Friday, October 24, 2014

2014年10月24日 | ONE OK ROCK

Ok so so so so so much YOLO went into me going to see ONE OK ROCK. It was overwhelming roller coaster of feels and everythng else. But I do not regret seeing them at all!!!

This is the 2nd 'local' show I've seen in San Diego in all the years I've been living here, I'm always so used to having to drive to LA for all the shows so of course when an epic band like One Ok Rock decides to do a show in San Diego and Anaheim you just gotta jump on that!! I had debated on going for weeks and weeks D: since it was falling on the week I have mid-terms and also on a day that I have class. I either miss work or leave work early and go to the Anaheim show Wednesday or YOLO and skip class lol and go to Thursday show in San Diego...the ticket prices were atrocious on Ticket master and I decided to venture down to Soma myself to get the tickets..the moment I did turning back you already spent $$$ on this. Just.... owe it to yourself to enjoy yourself for one night....

Its been a really long semester and as you guys know, I've been crying killing myself over this sketching class which I'm sure I'm not even gonna pass. I've spent too much time and money on this class and I'll probably not pass /sadnssssss but its not part of my major but still!!!! I have not been social or gone out much because of this but yes uwu I decided to yolo this so hard.

Thursday (yesterday) was all sorts of rollercoaster. I was racing against time to finish up my mid-term and got a call mid-day that a relative (I guess?? my in-laws grandparent) was in the hospital. Hes been in and out of the hospital quite often and it seemed that yesterday was just no good X__x so of course I'm rushing and rattling to finish inking my mid-term to the point that I'll just color it in at the hospital and hope to rush to turn it into the professor and then rush back out of there...omg...I was running on pure adrenaline the entire time! I can't say I finished my mid-term at its best and I'm sure my professor is giving me shades for days for leaving class after dropping off the mid-term and even for me to submit a mediocre piece at best despite the week extensions...aha....shes probably thinking 'why didn't this girl just drop the class already?' yo, I rather walk out knowing more than I did before so pass or not. I still learned something. But I digress after all that insane roller coaster (I even had a friend color in the project for me while we were driving to campus. I even did my makeup on my way to get her too...much yolo) we were well on our way to the venue!!!!!!!!!!

After that insane roller coast of a ride of trying to finish up the mid-term. Submitting the said midterm and getting shades for days from the professor I was like FUCKIT. Much hungers. We were near a cafe by my campus anyway so I figured fuck it, lets get boba QwQ the need is strong.

Got banana carmel custard crepe. OMG. Haven't had crepes in so long 
now I wanna go home and make custard and store it and make crepes uwu;;

We ended the evening with some In-N-Out burgers coz hello
hello hello
In-N-Out is the comfort food you need to end a good night.

Normally my ass ends at Dennys after drinking but lol nope. sober night is sober


I've been to alot of shows. Each time I always walk away without purchasing anything. I've seen X Japan like whut, 3 times already? I contemplated getting merch at the Lunasea show as well but IDK why I didn't get any.

actually thats a lie, I did get X Japan merch once lol but I since lost the shirt. Oops.

But point being, I don't usually buy merch uwu but when I do its usually for a band I really like ahaha and this just brought me back to my teen years of skinny jeans, creepers and band Ts. Not like that really ever changed much considering I still do that combo minus the band T due to lack of them....

Just wish they had the tour dates on them ): 
nonetheless the need was great.

 lol yay for first time buying a white shirt ahaha
no lie, I only own leopard, plaid and black...mostly black tops...
maybe ox blood as well....OvO;;;
the paranoia of always ruining white shirts ahaha...

On with the show!

We weren't allowed to bring in large DSLRs and I dont own a compact camera so everything is shot with my HTC cellphone QwQ sorry gaiz.

It was an all-ages show so that means no alcohol but who needs alcohol when its One OK Rock!?
TBH I was really irritated at the end of the show when I was in the washroom and some girl(s) were talking bout how drunk they were and they had to act sober when their dad picked them up...throwing them shades for days coz their clearly underage. Like wow. Can you not...

I had mixed feelings about the venue even after going there to pickup my ticket since I've read mixed reviews about the place. It feels small and cozy honestly, maybe its just coz the crowd was smaller versus when I went and saw Marina at the house of blues - hella packed. I'm sure if I went to the LA showing it would have been super packed.

Thankfully I was in the middle of the backroom and made my way slowly closer and closer to the front of the stage and was not surrounded by kids lol
there was quite a number of people from the Japanese community coming out to the show, of all ages and even alot of couples. Please get out, you guys are too cute.

just super glad it wasn't insanely packed and they kept the side doors open for air. YASS.
Despite the jumping and high energy I wasn't overheated lol

I dont have a set list from their lineup but they did "Where ever you" are as an encore and omg all the feels OvO

wow and listening to their songs on my iPod even after the show makes it 100x better after seeing a band. I appreciate the bands/singers more once seeing/hearing them live and I can say this band definitely defintely sounds amazing live.
Taka's english was amazing too.

I have videos on my facebook aha...but it was super fun since the crowd sang along with them. It felt like it ended too soon but amazing show nonetheless! Ahhhh.

Wish I got more merch ahaha....

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