Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Electronic Dance Carnival

too bad its been getting some bad reps lately with so many people getting hurt. Ugh. People need to stop being so stupid.

haha and they moved to Vegas now too... orz

I love the visual theatrics! Too bad its in Vegas now. I would have love to have gone
lol but my lame-ass opted to go to Cons instead hahaha.

I'd be so sick to be able to take some photos there just because of how trippy the visual asthetics are. DJ Sisen would have probably gone crazy over this, but then again I'm not sure how different this is in comparison to Tokyo Decadance. Which is mostly underground and indoors lolz....

LOL, I'D LOVE TO HOOP WITH LAMES ON OR A LED HULA HOOP. LOL. I actually looked into one out of curiosity, but they were over $1000!!! LOOOL DANNNNGGGG

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