Saturday, October 29, 2011

Long over due haul post

Way long over due haul post but I was holding out because I'm still waiting for 2 more packages to arrive but you know what? I dont wanna wait anymore lmao I might as well make a haul post now *u* because next posts should be about PMX! hAHAHA

So heres a photo journal of what I've been up to so far :o
lawlz....and yes I was clearly abusing the Instagram app on my phone HAHAHAHA.

Fruity Cheerios~ their alot smaller than the photo on the box Q_Q slightly disappointing but hey its ok~ their smaller than regular fruit loops HAHAHA. I feel like I'm eating bb food whenever I munch on it without milk o___O

Ramen from my friends birthday that we celebrated at Tajimas~

Rohto Lycee Eye Drops~ I did a small review for these over at my Tumblr page but I guess I'll talk about them a bit more here. They come in 2 different types.
1. For regular wear
2. For contacts.

I originally purchased the ones the contacts from a store in Irvine Mall. They retail for about $9-15. 15 being the most (and it includes tax, granted Tax in CA is pretty high orz)

Comes in a super nifty bottle, sparkly top~ and is super refreshing and minty.
Some people who first use it might be shock that they are MINTY AND ALMOST FEELS STINGY
when you first try it but you will gradually get used to it and it does have a fresh lycee feel /smell to it after you drop it HAHA.

Bottle is pretty tiny in comparison to how big the box it comes in. Theres a selca photo of myself with the Tsubasa Bambi Grey lenses and the rohto drops for size comparison. Since some people might think they are pretty big LOL.
But I DO know that they come in BIGGER containers, but in a more bottled form.... not in the cute diamond shape.

Really refreshing and I like to use it before I wear my contacts in the morning if I'm not 'awake' enough to stab my eyes with em and after if I feel my eyes need that extra ump for hydration. Or just if I want to wake up LOLz....

My first try at SONIC! I went to the one in Santa Ana after my Dentist appointment. I know in San Diego we have but its in Santee which is a bit of a drive from where I'm located /:

S'mores marshmallow cupcakes with marshmallow goop ontop for icing. Graham cracker and chocolate shavings ontop. On some of them, I actually baked a piece of Chocolate inside. It didnt melt as well as I wanted.
I think I want to try using Nutella inside next time and probably bake crumbs of Graham Cracker in it for crunch. Or simply use toffee chips?? LOL but I dont think that might consider it S'more cupcakes anymore hahaha. Made these for my friends birthday party too.
I'm not a big s'more fan to be honest, so I ate mine plain. I also got good feedback from my friends that the marshmallow ontop was just a bit too much. Maybe I should have used regular icing or just go without since the cupcake base is already marshmallow???.....

We'll see! 8D I gotta keep experimenting~someday I can open my own shop. Among other things orz

new ring!!! I've been eyeing a skull hand type ring for so long and I finally caved in and ordered one from ebay~ this one is from Korea and I'm so suprised at how well the quality is. I believe I paid about $8-13??? wasnt that much tbh. And thats with shipping already!

Normally I keep thinking cheapy rings like these are, well, the super cheap ones that turn brassy as soon as it hits water! and I have sweaty palms normally )8 and I've had this for over a week and wore it everyday. And so far so good! :o

uwaaaahhh my new rosary necklace and new leopard scarf. I had a leopardpajmina before but lost it! D8< I really dont know what happened to it and with winter coming up, I dont wanna go on another winter without my signature leopard item. So I got this off ebay for $8. The original one I had before I believe I paid just about $10 or so too from Tuesday Morning. Total random find at that shop too LOLz

preeeeeppppp toppp from Forever 21. Shopping at F21 has always always always been such a hit or miss with me )8< and I had to walk back and forth from this top several times before caving in to getting it lol. I havent gone 'shopping' for a article of clothing in so long. I went to the mall last week and came out super disappointed since I just dont like alot of items. I'm still waiting for most brands to come out with their winter line (as if I even have the money to drop on SPR right now LOL but still)

but in the end I ended up picking this one up, It was just about $23 after taxes. NOT BAD. And its NOT BLACK its actually navy blue lawlz. I need something other than black in my wardrobe I guess LAWLZ and might inspire me to dry and be more dressy vs tank top and jeans orz

I havent even opened those tights I bought from LA Fashion District yet haha but its finally getting colder now, So yaaaayy.

Selca :o oh gosh, Haha. red red red red haiirrrr <3

Alright, I got a few more stuff to work on for Trinity Blood orz I just went to Joanns today to pick up more stuff and left my Michael's coupon in my other bag D8< fml. So I need to come back tomorrow and grab more stuff lolz so I can keep working on stuff for PMX! WOOOOO
and I hope I can get a new Gundam at PMX :o

I'm still waiting on 2 more ear cuff and a watch I ordered for my friends Bday)8<
come on post man!!!!!! where art thou?!!!! D8 arggghhh loooolz

I also did a small order from SASA with my friend. I'll probably get that at PMX since she'll be going. LOLz.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Time to shamelessly spam you gaiz with some covers and remixes that
has caught my attention the last couple days >8B

If you're not into Kpop. I still think their worth a listen to
these people are effing talented.

First up. Lucfer by JD Relic

alot of you guys already are probably familiar with this guys work :o
hes done some covers of GDragon Songs. I dont keep up with much of his work
but wheneever I stumble on them, their always by far the best!

Miss A Goodbye Baby Good Bye english cover

by Ashilia. Again, I dont keep up with Kpop music.
I only really know 2 songs from Miss-A but I stumpled on their song from Epitone's Remix of Goodbye Baby Goodbye
and I decided to try the original haha and eventually made my way to the english over~
amazing work once again :o

ANd here is EPITONE'S Remix of Baby Good Bye! :o
love love love his remixs even if half the songs I dont even know roflmao
but their pretty epic 8DD

and apparently the interesting part about this cover/remix of Goodbye Baby is that he used 2 girls to do the singing/cover
versus using the reg vocal audio by the original singers. 8D!!!

heres the LONELY remix


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cupcake weekend & Gundams

Photos brought to you through Instagram! :o I dont quite understand it yet since I cant seem to access my photo gallery online but only through the iPhone so I gotta get smart and upload them to FB or Tumblr for me to even get them onto my PC roflmao anyways....

Another semi-productive weekend (yes I'm sorry I slept in again and didnt get to start my morning till late afternoon again roflmao!!!)

This week, I was hoping to make Lavender and Rose cupcakes but unfortunately the store I normally frequent to get my baking goods apparently dont carry them anymore )8 so I opted to get Marshmallow and Eggnog...why not?...lolz...

Here are some marshmallow can tell me and my little brother went alittle over board with the food coloring. Hahahaha!!!!

Cupcakes are suppose to be fun and clearly need some color in them!!

lol omg you can tell I poured in too much and
the cupcakes clearly over flowed! hahahaha!!!!
the purple color turned out pretty light since I didnt put in enough
so it totally reminded me of Taro cupcakes back home Q_Q....

new lenses came in from Kawaii Love!!!!
super fast shipping.
I just ordered some reg brown nudy lenses

I ordered these babies on Wednesday night and I received my lenses Saturday morning! (today)
WOOOOW talk about fast shipping and they DO carry prescription lenses
and plenty of plano and special order lenses.
I was eager to find a US based seller and I def. found it in them!
Since I hate waiting for my lenses to come in ROFLMAO....
well, if its for cosplay its ok.
but I got these for my 'regular every day'
lenses since my lenses that I own are TOO big or TOO bold in color?..
hahaha I have Blue Nudy lenses but I dont feel comfortable
wearing them to work....Q_Q
So hopefully these will do the trick since I dont like wearing my glasses for long
since my fails gets oily (sorry, so nasty) and it makes my glasses slip and slide
D8< grossss

heres what they look like in bathroom lighting.
I havent taken them outside. I normally have pretty dark brown eyes.
their not as bright as I thought they would be.
which in a way is kind of a relief?...coz then I can get away with wearing them to work
the only other brown lenses I tried were the angel browns
which were also as equally comfortable and the black rim is more prominent
versus the nudy series. And I like that the Nudy series is more a dewy tear look to it?...
sometimes I kinda wish the brown is more pronounced but its ok. These are more subtle
haha and the enlargement is Ok. I'm used to wearing bigger lenses now haha.

but I kinda want to try the EOS Adult Browns next O_O
the design seems pretty plain and boring in my opinion but I've seen alot of
people wear them. So I might as well give it a shot too and see how much the difference is between the
nudy and the EOS adult browns.

Now onto other things! :O this weekend is suppose to be a productive one and so far so good! I made cupcakes today lmao and I'm looking if I want to order lavender and Rose extracts roflmao~
I also got some glitter puff paint to get working on Esther lawlz...I really need to order my rhinestones and wig lawl and stop ordering misc. items. I ordered some several accessories the other day too out of impulse. I just gotta give it 2 weeks for it to come to me~ hahaha

I worked on my new Gundam too~ the Wing Custom Zero

the gundam came with a mini figure of Hero but like I said I wont be arsed to paint it coz..just no )8 not a big fan of him....

and I really need to get a grey gundam marker and top coat again.

and last night I tried making a ghetto light box hahahaha! Out of a box and white construction paper and a bright lamp. few things I learned from this experience…

lOL. 2 lamps are better than one, To help eliminate shadows but of course photoshop can fix that /:

Secondly….I tried the fabric trick too, It didnt work out too well! hahaha It works better when the fabric is hanging off something and clearly when its ironed/steamed out…

I’m going to try using presentation boards with the white poster papers I got, might turn out better and saves me room since I can break it down and put it away when I’m done with it.

Here are some samples from my first try at this... and yes those are some macarons! :o so goooddd

these are the Trader Joe macarons I was tweeting about....

they come in a box of a dozen. 6 chocolates and 6 vanilla. I didn't try the chocolate coz I'm not a fan of chocolate anything so I gave it to my little brother. lol.
their ok for something that comes frozen! the serving sizes is pretty ok, I've had bigger ones LMAO. their probably the size of a Mochi /:

just let them sit out for a few mins to thaw out before biting into it. The cookie part has a good crust to it and has a nice soft chewy center, but biting into the filling I can taste a layer of sugar. Which I wish it didn't have )8
but meh, cant complain. its $4 for a box of 12. Versus going to a bakery which retails for almost $14+ for a box of dozen. But yes I wont give up on attempting to make my own! I just need to find a pocket heater since I'm afraid now that its cooler, there would be too much moisture in the air that it wouldnt make my macarons correct Q_Q...
I wouldn't want to have to waste batch after batch when almond flour is not cheap! but I did find Almond MILL at Trader Joe for about $4-5...I'm sure theres a tutorial out there some where on how to make ur own almond flour using the almond mill....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I swear by Dry Shampoo. Shit has saved me so much time and dye on trying to retouch my color, Its been weeks since I’ve gone red and my hair color is still pretty vibrant! I havent done a retouch yet! :DDDD

not to mention they were on sale at Walgreens~ 2 for the price of 1 :o!

so I pretty much paid $7 for 2 of these bad boooooysss yeessss

and fail! LOL I thought I grabbed the SNICKERS but instead I got Twix. Lawl. Seriously, I’m not blind enough that I didnt notice the name, wtf. And the entire time I was at Walgreens I was slightly confused by the cover lOOOOL. I was like ‘wherees the nuts and carmel?!’ xDD ‘w/e!’

loool well, duuurrrr its coz its the TWIX one. =___= fml LAWLz.

Got a new brow pencil and lashes from Daiso~ ftw. And I ordered new lenses last night, cant wait for them to come in so I dont have to wear my glasses to work )8<

my face gets oily and it drives me mad when my frames start to feel gross against it LOL. not to mention I havent gotten oil blot tissues in a while )8<


cleans your make up right off! And I’m slightly convince it helped my skin get whiter roflmao

I'm also working on uploading more reviews onto my beautylish account >___>

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Electronic Dance Carnival

too bad its been getting some bad reps lately with so many people getting hurt. Ugh. People need to stop being so stupid.

haha and they moved to Vegas now too... orz

I love the visual theatrics! Too bad its in Vegas now. I would have love to have gone
lol but my lame-ass opted to go to Cons instead hahaha.

I'd be so sick to be able to take some photos there just because of how trippy the visual asthetics are. DJ Sisen would have probably gone crazy over this, but then again I'm not sure how different this is in comparison to Tokyo Decadance. Which is mostly underground and indoors lolz....

LOL, I'D LOVE TO HOOP WITH LAMES ON OR A LED HULA HOOP. LOL. I actually looked into one out of curiosity, but they were over $1000!!! LOOOL DANNNNGGGG

The Gazette VORTEX

Late as always! (This is also my sad attempt at posting more regularly LOLz)

So Gazette released a new single I believe at the end of August? but me being the dumbass that I am was left under the rock and wasn't keeping up much with music. I've been a HUGE Gazette fan before but since the release of Filth In the beauty, most of their music has been a hit or miss with me. Most requiring a few listens to let the music grow into you.
My fav. after the Filth in the Beauty era is Leech and Distress & Coma shortly follows after....

So ever since then I've been like 'w/e' washy with their music since. I know their always trying to evolve and experiment with music - like MOST bands and they SHOULD be. But obviously you cannot appease everyone. I'm not one of those DIE HARD The Gazette Fans. I do believe NO ONE is perfect. LOL. So with that being said~ dundundun....

Onto VORTEX. They released it with 3 tracks:

Audio samples are available via or through everyones favorite trashy internet tv station; Youtubes.

My overall opinion with this Single CD is, I LIKE IT :o

Its got interest flares and rhythms in em, guitar riffss and your fair share of Ruki's screetchings which is pretty prominent in /every/ Gazette single. it wouldnt be VI-GEI without it. LOL...
(I feel really bad saying that but its true /: this is how I felt the entire time I was at the Sadie concert in Am2 lolz. But dont get me wrong, I still enjoy the music hahaha)

lets start with Track 1 - Vortex

I feel like it starts with a very 'classic jrock/vigei guitar riff' that I feel like I've heard one too many times in older jrock songs (and I mean late 90s early 00s....closer to 2000s)

this is supposedly the newest single they released but to be honest, in my opinion I felt like it was the weaker songs out of the other 3 in the single.

its a very typical song, not too strong, nothing really about it stands out to me. I feel there were more screaming than singing, almost reminds me of a Sadie song lol. but I figure they released this as their 'main single' since its got the balance of scream and guitar riffs - a typical recipe for a typical jrock single?...

I dont love it, I dont hate it. Dont take my word for it. This is just my opinion. Some people are more particular about their music.

Track 2 Uncertain Sense

This might rank as my 2nd fav. out of this single. Starts with a another guitar riff and a strong bass in the background. This song is pretty trippy to listen to when you have some bomb headphones.

Track 3 BREAK ME

this is probably my favorite out of the entire single, mostly because I love the opening! HAHAHA
starts with the thumping of the drums and onto the guitar opening, it almost reminds me of an 80s falvored song hahaha and as a 80s glam rock fan, this def appeals to my taste just a bit more.
I'm not too big on the chorus as it repeats 'break me' way too much lawl?....
could have had a better chorus XD oh ruki~ lol.

and in the middle of the song theres a break where in it feeds you a nice guitar riff, still with the support of the bass and drums.

I could probably listen to this in instrumental and love it more?....the song does get pretty repetitive throughout the length of the song.

Not a very intensive review to be honest. I dont particularly write 'reviews' for songs, as its mostly just me rambling about shit anyway hahahaha.....

but yeah overall I'm looking forward to the release of their album that comes out tomorrow (which is probably already out in Japan today LOL!) 'Toxic' I'm taking a liking to the Suicide Circus. The video is a trip too! a visual trip 8D

Bah the quality on this one isnt too bad, but I'm sure if you look hard enough you can find the full PV in HQ! Their look has changed so much lol! its 'maturing' lol.
but I really like the cirus theme of the video 8D my other fav was the Distress and Coma because of the ballerina and gothic feel of the video - it almost reminded me of D'espairsRay's Garnet. Old video is old. lol, but my absolute favorite is still the ever ol' grunge Filth in the Beauty 8DDD!!!

LASTLY! I JOINED BEAUTYLISH! I clearly havent done much with it. LMAO since I joined it while I was at work (boo bad employee D8 ahem...) but I guess I'll try and contribute there as much as I can lawlz~ might as well put my 1 yr of cosmo school to good use roFLMAO!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


WOW probably one of the best and one of my favorite performances of them to date!! I love these girls, super amazing and powerful vocals and they have come so far!!

And I know this has probably been said many many times before. but this particular song is amazing and probably speaks to ALOT of girls out there. Or to ANYONE in general dealing with self doubt and insecurities. I love these girls. I'd LOVE for them to come to the US and have a world tour!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Super tired from another Los Angeles adventure trip :o This time it was to the fashion district~ to gather some materials for revamping Trinity Blood cosplays. I was dissappointed alot of the shops dealing with wholesale rhinetones were closed )8
I wonder if its because its the weekend? but totally sucked so I only ended up with a few trims that I could work with but I wasnt entirely too happy with my find. I'll probably have to do something with them to make them remotely ok /:
/sigh/ and will most likely be placing an order online for some Rhinestones since most of the warehouses that dealt with bulk rhinestones were closed and I dont wanna drop $5+ on a bag only containing 24 pieces D8< oh plzzzzz

So other than that, walked around a bit and did a little bit of shopping while we were in dowtown. Lol, then obviously another trip to Lil Tokyo for some goodies and grub.

win win?! lmao. Me and my friend agreed this is pretty much a
win-win piece of item. lmao. get your booze and keep your cash too.

got a new BB gundam! :o
Wing Custom Zero
/: blargh Was not really wanting to get this one so soon
but been itching to grow my collection just a bit more.

and yeash~ more yogurt mask. I always get the strawberry kind.
Whenever I'm at the lIl tokyo shop that carries all em Nyx makeup
oh tempted. but I had to force myself not to get anymore lmao

new tights! gearing up for this winter! come at me bro! D8<
I've always been debating about those leopard print tights
since I've first saw them years ago
hahahaha, also because I couldnt find it in me to drop $10 on em.
but luckily FD carries them for $3-5. Hahaha.

always stocks up on inceense when I'm in Lil Tokyo
I have not payed a visit to China Town in so long

wtf really. Hello Kitty....
retail for about $1.80

A trip to downtown LA garment district is never complete
without snacking on a bacon wrapped artery clogger hot dog >8D
but dont fret, you'll end up walking all that shit off anyway lmao!

oh shweet jesus macarons why are you so expensive
(actually I know why...)
I just need to stop being so stingy and buy me some damn Almond Flour
so I can make you already D8<

I tried the Almond flavored one and the forever favorite (next to Rose) is Vanilla
I just love Vanilla anything hahaha

and lastly, my new earrings came in, in the mail.

I wanted to order another set of earrings and possibly a necklace but that might have to wait next week since I already dropped alot of cash today lol. I havent done this in a long time but still! HAHAHA /forever stingy.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

cosplay and Fashion District Trip

Halloween and PMX is coming again, I love halloween for the funky cool stuff you get at stores and not to mention local fabric shops tend to sell more PVC and Pleather materials for cheaps after Halloween!!!! Lol. So clearly I'm always excited about that. Sucks that its not always a garauntee I do something with the hords of material I buy and therefore they end up getting wasted orz. Ah. Sucks.
but anyways, impulsive Fashion District trip tomorrow since I need to grab some materials to redo some of the Trinity Blood costumes! D8

Seth cosplay that I made in a rush for ALA 2009/2010?! I think it was 2010.
Toshi and Steph helped me outwith the back designs.

Clearly I'm missing alot of pieces for Seth and I really wanna redo the top green bolero piece. D8
I wanna try and remake as much of this as I can so Leslie can wear it to PMX


oh hi, FOTD. Too bad you can't really see my eye makeup well enough
roflmao and I'm bummed. NO lashes NO lenses D8
work makeup face sucks.
Neutral eye pallete (which I change up between the MATTE shadows from HIP or Shimmer shadow from Clinque)
I sometimes wish I got brown lenses or grey ones in Geo Nudy so I can wear them to work
small eyes are small D8

the corset piece for Esther that I had hand painted
hand beaded. I want to add more laces to the bottom of it
and thinking of adding more beads to the actual gown itself since the beads
are actually JUST on the trip lining /:
I wish I could have done that better too to be honest D8
but alas...wont. Haha.

hand beaded and embroidered lace overlay that I did on Esthers neck piece
sadly, I need to remake this neck piece since the original one I made was too tall and just doesnt
sit well enough. But since I'm heading to the Fashion District tomorrow
(yay Q__Q 3 hr drive....lawlz)
I'm hoping to find a laced material like this so I dont have to sit there and replicate this again
I feel like I have my work cut out for me