Saturday, May 29, 2010

Since I'm not at Fanime....

I gave myself a list of things I can hopefully accomplish this long weekend :D
  1. Sleep in (YAY I just did that this morning XD)
  2. Deposit more money into Toshi's account *A* I'm sorry for dipping on Fanime and leaving you with the hotel and badge bill!
  3. WORK on Vocaloid :D
  4. Work on outfits for AX? :DDD (other than cosplay lulz. Since I havent bought my 'Magnet' Miku fabric yet. Waiting on Mei to finalize everything first.
  5. Watch more Durarara
  6. OMG MAYBE even edit some damn photos from NY and the Renaissance fair which I have lagged on for months?! :D
  7. MAYBE even work on your website LOL!
  8. Play some games lolz.
So far, thats all I got planned for me LOL

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