Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm back logged from more posts since I got sick with the flu recently , its been going around in the office and even at home. Hitting me and my little brother together so we got quarantined away from the rest of everyone else (that didn't last long lol since I pretty much spent the rest of the weekend dying on the couch playing Warriors Orochi again. Goodness how much I missed that game. But I haven't even finished Dante's Inferno orz and I  need to get the map pass for COD I just...haven't boo) 

I thought I would have more of an update to talk about but turns out I didn't. Or that I thought I had more photos sitting in my PC but turns out I didn't /: I guess I'm quite boring, that or I just dont take photos when I'm drunk LOL 
my netflix was totally trolling me 
Last weekend (??? I already lost track of time) we did the hunter x hunter shoot and it rained heavily the days before so instead of having a bunch of people coming out, it turned out it was just us .__. oh well.

Some behind the scene shots from the shoot, yeah, again I thought I had more photos from the weekend but I clearly didn't orz boo, maybe I was too pre-occupied from not dying lol..DO YOU SEE HOW HIGH UP I AM ON THAT ROCK?! lol (too chicken shit to go closer to the edge)

We went to an abandoned zoo/old old old zoo in Glendale and also rode on old Carousel~ OwO Hisoka wasn't cooperating on the carousel ride so no photos lawl. But Kurapika sure was enjoying themselves.

And why are the kids playing in the dark?! lol, it was an abandoned shack we found in the back of the zoo.
There were a bunch of hipster kids there too taking photos of their group with their flower band headbands and funky colored tights  ಠ__ ಠ

Yeah I did some shopping before, this was from a while ago but I finally got them  ಠ_ ಠ eee my wallet. 
I love you taobao LOL that Chanel purse was only $20 hahahahaha. Is it real? Is it fake? psh. For $20 it can be w/e! 

Some Boy London Lggings and more Vivienne Westwood stuff, earrings to compliment my orb necklace and armor rings. I don't think I can ever get tired of VW. I love their accessories. So classy and timeless. And I hear Ai Yazawa is drawing again, does that mean we'll finally know what happened to Nana?! :o

Macarons and Rilakkuma haul from Little Tokyo from that weekend~ I figured I should get some stationary for when I write stuff / send stuff to people lol. And Macarons!!!!!!!! ROSE X VANILLA FOREVER I tried to get my family other flavors before but they always end up rotting in the fridge and no one wants to eat them =A= so they get basically....PLAIN Vanilla :x (I'm not complaining coz I actually love these two flavors hahaha) 

THE BEST PART OF THE WEEKEND WAS. (other than 4 hrs of karaoke resulting in me without a voice and killing 3 things of Soju and a bottle of rum) WAS BEING ABLE TO TRY ONE OF THESE LUSTROUS BREAD BOX THINGIES OMMGG /DIES/ I know Akiba in SF is pretty famous for these so when I found out SoCal actually has this /deaaaath/ 
Its ok, I walked *a lot* the day before so I can gorge myself on this LOOOOL 

I forgot where Ash took us, some place in Roland Heights something Cafe ಠ___ಠ....

Its basically a giant box....made of carbs bread lol. Filled with more carbs bread and did I mention it was SWEET?! and In it, you get ice cream, fruits, sweet condensed milk and more bread~ and honey and etc :o /savory/  its ok, I justified it by working out days after coming back, the effort still counts. I also downloaded Hip Hop Abs. NO shame. LOL. I don't like talking bout what I do as far as working out goes coz Just no.

But yeah, Valentines is coming up, I had intended to do some shopping for supplies over the weekend but I got sick and sat on the couch and ate. Slept and gamed a whole lot x__X so I guess that means I'll procrastinate and try and get stuff done next weekend. Baked. Boxed and shipped out .___. all before V-day....its also Toshi's bday too

but for those who are looking for something interesting but still craft. Heres a tutorial on how to make your own Matcha Choco ohoho, which I'll definitely be doing as well.

Good luck~ 

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