Thursday, May 27, 2010

shamefull hot topic haul xD

Yes, my shameful Hot Topic haul courtesy of the clearance isle. I paid for these quite some time ago but it finally arrived to my damn door step. THANK YOU FUCKING HOT TOPIC FOR LOOSING M

glitter purple combat boots :D

Flat black boots coz I realized I dont have a pair of
'normal' plain black boots /:

of course I couldnt resist TAT
i'm such a nerd. and its HUGE roflmao good for lugging my shit everywhere with me
especially for cons and shoots /: since messenger bags get in the way D:

After these items came to my door, I realized I shouldn't have gotten them *depress* =3=ll since yeah the car dealio....

PS: I start school online on June 22. I thought I ran out of classes and had waitlisted on several business and graphics classes! D': but I got an email that I got into ONE class atleast. Since I can technically only do 1 class anyway. I got into Principles of Marketing :D w00t w00t.

FAFSA fucked up again, so theres another delay. Yay D':

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