Lash lashes for top and bottom 

Lips: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in color Backstage

Weave: Gothic Lolita Wigs in their split brown x blonde 
one of my first purchases from them and still alive.
Slightly tangle but still alive q.q!!!

I have a close up shot of the eye makeup on my IG but I  can't seem to load it on this gdamn PC lol for me to be able to post it here! damnnnn

I'm actually thinking of just opening a Dayre account for the shameless selca spams uwu;; coz I feel it might be embarassing to come back to my blog 10 yrs later and see how fucking vain I am/was AHAHAHAHA ssssssh
I feel like only true potatoes can feel me on this lolol
coz we've come so far from who we were back then ahaha

I ONLY REALLY TOOK SELCAS THROUGHOUT THE CON AHAHAHA I DIDN'T GET TO SEE MUCH COSPLAYERS COZ I ARRIVED LATE AND HAD NO PLANS ON SHOOTING QWQ;; I keep saying I don't want to go back to ALA or PMX but I keep getting roped back into it by friends so hopefully for ALA I'll finally get back to cosplay again ahaha //sobs hi.

I took half or more than half of these while I was getting ready at the office lol we left as soon as I clocked out of work whee lol so legit OL setting?!?!?!

Necklace is Betsey Johnson
Dress is offbrand leopard baby doll OvO
Rings were Chrome Hearts & Westwood
Earrings were also Westwood but cannot be seen!!!

Theres actually a place that does 24hr delivery to the LAX hotels uwu so we ended up ordering "room service" per se aahaha all that food for like $35 yassss and it came straight to our door! :DDDD

i coulda just worn the mimis again. oh well. red is life uwu

And potato moooode at the last day. My friend called me at 8am that morning to meet him at Starbucks I said yes yes OvO //excited....but....//fell bad asleep for another hr or 2!?!? AHHAHAA OMG SORRY CJ LOOOO

He ended up making his way up to our room uwu and I was struggling with my lashes took me longer to get ready ahaha....I am gomen.


Driving home was a struggle. Energy level was super super low. Boba was fail but I pushed through and got home and laid on my bed for a while lol...And played catch up uwu 

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