Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dry Skin & Inexpensive Makeup Setters

If you follow me on twitter you probably hear my scream vanity a good number of times. I'm always complaining about dry patchy skin and that no matter how much moisturizer I apply in the morning and at night before and after makeup I always feel like I end up with dry flakes throughout the day -  I probably exfoliate my skin every other night and use a sheet masks as well. Drink a lot of water at work and still I notice those bastards pop up. Granted I do have combination skin but it can't possibly be this bad.
I came to the conclusion that its gotta be the dry air circulating in the office's A/C system! We are not allowed to use humidifiers at work so you can probably see that it does take a toll on your skin...

and I remember some people mentioning before when you fly constantly the air in the cabin is dry and sucks all the moisture from your skin. Which is no-bueno!

As we all know our parents teach us that dry skin can be bad for you, for one its dehydrating your skin and allows for early formation of wrinkles. And when your skin is too dry your skin reacts by producing more oils to counterbalance that which in turns means more acne build up.

Sephora and other make-up stores out there carries a variety of "makeup mists and setters" or also known as spray toners promising a moisturizing mists of minerals (mostly water) and vitamins to plump, hydrate and smooth your face to keep your foundation from looking too cakey and help keep it lasting longer.
A lot of them comes in a range of prices, from $10 to as high as $45! All promising the same thing. Now if you took a look at most of the ingredients a lot of them comes with the most basic ingredients;

Also called glycerol or glycerine; it is present in all natural lipids (fats), whether animal or vegetable. It can be derived from natural substances by hydrolysis of fats and by fermentation of sugars. It can also be synthetically manufactured. Whether natural or synthetic, glycerin is a humectant and extremely hygroscopic, meaning it readily absorbs water from other sources. So, in part, glycerin works because of its ability to attract water from the environment and from the lower layers of skin (dermis) increasing the amount of water in the surface layers of skin. Another aspect of glycerin’s benefit is that it is a skin-identical ingredient, meaning it is a substance found naturally in skin. In that respect it is one of the many substances in skin that help maintain the outer barrier and prevent dryness or scaling.
Source: Paula's Choice Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary
Mineral Water, Glycerin, Aloe Extract/Leaves and Rose Water - these are the most common basic ingredients in most of those expensive mists. When really, you can find these in your local stores that you can mix yourself. If you also take the time to sit down and read the rest of the ingredients in your makeup mists, alot of them has fragrances and some have alcohol. Which I know some people complained about break outs with. But if you can make your own you know exactly what goes into it.

Rose Water is great for people who tends to have redness (like me!) and is incredible hydrating and has a nice floral scent to it without any more additives. 

A lot of people suggest even using a hydrating mist before and after makeup application it will help the makeup adhere better to your skin and is a great 'pick me up' in the middle of the day and definitely really important for the upcoming spring and summer seasons - eee summer cons here we go x_X!

Here is a handy recipe from HipsterHousewife:

All you do is mix 1/4 glycerin to 3/4 water inside a spray bottle and use. That would be if you have combination skin. If you have oily skin try 1/5 glycerin to 4/5 water and if you have dry skin try using 1/3 part glycerin to 2/3 parts water.
If you have redness in your skin you can add 1 part rose water, that will also give it a nice rose smell
I imagine you can even add vitamin-e or aloe extracts if you want but be sure to just mix it all together. I carry mine in a handy little spray bottle like this:
I keep a bigger version at home in my old Mac Fix+ spray bottle, except the mixture I used I basically just took my E.L.F Setting Spray (which already lists the ingredients as
Water (Aqua), AMP-Acrylates/Allyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Green Tea (Camelia Sinensis) Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vc), Tocophryl Acetate (Ve) Retinyl Acytate (Va), Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben
And it retails for about $3 and has all the good stuff for you and does all the work hah. All I had to do was throw in Rose Water from my local Indian market.

Does this $6 concotion live up against its super higher end counter parts? Does it keep my makeup lasting just as long as my Mac Fix Plus? to be honest, I didn't really notice a difference between my mac fix+ and this. Their both just as refreshing and I find myself retouching my powder halfway through the day regardless anyway due to oilllll. But it does help with the patchy dry skin and I'm sure it would be a life saver come this spring and summer cons/shoots.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


This weeks Instabits also from last week, mostly a makeup haul really since I didn't really go anywhere the last week and the week before was mostly baking, working, more baking and more working. Hopefully I'll get this weekend off (kinda hopefully kinda not. I like making money LOL clearly - honestly, between my own splurges and bills a girls gotta treat themselves if you work hard) But yeah, I *might* hopefully have a gig this weekend to help a friend out doing another bridal party. And perhaps I can finally make my way to the Museum and see the Torture Exhibits and Chocolate Exhibits before they all completely go away D8

Speaking of splurges saved up for a few weeks and I finally ordered my VW Melissa Wing Sandals I am NOT looking forward to the cost of shipping qAq but I dislike the fact that taobaoring took over 2 weeks to process my order though - yeah I know there was a huge influx of orders coming from Chinese New Year but I am not really the most patient person ever. Yeah, I'm lame I went to Taobao to order my sandals. And I have no shame in admitting lol.

 First up the makeup haul that I got for $18 including shipping. $18 what? Are you serious for all those?! Yep! Gotta love eBay bids and blog sales right?! To be honest I'm not sure how to use half of those products lol, I bought the bundle mostly for the primer since I lost my Sephora primer needed a replacement, I got all that stuff for about $3, the YSL Lipstick was $10 and shipping was another $5 for priority mail. Check out Shirley's blog for more swag that your looking to score~ Shes got some BB creams up for sale too.

My biggest splurge actually wasnt the YSL lipstick but the Mac Powder and Sephora lipstick. I wanted to get a new contour powder and have been using the NYC bronzer which is OK and definitely affordable in price but I wanted to go with something higher end and I know bronzers lasts me a really really really long time and its worth the investment since it takes me forever to even hit pan. I've had the NYC powder for almost a year now and I just barely hit pan. and theres still plenty of product left in there. I went with something more of a matte finish the lady at the counter kept trying to push the mineralized power + warmth powder on me and I hate pushy sales ladies especially when I know what I want I sure know what I'm looking for. I ended up walking away from her and coming back to pick up exactly what I was looking for.

And I finally caved in after staring at that purple lippie for over a year now I finally got it (And for $12 which is almost the price of a lot of drug store lipsticks nowadays, not bad of a deal) its no.47 in Heartbreaker. Its more of a berry pink finish on my pigmented lips and its actually hydrating and has a shine finish to it. I'll be posting swatches of it when I arse myself to play with it. Its not very opaque either which is nice.
I should have gotten it sooner when the weather was colder but oh well, this feeds my inner gawth LOL.

I also hit my 100+ points from Sephora but didn't like any of the stuff they had on display for redeeming your points. Gonna save it up for hopefully something better and bigger.  Oh and I got some freebie from Sephora since apparently they have my bday for February and not May?....ok.jpg I got the Benefit high beam highlighter and mascara - always wanted to try a highlighter. I've usually just used eyeshadow as a highlighter...

Lightning FF-13 necklace (oh how do wish I could afford the official square enix one but pfft its the price of a 3DS. I would much rather pick the 3DS over that haha)

And lastly the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick in no. 13 peach passion. At first the color was intimidating on the screen but after looking at some swatches its very close to my Revlon Demure lipstick - nude peachy pink color. This lipstick is incredible opaque, soft and buttery and it definitely lives up to its $35 price tag but I paid $10 for it so even better! (Honestly, I'm convinced your paying for the super sexy timeless packaging. Because, come on. Who wouldn't want it lol. A++++ for whoever designed the packaging) 

I first applied it like I would any lipstick - uh oh. Big mistake. For one, this lipstick is not forgiving when you have flaky lips. Best to really get in there and exfoliate your lips before applying. Secondly, it IS very very opaque and soft. Not much transfer (I ate yogurt, drank tea, water and etc and my lipstick was still on despite its buttery velvet texture. I had to WIPE my lips off with textured tissue to get most of it, and even still it left a faint stain on my lips - NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL) and did I mention it felt hydrating?! (truth be told, those revlon lip butters really are a good dupe to this honestly)
 the first application I just slapped it on my lips like nothing and it covered my pigmented lips really well, but against my skin tone, this lipstick on its true color just looks terrible (also doesnt help having red hair maybe if I wore a lighter wig it would be ok) but I honestly prefer wearing this/applying it with a lighter hand. I found the best way for me to apply this is to use a lip brush and brush it on my lips. Still good color pay off without looking like a trashy drag queen. And trust me. I love trashy drag queens. Just not when I have to go to work LOL.

And before I end this shameless post of pure vanity the biggest wtf so far with MGS:

Yes, its a legit costume you can "buy" for Raiden in-game...don't ask LOL also I realized I am shit with stealth games. I'm not a patient person - possibly why I don't play a lot of RPGs. I can't do the whole level grinding stuff. The last RPG I played and finished was Chrono Trigger (LOOOOOL decades ago) no...really, there was Magna Carta but didn't finish it. I got tired of Banana girl....and then there was Koudelka...not a fan of boxes....then of course Final Fantasy 4 (that now THAT I really enjoyed and didn't mind so much the level grinding concept), Legend of Dragoon needs to be remade HD version pls... and Final Fantasy X-2 I've played time and time again. The dress spheres was what pretty much kept me entertained. I just wished I could fast forward to the later levels since the beginning is always pretty boring )':

The last stealth game I played and did well on was Tenchu. Even then that game gave me a heart attack LOL it tensed me loooo. IDK how I managed with Snake Eater...I play this game too much like I played Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden...

Friday, February 22, 2013

SCREAMINNNNNGGGG LOOOO if you follow me on twitter (@dearx) and on instagram (@dearxx) you probably noticed the spam of Yes and Nos on my debate on getting this game since I haven't finished Dante's Inferno...(I got as far as Pride and according to gamefaqs lawl. I'm only 4 stages left from completing the game QwQ but IDK I got distracted with a new game?!)

I wasn't planning on getting this game till Saturday night since I work super early Friday and Saturday morning again and no body got time for games anymore qAq but I caved and got it~ waaah. The last Metal Gear game I played was Snake Eater and even then I didn't even finish it =A=;; I ended up watching my brothers game and spoiling everything. Oh well D8

I had every intention on going to the Mac store actually to get new powder but instead I went the other way to Gamestop loooo

This is as close to Bayonetta/Devil May Cry as I'm gonna get for a really long time since Bayonetta 2 is an exclusive title for Wii U D8< noooooo people are saying it might be localized for the Xbox and PS3 eventually but IDK. Nintendo probably had to pay a butt load of money to make it an exclusive title for their Wii U but still....OF ALL THE GAME. WHY BAYONETTA D8< GDI. I know we should be happy they even made a sequel but will it even live up to the first?! Or are we seeing another Devil May Cry 2

I managed to get an hr of gaming in last night and its fun. They did it right. Good soundtrack, voice acting is top notch, camera angle is adjustable - you control the camera as you wish. No 'block' button so better get used to perry-ing. Hone your reflexes from God of War lawl coz you're gonna need to be hitting some buttons as they pop on your screen.

Me bro and I were talking while getting the game...5 yrs ago, if someone would have told us that Raiden would be kick ass and that everyone would be raving about his new game, they probably would have gotten punched lol, I guess this is Konami saying "hey, hey hey~ Raiden ain't all that bad" We just had to chop him up and make him into a cyborg. No biggie.

This game will hopefully tie me down as I sit and cry because I want a 3DS for Harvest Moon lawl

edit: I think its kinda off/weird and off putting when you blog about games when your bloglayout is clearly pink. stars and everything that screams girl but tbh anyone who knows me irl would be like 'wtf' lawl...this blog layout is so not me but still....

I worked overtime last week and have extra money, the responsible thing to do is to save it and pay off debt. I really want a 3DS but lol. I'm gonna try to be a responsible adult and say no to it for now. Plus I just got MGS sobs orz Harvest Moon and Zelda and cooking mama you gotta wait...;A; oh the woes of being an adult...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Remembering your 1st...

Mmmmhmm....Its going to be almost 10 yrs since I started going to Cons. Wow...that may not seem a lot to some people but thats quite a lot for me lol! Because where I came from, Cons were not even a thing but the moment I left PI a big con was being held lol gdi. What. SMH!!

But recently my brother was rewatching Gundam 00 and they had Laraku as the OP singers for the opening and lol wow, it just made me realized how long I've been following Laraku since the 90s and it also made me think just how long I've been following TMR too. I mean, yeah on and off but I'm sitting here at my desk at work ( where I should be working and not writing this post ) rewatching his old concerts and playing catch up to his new tunes and it made me rethink and remisence that PMX 2004 was my first con and my first concert! HAHAHA. Oh man. I remember how estatic and insane it was trying to work up the balls to ask my parents to let me go to a concert in Anaheim (it just so happened it fell on my birthday month but I remember having to bargain with them to even get the tickets and permission to go! I had to pretty much spend every weekend helping remodel the house hah....paint, rip up of old carpet and etc...maaan but was sooo worth it. I think I still have my old ticket stud saved somewhere tbh!! hahaha.

I still pretty much remember it like it was yesterday hahaha, they said you never forget your first right?!!!!

I dragged my brother and sister to go watch it with me. And I remember that Nami Tamaki was going to be the opening act which I was pretty excited about too since seeing her on Jpop TV???IDKREMEMBER LOOOl. The international channel use to show Jpop song countdown every weekend and I remember seeing Nami Tamaki there before even realizing she was the girl behind Gundam Seed songs. LOOOO fail.
I totally remember what I wore too. I also had pretty fail fashion sense then....Which I'm not about to mention hahahaha lets just say it was my very sad attempt at being gawthy vigei then looooo and clearly nto knowing any better. Bah. Such a FOB then. SMH. Judging 16yr old me soooo bad right now.  [still do lawl ] but I remember feeling pretty badass then. 16 yr old me was so fucking stupid. If I could turn back time I'd slap myself lmao....

I remember pretty much pissed that Otakon got TMR the year before but was dying when I heard he was coming to CA. And Dying again this year because Otakon is getting him back. AX. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. BRING TMR BACK AND I MIGHT. NO. I /WILL/ BUY A FUCKING BADGE. EVEN IF ITS GONNA COST ME TOO MUCH qAq
Seriously contemplating if I should go to Otakon just for a day just for the concert and catch a flight back looooool. No. Don't be stupid...

I've been to a lot of shows since TMRs but I can still say to this day it was still possibly one of the most exilerating shows I've been to. The floor was practically shaking with the amount of people jumping and I got some decent seats too! I was probably deaf and mute by the end of the night and woke up early the following day and spend a good chunk of my day in line for signing. I got to the signing about 3-4 hrs earlier but already there was a long line and I remember being nervous because I heard he was only signing for an hr qAq!!!! But he stayed~ and I got to meet him~ chyeah~ I even got to meet Nami Tamaki too lol.

I've seen a lot of different jrock and jpop shows and still not the same energy or stage presecense that TMR has QwQ (that or I'm simply biased) and I honestly like that years later I still enjoy his music LOL. I was obsessed with Gazette and Alice Nine for a while a long long time ago but that clearly didn't last long, their music now adays is blegh. /:

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bread & Photo Dumps

Another weekly photo dump lawl~ A little more productive this time? Maybe? lol.
I went to the park across the street from my Condo since they were holding some kind of New Year Festival. I went with the intent to find food. And that I did. I found brick toast! Yes I was definitely definitely happy! Since I didn't think any place in SD was serving this )': so I was excited to find it at a festival of all place~ They even had some displays at the park

But I couldn’t help but feel some overwhelming sense that annoying hipster younger kids from the high school were there secretly judging everyone there who looked remotely within their age range. And it just reminded me how much I hated high school and how much I never wanted to look back at it.

So many kids were sporting their hipster glasses, tight jeans and hipster attire from Urban Outfitters. Their mid drift cut off shirts and loose cardigans, long loose braids and headbands. Got nothing against the style tbh, but I think the overwhelming amount of numbers and pretenciousness stenched up the air, not to mention I’m sure a few were judging my choise of wardrobe (as I chose today of all days to sport my Boy London leggings with a long top mind you)

SMH. I’m getting old. You know I’m getting old when you start to think if hipsters were worse than scene kids /: Or was everyone trying too hard to be Korean brought on by the Ulzzang wave. Nonetheless, I got my damn bread box toast thingie.

Also, rumor says there were some kids who went to the festival earlier in /cosplay/. My mom said she spotted a girl with a green wigh and pigtails. My money is on a Vocaloid cosplay lol.

I think I’m just getting old and bitter LOL I also made my first attempt at making bread last night and this morning I decided to take the leap and try to make another batch of bread, this time going big or going home and clearly this time we went big! I attempted to make Custard bread! Photos below~

 After the festival (we had dessert before dinner lmao) we went to my favorite bar food Asian fusion place~ my friend never tried Bulgogi Fries before so it was definitely a must to order~ And got some Ghalbi tacos with it. Happy hour had 50% Soju. Hell yeah!

So far the best sparkling sake I've tried~ was tempted to get some but I decided against since we already went drinking earlier that evening but happy to know Hmart now carries this ohohoho and Cosmo World just opened up inside the Hmart and I got alittle too excited over the $1 face masks sheets ;A;

I picked up strawberry, honey, green tea, citrus collagen, lavender and MILK masks. Milk being my favorite gaaaah milk anything <3 font="">
I should now be set for a good week and a half lmao! Assuming I don't get too lazy to not do this...

Last night I attempted to make BREAD for the first time! I probably watched  how many Youtube videos before plunging in to try! My mom keeps telling me that making bread is hard but to try and mimic the bread from Asian bakeries is even more harder! Definitely a lot to learn and some trial and errors a long the way! My first attempt last night was to make Milk Bread, I basically followed the same recipe online if you type in Hokkaido Milk Pan and did some alterations to the recipe. For starters I used a combination between white wheat and All Purpose flour I did a 2:1 ratio of all purpose flour to white wheat. And wheat is still a pretty overwhelming flavor and I noticed it does tend to dry out the bread just a little more. So make sure to make adjustments if you're going to try using wheat! I also added a good helping of powdered milk into the mixture (I actually used Carnation Breakfast Essential in French Vanilla, I highly doubt its real milk powder lol but Carnation does make a /real/ dry milk powder (non-fat) which can be found at the baking isle in most grocery stores. I just used what I had in my pantry.

But tonight's adventure was making CUSTARD PAN! I didn't want to keep going to the store to buy my custard pan which at Nijiya pretty much goes for about $4-5 for a pack of 6 mini breads. But they've got their recipe down to an art - and this is something I'm still working on perfecting! The recipe I followed to make this was the one I found on youtube:

And this is how mine turned out:

Using the same recipe and with the excess dough I had left over, I stuffed the rest with pulled-pork lol and made pork buns! The outide is hard almost crunchy but when you get down to the middle its super soft~

I made some changes on the recipe she posted, I added (again) milk powder / carnation shit lol in the mixture, I also did a Whole White Wheat x All Purpose Flour mixture but this time I used less of the wheat and more of the All Purpose Flour since not everyone in my family likes wheat and I figured I should perfect or get a better handle on making bread before using exclusively wheat bread. I'm thinking its probably the wheat that could be drying out the batter. I should add a bit more liquids maybe that would make a difference...
I also added a good helping of condensed milk into the batter while I was mixing the yeast to milk mixture. (I also used skim milk, I'm assuming if you went with a whole milk option the custard would have come out thicker and your batter would be more plump too) 

On the custard too, I found that mine didn't thicken as much as hers did, I ended up having to add more corn starch to get it to a thicker consistency but still not super thick as hers looked and my mom mentioned that it wasn't as sweet - which I guess depending on your preference you can adjust the sweetness by adding more sugar. I have a cold so it was hard for me to really taste how sweet or bland I was making the custard. But so far no one at home is complaining!  I'm still going to keep browsing to find the perfect soft bun recipe and will continue to try until I get the perfect Hokkaido Milk bun!

D-Plus Natural Yeast bread is my favorite ;A; their green tea, hokkaido cream and coffee are the besssssttt and the chocolate isn't bad! Super soft~ I shove it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds before eating and its just super soft ;A; my mom said they probably use preservatives to keep it super soft qAq depressing orz I guess it makes sense considering their commercial )':

Theres alot of videos on youtube that talk about making chinese buns, so I'll probably look more into them and experiment some more 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

White Wheat Milk Cookies

A very very accurate depiction of how I feel this morning LMAO! I woke up at 5-5:30am and crawled out of bed and went to work for dispatching this morning. Did I mention I caught another cold? Maybe this is what I get for commenting that people are weak for catching colds so easily and bitching about it when in reality I'm probably just as bad about it. This is also what we get for not having functioning windows at work LOL their just there to mock us that the outside world is just past a 6" glass window lololol and everyone in the office who have small children is always sick and obviously it effects everyone else in the office. GDI. I dont know how many vitamins I take but its still not enough.  I am terrible congested right now, miserable but at least no sore throat? ;A; I still want to go out after work...but I would like to go home first and clean myself up lol. Or at least change!

Valentines treat to myself lol beauty day?!
Mostly because I want to clean up and try on my new babies lmao Yes lashes lashes lashes. I love lashes. I love Park Bom because shes always wearing lashes. I realized I'm not all too fond of the Daiso lashes tbh, the ones with the spikes on them like the gyaru brand Diamond Lashes. The spikes are ok I guess but I always prefer the more full dolly effect of fuller lashes versus the spiked ones. But of course these always look a lot better with circle lenses but I am too sick right now to even really be bothered to stab my eyes with lenses. Not to mention I need to get new ones orz I only have green ones left and an unopened purple ones I'm saving for Melty cosplay....

$6 with free shipping for 10 pairs of lashes. Not bad...and I only waited 2-3 days for them to arrive... I still have a drawer full of diamond lash and daiso ones too lol...I know some people who have a way worse lash addiction because I rarely wear mine (wish I wore them more often but lazyness) BUT IM CLEARLY DIGRESSING FROM THE POINT OF THIS POST.

This week's experiment is making white wheat milk why do I call them milk cookies? Well, I added milk powder to them lol...I made some cookies for Valentines and sent them out but I didn't take photos of them. They were just Marshmallow and Sakura flavored cookies. I didn't make enough ): so I was only able to send them to 2 parties. I need to make more so I can some some super belated ones to other friends....maybe they can consider theirs White Day cookies instead lol....

When I make cookies normally I use All Purpose White Flour but I was in the mood to try and experiment since I know cookies are laden with fat, fat and more fatty carbs (which is what makes them oh so yummy! So bad for us!) and also because I always sit here and regret my choices after I devour a white chocolate chip macadamia cookie so in an effort to lessen my guilt by a tiny bit I wanted to try using Wheat flour to add some more goodness. But before I went and doved into making white wheat white chocolate chip macadamia cookies I figured I'd try something else first. 

Now lets assemble the players!

1 Cup Margarine or Butter
1 Cup White Sugar (I prefer powder sugar since its more fine)
2 Eggs
2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
3 Cups Flour (see notes at the bottom regarding white wheat)
1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda
1 Teaspoon Salt

375 Degrees and bake for 8 Mins. Or till edges brown up
Yields about a good 24 
but if you're cutting them up into shapes, then expect more

Honestly, this is a loose recipe I follow, I always adjust the amount of sugar and flavoring I add on there and sometimes add a little something extra - like almonds or milk powder...etc etc...

This was the first time working with white wheat flour, I thought about using Whole Wheat flour but when I looked more into it, a lot of people suggested using white wheat instead, theres still some experimentation I need to do to find the right ratio between white wheat to all purpose. You DONT want to use ALL white wheat flour for cakes or cookie recipes, their going to turn bread-y and chewy ish and not exactly cookie-ish in texture and would be hard to cut out into shapes even after sitting in the fridge to chill because theres too much gluten in the wheat creating it to be more sticky and bread like. Truth be told these cookies turned out  like short bread style cookies, almost chewy.  A lot of bakers suggest doing 25% White Wheat, 75% All purpose. When I initially measured it all out, I thought of going big or going home. So I did 50-50. Bad idea. Like I mentioned, the batter turned out like dough. I ended up having to add more flour as I tried to roll out the dough so I can even cut them out into shapes. I probably ended up with something a long the lines of 1/2 cup of White Wheat and maybe 3/4 of All purpose flour just to get it to roll out and hold its shape.

You can definitely taste the wheat in these cookies too, so if you're not a fan of wheaty stuff, I suggest using even less wheat in there. I'm going to continue mixing up the recipe to find the perfect ratio oAo but this is my sad attempt at something 'healthier' per se >___>lll   And this recipe also makes the cookies kinda bland, I always end up adding more powder sugar like 1/2 cup more to make it taste a little sweeter and throwing powder sugar over the cookies when their done. So far, none of my friends have complained lol :D which I like to think is a good thing?! lol

Whats with the carnation breakfast powder? oh that, I just threw 2 packets of it into the batter in an attempt to substitute it for milk....and well, you get some good essential vitamins and nutrients in there too right?! lol /gets shot/ I also considered throwing in royal milk tea powder in the mix or any type of powder you want in there for shits and giggles.

I'm going to try baking a cupcake with the white wheat blend in next and see how it turns out :D I normally prefer cookies since they last a little longer versus cupcakes and they ship easier too....

also, note that using wheat on your cookies/cupcakes makes their shelf life shorter too. After the rest of these cookies gets devoured by other people (because Godknwos I wont eat it lol because I shouldn't eat everything I bake lol) I'll try and experimenting White Wheat White Chocolate Chip (macadamia) cookies then moving onto experimenting the white wheat into cupcakes which to be honest I'd imagine would be better as cakes versus cookies? WE SHALL SEE!

Also, I got the White Wheat Flour from Trader Joes. They run at about $2.99 here for a decent sized bag and it will last you for a long time since you won't really be needing to use the entire thing. Maybe I'll make Matcha bread or strawberry bread to try my hand at making those illusive milk bread you usually get at the Asian market using the Tangzhong method...hmm...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'M READY TO PUNCH b******* lol, you would too if you know the type of people or person I live with. I'm done. So done. If only! Another shameless upload just to fill this void becasue, really. I dont nothing interesting to say or show since I've lazied around again as far as shoots go. I know some people are already planning sakura shoots for when spring comes and when the cherry blossoms all start blooming again. I'm blank. Ideally I would like to shoot KNIFE Vocaloid but IDK. I don't really feel like sewing anything right now. No I do want to sew, I'm just not in the mood to sew when you don't have room to sew...kills any motivation I have....I still have bins and bins of fabric and stuff I can make and do with it but nothing has progressed since then...eagerly waiting to move to a bigger space so chaos can ensue and creativity too OwO

other than that...enjoy my shameless Instabits spam because...I got nothing else more interesting to talk about and text only posts are pretty boring....
and I'm dying from a hangover at, its probably more like boredom and the fact that the dog woke me up at 7am and I slept at 3.....yeah...

I really run out of things to talk about hahaha....I still haven't gotten around to getting the map pass for COD and I know I'm missing out hah. I would much rather get a 3DS at this point because of Harvest Moon and the Fire Emblem bundle. Oh well. So sad.  Boring posts is boring since I didn't do much lately but work work and work....orz and save for my lustlist right now and AX is coming up. IDK about Fanime. I know a lot of people are going /: sucks to be an adult with bills LOL.

 Chrome Hearts from Karma Loop! I was surprised they even carried Chrome Hearts, if you google 'karma loop reps' people are just throwing 20% off your order codes everywhere. Be sure to google before you place an order hah! I also went and ahead and tried to stretch my bottom lobes sloooowly. And I mean slowly. I got some 12g I bet I could have pushed for a 10 but I didn't want to go too much. Right now the 12g is a pretty good snug fit. I'm gonna try and push it to a 10g eventually. I kinda want to go for something bigger perhaps a 8g or 6g! Or get more piercings. I haven't gotten around to it yet because. Money. and I'm lazy to really care for them and cartilages hurt and takes forever to heal and I'm pretty careless orz

Some baking haul for valentines day~ my mom lost my unicorn cookie cutter but I found a BAT one! yeyeah! I also attempted to make matcha choco over the weekend, success but since the weather is unpredictable I'm afraid it would melt during shipment so I went ahead and just went with baking cookies and shipping those out for Valentines /: and I didn't make enough orz I had intended to sending some to a total of 4 people...only 2 got some LOL. So I'll probably do a re-do this weekend hahaha....

My favorite new game is called Line Pop from Line! Its on the android and itunes market. hurhurhur! Its basically a cutter version of Bejeweled but its also got a shorter time per game /: like a minute each round?!

HG foundation!! I can't believe its discontinued! nooooo I say this is as good as the Kat Von D matte foundation and for fraction of the price! I got mine off ebay for $11. Free shipping. Which is averagely how much you'd pay for most drug store foundation lately. I need to restock on these before I can never find any ): worse comes to worse, I'll switch to Kat Von D when this fully runs out. Medium to Heavy Coverage and it does finish to a powdery look but I still like to set it with powder to be sure. And unlike the new CoverGirl dupe, it doesnt oxidize (or at least not that I noticed it oxidizing at all on my skin and its not a pinky tone either. Forgiving for yellow under toned people)

Durping with dooooooooooooog <3 15-20="" a="" additional="" an="" and="" as="" boba="" despite="" distance="" drink="" drive="" dumbass="" for="" get="" gets="" having="" house....but.="" i="" in="" inside.="" is="" know="" lol="" meal="" milk="" mins="" my="" of="" one="" only="" option="" out="" p="" place="" pudding="" sd="" sells="" several="" shops="" shot="" taro="" tea="" that="" the="" this="" to="" waah.="" walking="" way="" within="" would="" yes="" you="">

And now for some shameless wishlist lust list that I'll eventually get these bad boys because its almost summer and you can't really wear boots as much as you want in the SoCal heat ):< and my platform boots are dead anyway >_> I haven't gotten around to replacing them. I mostly wear them to shows nowadays and not so much to cons as I use to. Oh well. Time to move up. or more like style change? blegh lol.

 Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Wing Sandals | Jeremy Scott Wing Ballet Flats

To be honest, when the Melissa sandals first came out I thought they looked ridiculously ugly lol. But it grew on me! They even come in different colors OwO and those flats! I've always luisted over them when they came out! I'm not a flats person because I'm short enough as it is! But their pretty easy to put on when you're rushing out the door! Want! 

HellCatPunks Fanny Pack | Romwe Cross Tattoo Tights | Glad News Sweater

Boy London

I pretty much just threw this here for a point of reference for now lol....yeah ironic before I would have lusted over Sex Pot Revenge and graphics and etc lol...I still love spr for their fun graphics and cut sews but ah the price tag (as if VW and Boy London isn't that pricey orz hahaha /gets slap/...I also like Listen Flavor >w<....I need more color in my life)

LOL, not a lot of people like fanny packs and etc, but do you have any idea how easy they are and they never get in the way?! LOL. I have a Sentimental Circus clip-on pouch that is so handy but it doesn't really work when your leggings or pants don't have belt loops to clip it on orz I can probably make one myself. Comes in handy when you go to shows but lately, I've been a hermit orz uwu why bother...

Tattoo tights are everywhere! But crossss and star ones are on my top of my list for the summer season~ sometimes wearing tights in the summer can be a pain too but yeah~ (and yet here this beezie is looking at sweaters and long sleeved shirts lawl. but then again me and Toshi are known to wear long sleeves, jackets and sweaters in the middle of summer. No one wants to get farmers tan or any tanner at all lol....)

Yeah, this is probably why I don't cosplay anymore lmao.......mhmm....orz

Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm back logged from more posts since I got sick with the flu recently , its been going around in the office and even at home. Hitting me and my little brother together so we got quarantined away from the rest of everyone else (that didn't last long lol since I pretty much spent the rest of the weekend dying on the couch playing Warriors Orochi again. Goodness how much I missed that game. But I haven't even finished Dante's Inferno orz and I  need to get the map pass for COD I just...haven't boo) 

I thought I would have more of an update to talk about but turns out I didn't. Or that I thought I had more photos sitting in my PC but turns out I didn't /: I guess I'm quite boring, that or I just dont take photos when I'm drunk LOL 
my netflix was totally trolling me 
Last weekend (??? I already lost track of time) we did the hunter x hunter shoot and it rained heavily the days before so instead of having a bunch of people coming out, it turned out it was just us .__. oh well.

Some behind the scene shots from the shoot, yeah, again I thought I had more photos from the weekend but I clearly didn't orz boo, maybe I was too pre-occupied from not dying lol..DO YOU SEE HOW HIGH UP I AM ON THAT ROCK?! lol (too chicken shit to go closer to the edge)

We went to an abandoned zoo/old old old zoo in Glendale and also rode on old Carousel~ OwO Hisoka wasn't cooperating on the carousel ride so no photos lawl. But Kurapika sure was enjoying themselves.

And why are the kids playing in the dark?! lol, it was an abandoned shack we found in the back of the zoo.
There were a bunch of hipster kids there too taking photos of their group with their flower band headbands and funky colored tights  ಠ__ ಠ

Yeah I did some shopping before, this was from a while ago but I finally got them  ಠ_ ಠ eee my wallet. 
I love you taobao LOL that Chanel purse was only $20 hahahahaha. Is it real? Is it fake? psh. For $20 it can be w/e! 

Some Boy London Lggings and more Vivienne Westwood stuff, earrings to compliment my orb necklace and armor rings. I don't think I can ever get tired of VW. I love their accessories. So classy and timeless. And I hear Ai Yazawa is drawing again, does that mean we'll finally know what happened to Nana?! :o

Macarons and Rilakkuma haul from Little Tokyo from that weekend~ I figured I should get some stationary for when I write stuff / send stuff to people lol. And Macarons!!!!!!!! ROSE X VANILLA FOREVER I tried to get my family other flavors before but they always end up rotting in the fridge and no one wants to eat them =A= so they get basically....PLAIN Vanilla :x (I'm not complaining coz I actually love these two flavors hahaha) 

THE BEST PART OF THE WEEKEND WAS. (other than 4 hrs of karaoke resulting in me without a voice and killing 3 things of Soju and a bottle of rum) WAS BEING ABLE TO TRY ONE OF THESE LUSTROUS BREAD BOX THINGIES OMMGG /DIES/ I know Akiba in SF is pretty famous for these so when I found out SoCal actually has this /deaaaath/ 
Its ok, I walked *a lot* the day before so I can gorge myself on this LOOOOL 

I forgot where Ash took us, some place in Roland Heights something Cafe ಠ___ಠ....

Its basically a giant box....made of carbs bread lol. Filled with more carbs bread and did I mention it was SWEET?! and In it, you get ice cream, fruits, sweet condensed milk and more bread~ and honey and etc :o /savory/  its ok, I justified it by working out days after coming back, the effort still counts. I also downloaded Hip Hop Abs. NO shame. LOL. I don't like talking bout what I do as far as working out goes coz Just no.

But yeah, Valentines is coming up, I had intended to do some shopping for supplies over the weekend but I got sick and sat on the couch and ate. Slept and gamed a whole lot x__X so I guess that means I'll procrastinate and try and get stuff done next weekend. Baked. Boxed and shipped out .___. all before V-day....its also Toshi's bday too

but for those who are looking for something interesting but still craft. Heres a tutorial on how to make your own Matcha Choco ohoho, which I'll definitely be doing as well.

Good luck~