Saturday, May 29, 2010

Since I'm not at Fanime....

I gave myself a list of things I can hopefully accomplish this long weekend :D
  1. Sleep in (YAY I just did that this morning XD)
  2. Deposit more money into Toshi's account *A* I'm sorry for dipping on Fanime and leaving you with the hotel and badge bill!
  3. WORK on Vocaloid :D
  4. Work on outfits for AX? :DDD (other than cosplay lulz. Since I havent bought my 'Magnet' Miku fabric yet. Waiting on Mei to finalize everything first.
  5. Watch more Durarara
  6. OMG MAYBE even edit some damn photos from NY and the Renaissance fair which I have lagged on for months?! :D
  7. MAYBE even work on your website LOL!
  8. Play some games lolz.
So far, thats all I got planned for me LOL

Thursday, May 27, 2010

shamefull hot topic haul xD

Yes, my shameful Hot Topic haul courtesy of the clearance isle. I paid for these quite some time ago but it finally arrived to my damn door step. THANK YOU FUCKING HOT TOPIC FOR LOOSING M

glitter purple combat boots :D

Flat black boots coz I realized I dont have a pair of
'normal' plain black boots /:

of course I couldnt resist TAT
i'm such a nerd. and its HUGE roflmao good for lugging my shit everywhere with me
especially for cons and shoots /: since messenger bags get in the way D:

After these items came to my door, I realized I shouldn't have gotten them *depress* =3=ll since yeah the car dealio....

PS: I start school online on June 22. I thought I ran out of classes and had waitlisted on several business and graphics classes! D': but I got an email that I got into ONE class atleast. Since I can technically only do 1 class anyway. I got into Principles of Marketing :D w00t w00t.

FAFSA fucked up again, so theres another delay. Yay D':

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taiko Drum Master :D lolz

Last night I spent afterwork sitting outside Yogurt World munching away on some frozen yogurt :3
I remember gettting sick and tired of eating fro-yo for a while XD since our community just exploded with several other fro-yo places >_O! But now I know my digestive is crap and all that stuff~ so my aunt recommended I try and get more fiber and other stuff on my system XD and I've been craving ice cream anyway :3 just not the fatty mcfatfat that comes with it. And, ice cream doesnt come in flavors like Strawberry Banana OR better yet. RED VELVET. Yeahyeah! I may not get my damn cupcakes but I atleast can get the fro-yo version! :D

I forgot what flavor I got lol but I didnt get much. mhmm I love those lil chocolate cup thingies filled with carmel XD and sprinkles are my guilty pleasure :3

It must suck that people kept thinking i must be a sad lonely person eating outside by myself XD
I was listening to music tho while sitting there~ it was interesting. I havent gone 'out' in awhile haha. So it was just kinda relaxing listening to music and eating fro-yo xD then I went home and watched GANGLAND while my hair was toning~

Proper hair update yes...I believe?
once again I'm wearing the green lenses :D their not insanely vibrant compared to the blue ones so I dont feel so akward wearing them out haha. Iunno theres just something about wearing blue lenses casually that I'm just meh about. Unless the lenses are a darker hue? Doesnt matter. People kept staring at me regardless anyway when I was bumming around the mall earlier. I guess the fact that I have *awesome* hair and awesome 6" leopard print mary janes doesnt help :D

this was taken in the bathroom at work~ xD

I originally figured that I'll just let my roots grow out since its such a hassle to maintain such a light light light color but I'm loving it D: so, I figured I'd must redo my roots every 3-4 weeks TAT get it before it grows half a inch so it processes faster. UGH its such a pain to do your own roots! TAT since normally I'd have to bleach black twice to even get it remotely near a good blonde shade and not a ugly super brassy color D:
you just end up with yellow at that point XD still sucks but better than ORANGE D: ugh!

(eight ball)
lol, I love messing with that dog, he just has a short attention span but hes quite adorable >3
I want my own beagle someday though D: till then I'll play with Johnnys xD
the cooolcool thing about this pup is he has such a SOFT and SHINY coat! :D hes well taken cared of clearly.

>_O I got more fro-yo with my brother earlier XD red velvet, strawberry and uhh French Vanilla :3
this time we went and tried the new yogurt place that opened up haha, I think we have like 4-5 now around my community haha! this is the same fro-yo place thats in Little Tokyo in LA
its by far the snazziest one down here :D the other flavors were more daring but I wasnt feeling very brave ROFLMAO so I just stayed with what I'm more familiar with :3

lol my hoard of keys~ yes that is a cupcake key cover :D I'm a sucker for cupcakes. I use to wear cup cake earrings >_O haha. I still like them D: if I had a kitchen. I'd be baking up a storm. I took cake decorating classes before coz my grandma urged me to and my mom ran a bakery before too :3

Monday, May 10, 2010

epic weekend was epic.
Fail at updating again. So tired.
So. Once again you get a bullet point update.
(sorry I didnt get any pictures at all on my 22nd!XDDD)

  • saw iron man2!!!!!!!! movie was epic sauce. When the guy from Shield said "i have to go to new mexio" i immediately jumped and if I could squeel like a little girl. I would! because, if anyone has read the comics....dundundunnnnnn~ THOR LANDS IN NEW MEXICO!!! AKA The God Of Thunder. The Son Of Odin is BAAAAAACK, Cannnoot waaait for the Thor movie!!! hell to the fuck yes.

  • I got Betsey Johnson earrings from Megan O_Oll coz she said she hates my gauges XDD and Anthony/Amanda both got me Resonance of Fate. Epic graphics but the game lacks tutorials and just throws you right into the game D': uh-whuuuut?! roflmao. Sorry Magna Carta. You get to sit there and gather dust once more.

  • Sat. morning. was spent wanking around with Mikey and our sad attempt at trying to imitate Kpop dance moves. LOL. Well, we surely got Suju's "sorry sorry" down. Oh the lulz. Too bad we failed badly at HyunA's pelvic trust coz we just kept laughign ourselves to death.

  • MY BROTHER. WAS THE HERO OF THE WEEKEND D: I feel sooo bad now bitching about him about all the times that hes not working and etcTAT coz he spent sooooo much on food this weekend that im like OMMMFFGGDDD: he got us Panda Platters and STEAK! YES STREAK! made spaghetti and etc! and even got me Cake! D: im like ommmg nuuuuuuu TAT but I havent ate DELICIOUS foood like that in soooo long but still ommmfffgg TAT

  • Spend friday night attacking my hair again too LOL. Thursday night I did the purple x red underlayer for my extensions. Now i'm totally over it LOL! wth. mostly coz my extensions look like SHIT after that. So I'll trash them tonight =3=ll. I got to a point that PARTS of my hair is platinum now. The purple "bleach" whose name I forgot now...didnt really do much on lifting =3=ll even WITH vol. 40 developer. So I'll attack it again with reg.bleach tonight D: I'll probably tone again tomorrow with Wella or just keep using ShimmerLites.Which i'm almost out of TAT so I need to go pick some up tomorrow or something D':<>__> since I'm pretty sure my extensions wont match as soon as I get light enough lol. UNless I tone them but I rather nooots /: but so'k. Short and spikey for now. I call this the 'retransformation' roflmao. whut? hahahaha. Just going back to the 'old me' but leveling it up just a tad bit more? :D perhaps? I doubt I'm making sense. Haha.

  • Spend all day Sunday playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Fudge. I wanna play still lol. and I need to get my Street Fghter Game up again stilll lol and get back into Blazblue XD

  • More importantly. I need to hit the gym again. Badly. i've taken a whole week off last week coz I've been wanking with my hair ROFLMAO. Oh Fanime. I'm sorry but I will look like a fatty mcfatfat when I head up there coz I;ve been fed good food the last week and I've been living off cheap cards /: -sigh- XD

Thursday, May 6, 2010


oh how obsessed do we get with out hair?!

I got rid of the pink. I redid my roots and threw an Ash toner on it. but I forgot that my ends are more porous and clearly wasnt thinking. Normally I have to do my roots 2-3 times to get it light enoughLOL.
I redid it again last night and now its YELLOW :D and I rid of the ash on my hair too. It was too DARK GRAY. Not the color I was looking for LOL.

Now my new goal:

Imma combine the first one and second one :D imma tone my hair so its light like that and do my bottoms red x purple >3

courtesy of

I will do my bottoms like that tonight.

Eventually, I wanna work my goal into doing this:

courtesy of

I've been playing with the idea of going black x purple for a while but I know photos like (the one on top) would make me wanna miss light light hair again LOL.

Ultimately, someday I'd love to do this:

Courtesy of DylanHoney :D her hair was so fab!

but I dont think work (my 2nd office job) would allow me to have such a BOLD color XD It'd be fucking sick if they did. But like I said, I'm sure my friend said there was another girl in the other office who had FLAME red hair like I did before =3=ll mmmmhm...
well, w/e. I'll give it a while before I do that :D and gives me a chance to build up the wardrobe again mwahahaha.
I cant believe I actually TRIED gyaru xD;; really not me lol.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

waawaahhwaah I'm getting old!!!! D':

LOL. My birthday is on Sat. Wow. I'm getting old D': fuck no. LOL!
Quick update~

  • Went to the Renaissance Fair last weekend LOL. I has photos to upload (watch, it'll take me forever to upload them again xD
  • I did my roots. They werent that bad but I couldnt stand it and attacked it last night. I always have to bleach twice with vol. 40 once and then vol. 20-30 to get it all one even blondeness but to my lazyness I decided to throw a toner over it and well. My roots are a carmel blonde XD and the rest of my hair is a dark ash blonde. lulz. I wont fuck with it for awhile. But I know I need to redo my roots again once the toner fades out LOL! Its not...THAT bad...this is me thinking positive hahahahaha XDDDD I'm just not gonna bother wanking with it for awhile. Its too tiring honestly HAHA. Times like that I'm tempted to go black but I know I go insane XDll
  • NEW PHONE! I got myself the LG Ice Cream! D':
  • I ended up getting the pink one /: maybe ill trade with my sister for the white one but its not that bad tbh xDll

  • Today was hectic at work D': but no more lol.
  • My birthday on Sat. We be watching Iron Man 2
  • Bro asked me what I wanted for my birthday. And I told everyone I'd like a GAS CARD LOL. but he said no D': so I asked for:
  • Polaroid Instax 7s. Its something I will ALWAYS want but probably would never get myself Lol. I could have easily asked for the Double Decker shoes but again~ my reasoning above makes sense.