Monday, February 18, 2013

Bread & Photo Dumps

Another weekly photo dump lawl~ A little more productive this time? Maybe? lol.
I went to the park across the street from my Condo since they were holding some kind of New Year Festival. I went with the intent to find food. And that I did. I found brick toast! Yes I was definitely definitely happy! Since I didn't think any place in SD was serving this )': so I was excited to find it at a festival of all place~ They even had some displays at the park

But I couldn’t help but feel some overwhelming sense that annoying hipster younger kids from the high school were there secretly judging everyone there who looked remotely within their age range. And it just reminded me how much I hated high school and how much I never wanted to look back at it.

So many kids were sporting their hipster glasses, tight jeans and hipster attire from Urban Outfitters. Their mid drift cut off shirts and loose cardigans, long loose braids and headbands. Got nothing against the style tbh, but I think the overwhelming amount of numbers and pretenciousness stenched up the air, not to mention I’m sure a few were judging my choise of wardrobe (as I chose today of all days to sport my Boy London leggings with a long top mind you)

SMH. I’m getting old. You know I’m getting old when you start to think if hipsters were worse than scene kids /: Or was everyone trying too hard to be Korean brought on by the Ulzzang wave. Nonetheless, I got my damn bread box toast thingie.

Also, rumor says there were some kids who went to the festival earlier in /cosplay/. My mom said she spotted a girl with a green wigh and pigtails. My money is on a Vocaloid cosplay lol.

I think I’m just getting old and bitter LOL I also made my first attempt at making bread last night and this morning I decided to take the leap and try to make another batch of bread, this time going big or going home and clearly this time we went big! I attempted to make Custard bread! Photos below~

 After the festival (we had dessert before dinner lmao) we went to my favorite bar food Asian fusion place~ my friend never tried Bulgogi Fries before so it was definitely a must to order~ And got some Ghalbi tacos with it. Happy hour had 50% Soju. Hell yeah!

So far the best sparkling sake I've tried~ was tempted to get some but I decided against since we already went drinking earlier that evening but happy to know Hmart now carries this ohohoho and Cosmo World just opened up inside the Hmart and I got alittle too excited over the $1 face masks sheets ;A;

I picked up strawberry, honey, green tea, citrus collagen, lavender and MILK masks. Milk being my favorite gaaaah milk anything <3 font="">
I should now be set for a good week and a half lmao! Assuming I don't get too lazy to not do this...

Last night I attempted to make BREAD for the first time! I probably watched  how many Youtube videos before plunging in to try! My mom keeps telling me that making bread is hard but to try and mimic the bread from Asian bakeries is even more harder! Definitely a lot to learn and some trial and errors a long the way! My first attempt last night was to make Milk Bread, I basically followed the same recipe online if you type in Hokkaido Milk Pan and did some alterations to the recipe. For starters I used a combination between white wheat and All Purpose flour I did a 2:1 ratio of all purpose flour to white wheat. And wheat is still a pretty overwhelming flavor and I noticed it does tend to dry out the bread just a little more. So make sure to make adjustments if you're going to try using wheat! I also added a good helping of powdered milk into the mixture (I actually used Carnation Breakfast Essential in French Vanilla, I highly doubt its real milk powder lol but Carnation does make a /real/ dry milk powder (non-fat) which can be found at the baking isle in most grocery stores. I just used what I had in my pantry.

But tonight's adventure was making CUSTARD PAN! I didn't want to keep going to the store to buy my custard pan which at Nijiya pretty much goes for about $4-5 for a pack of 6 mini breads. But they've got their recipe down to an art - and this is something I'm still working on perfecting! The recipe I followed to make this was the one I found on youtube:

And this is how mine turned out:

Using the same recipe and with the excess dough I had left over, I stuffed the rest with pulled-pork lol and made pork buns! The outide is hard almost crunchy but when you get down to the middle its super soft~

I made some changes on the recipe she posted, I added (again) milk powder / carnation shit lol in the mixture, I also did a Whole White Wheat x All Purpose Flour mixture but this time I used less of the wheat and more of the All Purpose Flour since not everyone in my family likes wheat and I figured I should perfect or get a better handle on making bread before using exclusively wheat bread. I'm thinking its probably the wheat that could be drying out the batter. I should add a bit more liquids maybe that would make a difference...
I also added a good helping of condensed milk into the batter while I was mixing the yeast to milk mixture. (I also used skim milk, I'm assuming if you went with a whole milk option the custard would have come out thicker and your batter would be more plump too) 

On the custard too, I found that mine didn't thicken as much as hers did, I ended up having to add more corn starch to get it to a thicker consistency but still not super thick as hers looked and my mom mentioned that it wasn't as sweet - which I guess depending on your preference you can adjust the sweetness by adding more sugar. I have a cold so it was hard for me to really taste how sweet or bland I was making the custard. But so far no one at home is complaining!  I'm still going to keep browsing to find the perfect soft bun recipe and will continue to try until I get the perfect Hokkaido Milk bun!

D-Plus Natural Yeast bread is my favorite ;A; their green tea, hokkaido cream and coffee are the besssssttt and the chocolate isn't bad! Super soft~ I shove it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds before eating and its just super soft ;A; my mom said they probably use preservatives to keep it super soft qAq depressing orz I guess it makes sense considering their commercial )':

Theres alot of videos on youtube that talk about making chinese buns, so I'll probably look more into them and experiment some more 

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