Tuesday, May 4, 2010

waawaahhwaah I'm getting old!!!! D':

LOL. My birthday is on Sat. Wow. I'm getting old D': fuck no. LOL!
Quick update~

  • Went to the Renaissance Fair last weekend LOL. I has photos to upload (watch, it'll take me forever to upload them again xD
  • I did my roots. They werent that bad but I couldnt stand it and attacked it last night. I always have to bleach twice with vol. 40 once and then vol. 20-30 to get it all one even blondeness but to my lazyness I decided to throw a toner over it and well. My roots are a carmel blonde XD and the rest of my hair is a dark ash blonde. lulz. I wont fuck with it for awhile. But I know I need to redo my roots again once the toner fades out LOL! Its not...THAT bad...this is me thinking positive hahahahaha XDDDD I'm just not gonna bother wanking with it for awhile. Its too tiring honestly HAHA. Times like that I'm tempted to go black but I know I go insane XDll
  • NEW PHONE! I got myself the LG Ice Cream! D':
  • I ended up getting the pink one /: maybe ill trade with my sister for the white one but its not that bad tbh xDll

  • Today was hectic at work D': but no more lol.
  • My birthday on Sat. We be watching Iron Man 2
  • Bro asked me what I wanted for my birthday. And I told everyone I'd like a GAS CARD LOL. but he said no D': so I asked for:
  • Polaroid Instax 7s. Its something I will ALWAYS want but probably would never get myself Lol. I could have easily asked for the Double Decker shoes but again~ my reasoning above makes sense.

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