Saturday, October 1, 2011

cosplay and Fashion District Trip

Halloween and PMX is coming again, I love halloween for the funky cool stuff you get at stores and not to mention local fabric shops tend to sell more PVC and Pleather materials for cheaps after Halloween!!!! Lol. So clearly I'm always excited about that. Sucks that its not always a garauntee I do something with the hords of material I buy and therefore they end up getting wasted orz. Ah. Sucks.
but anyways, impulsive Fashion District trip tomorrow since I need to grab some materials to redo some of the Trinity Blood costumes! D8

Seth cosplay that I made in a rush for ALA 2009/2010?! I think it was 2010.
Toshi and Steph helped me outwith the back designs.

Clearly I'm missing alot of pieces for Seth and I really wanna redo the top green bolero piece. D8
I wanna try and remake as much of this as I can so Leslie can wear it to PMX


oh hi, FOTD. Too bad you can't really see my eye makeup well enough
roflmao and I'm bummed. NO lashes NO lenses D8
work makeup face sucks.
Neutral eye pallete (which I change up between the MATTE shadows from HIP or Shimmer shadow from Clinque)
I sometimes wish I got brown lenses or grey ones in Geo Nudy so I can wear them to work
small eyes are small D8

the corset piece for Esther that I had hand painted
hand beaded. I want to add more laces to the bottom of it
and thinking of adding more beads to the actual gown itself since the beads
are actually JUST on the trip lining /:
I wish I could have done that better too to be honest D8
but alas...wont. Haha.

hand beaded and embroidered lace overlay that I did on Esthers neck piece
sadly, I need to remake this neck piece since the original one I made was too tall and just doesnt
sit well enough. But since I'm heading to the Fashion District tomorrow
(yay Q__Q 3 hr drive....lawlz)
I'm hoping to find a laced material like this so I dont have to sit there and replicate this again
I feel like I have my work cut out for me

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