Sunday, October 2, 2011

Super tired from another Los Angeles adventure trip :o This time it was to the fashion district~ to gather some materials for revamping Trinity Blood cosplays. I was dissappointed alot of the shops dealing with wholesale rhinetones were closed )8
I wonder if its because its the weekend? but totally sucked so I only ended up with a few trims that I could work with but I wasnt entirely too happy with my find. I'll probably have to do something with them to make them remotely ok /:
/sigh/ and will most likely be placing an order online for some Rhinestones since most of the warehouses that dealt with bulk rhinestones were closed and I dont wanna drop $5+ on a bag only containing 24 pieces D8< oh plzzzzz

So other than that, walked around a bit and did a little bit of shopping while we were in dowtown. Lol, then obviously another trip to Lil Tokyo for some goodies and grub.

win win?! lmao. Me and my friend agreed this is pretty much a
win-win piece of item. lmao. get your booze and keep your cash too.

got a new BB gundam! :o
Wing Custom Zero
/: blargh Was not really wanting to get this one so soon
but been itching to grow my collection just a bit more.

and yeash~ more yogurt mask. I always get the strawberry kind.
Whenever I'm at the lIl tokyo shop that carries all em Nyx makeup
oh tempted. but I had to force myself not to get anymore lmao

new tights! gearing up for this winter! come at me bro! D8<
I've always been debating about those leopard print tights
since I've first saw them years ago
hahahaha, also because I couldnt find it in me to drop $10 on em.
but luckily FD carries them for $3-5. Hahaha.

always stocks up on inceense when I'm in Lil Tokyo
I have not payed a visit to China Town in so long

wtf really. Hello Kitty....
retail for about $1.80

A trip to downtown LA garment district is never complete
without snacking on a bacon wrapped artery clogger hot dog >8D
but dont fret, you'll end up walking all that shit off anyway lmao!

oh shweet jesus macarons why are you so expensive
(actually I know why...)
I just need to stop being so stingy and buy me some damn Almond Flour
so I can make you already D8<

I tried the Almond flavored one and the forever favorite (next to Rose) is Vanilla
I just love Vanilla anything hahaha

and lastly, my new earrings came in, in the mail.

I wanted to order another set of earrings and possibly a necklace but that might have to wait next week since I already dropped alot of cash today lol. I havent done this in a long time but still! HAHAHA /forever stingy.

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