Monday, November 3, 2014

おしゃれ系 | 2014年11月2日

This is another first and exciting look that I had a lot of fun doing. I suck at taking close up eye shots...maybe I'll eventually learn to do those so I can reference back to the crap I did to my face. I think the reason I wasn't able to was because I did this look late at night and its hard without natural lighting ahaha...

not to meniton I applied glitter over everything and it kinda ate most of the powdered eyeshadow. I'm on the market to look for loose glitter pigments now OvO as I'm embracing that trash ★★★
life. Or I'd like to think is drag oshare style ahaha its definitely different and new for me and I'm excited to divulge more and more into it.

I also should have worn my drag lashes or diamond lash since I tried a new set for this one for both top and bottom, their a mix blend lash I got from marukai whose nameI cannot remember /: but their pretty whispy towards the ends. Definitely going to go back to Diamond Lash and stack em high next trash★★★ look we go for.

So unfortunately the lashes are not very much visible here and I also tried to apply loose pigments to the ends of the lashes to give them color, again it didn't work out too well ahaha! I should have applied it with some adhesive so it stuck on. :x doh!!!!! 

Also I *might* be going to PMX this weekend, not sure what look I'll be sporting this weekend or if I'm just going to potato mode it, I'll be coming from work so I'll probably just gonna be too tired to care :x uh oh idk yet. We shall see???

Face breakdown!:  Foundation:  The Faceshop Lovely Me:ex Angel Skin foundation + Mac studio fix concealer. Too Faced chocolate Soleil for contouring. Sugarpill Sparkle Baby for highlight and blush. I used both of the pink shades from the palette.

Eyes: sugarpill sparkle baby (the mint and lavender colors) and Nyx peale loose pigments. topped off with glitter. And inglot gel liner in pink for the whiskers and liner.

Lips: wet n' wild matte lipstick, I forgot the name of the main color I used but it  was the dark magenta one :x and contoured the edges with Vamp it Up! and blended.


  1. Replies
    1. oAo;;; were?? LOL its an unfamiliar look and it takes everyone back ahaha. its so fun tho. thank you ovo tho....

  2. Personal favourite shot is the one with the cigarette :) also, not sure what the above comment is about but you're heaps pretty with the drag/trashy look as well as when you're doing your normal thing. X

    P.S - if you're looking for some drag inspiration, you should suss out Alaska Thunderfuck. She's imo.

    1. Yes!! my personal favorite is Raja but gotta love all the queens and their sass >w<!!!

      thank you, i think everyones entittled to their own opinion. I've definitely gotten alot of mixed opinions about the 'different looks' lol ive been trying. Its interesting how much a person can change styles and looks with just makeup. its endless. I figured it might be a bit of language barrier on her comment but its all good. TY TY babe OvO