Friday, February 22, 2013

SCREAMINNNNNGGGG LOOOO if you follow me on twitter (@dearx) and on instagram (@dearxx) you probably noticed the spam of Yes and Nos on my debate on getting this game since I haven't finished Dante's Inferno...(I got as far as Pride and according to gamefaqs lawl. I'm only 4 stages left from completing the game QwQ but IDK I got distracted with a new game?!)

I wasn't planning on getting this game till Saturday night since I work super early Friday and Saturday morning again and no body got time for games anymore qAq but I caved and got it~ waaah. The last Metal Gear game I played was Snake Eater and even then I didn't even finish it =A=;; I ended up watching my brothers game and spoiling everything. Oh well D8

I had every intention on going to the Mac store actually to get new powder but instead I went the other way to Gamestop loooo

This is as close to Bayonetta/Devil May Cry as I'm gonna get for a really long time since Bayonetta 2 is an exclusive title for Wii U D8< noooooo people are saying it might be localized for the Xbox and PS3 eventually but IDK. Nintendo probably had to pay a butt load of money to make it an exclusive title for their Wii U but still....OF ALL THE GAME. WHY BAYONETTA D8< GDI. I know we should be happy they even made a sequel but will it even live up to the first?! Or are we seeing another Devil May Cry 2

I managed to get an hr of gaming in last night and its fun. They did it right. Good soundtrack, voice acting is top notch, camera angle is adjustable - you control the camera as you wish. No 'block' button so better get used to perry-ing. Hone your reflexes from God of War lawl coz you're gonna need to be hitting some buttons as they pop on your screen.

Me bro and I were talking while getting the game...5 yrs ago, if someone would have told us that Raiden would be kick ass and that everyone would be raving about his new game, they probably would have gotten punched lol, I guess this is Konami saying "hey, hey hey~ Raiden ain't all that bad" We just had to chop him up and make him into a cyborg. No biggie.

This game will hopefully tie me down as I sit and cry because I want a 3DS for Harvest Moon lawl

edit: I think its kinda off/weird and off putting when you blog about games when your bloglayout is clearly pink. stars and everything that screams girl but tbh anyone who knows me irl would be like 'wtf' lawl...this blog layout is so not me but still....

I worked overtime last week and have extra money, the responsible thing to do is to save it and pay off debt. I really want a 3DS but lol. I'm gonna try to be a responsible adult and say no to it for now. Plus I just got MGS sobs orz Harvest Moon and Zelda and cooking mama you gotta wait...;A; oh the woes of being an adult...

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