Saturday, February 16, 2013

White Wheat Milk Cookies

A very very accurate depiction of how I feel this morning LMAO! I woke up at 5-5:30am and crawled out of bed and went to work for dispatching this morning. Did I mention I caught another cold? Maybe this is what I get for commenting that people are weak for catching colds so easily and bitching about it when in reality I'm probably just as bad about it. This is also what we get for not having functioning windows at work LOL their just there to mock us that the outside world is just past a 6" glass window lololol and everyone in the office who have small children is always sick and obviously it effects everyone else in the office. GDI. I dont know how many vitamins I take but its still not enough.  I am terrible congested right now, miserable but at least no sore throat? ;A; I still want to go out after work...but I would like to go home first and clean myself up lol. Or at least change!

Valentines treat to myself lol beauty day?!
Mostly because I want to clean up and try on my new babies lmao Yes lashes lashes lashes. I love lashes. I love Park Bom because shes always wearing lashes. I realized I'm not all too fond of the Daiso lashes tbh, the ones with the spikes on them like the gyaru brand Diamond Lashes. The spikes are ok I guess but I always prefer the more full dolly effect of fuller lashes versus the spiked ones. But of course these always look a lot better with circle lenses but I am too sick right now to even really be bothered to stab my eyes with lenses. Not to mention I need to get new ones orz I only have green ones left and an unopened purple ones I'm saving for Melty cosplay....

$6 with free shipping for 10 pairs of lashes. Not bad...and I only waited 2-3 days for them to arrive... I still have a drawer full of diamond lash and daiso ones too lol...I know some people who have a way worse lash addiction because I rarely wear mine (wish I wore them more often but lazyness) BUT IM CLEARLY DIGRESSING FROM THE POINT OF THIS POST.

This week's experiment is making white wheat milk why do I call them milk cookies? Well, I added milk powder to them lol...I made some cookies for Valentines and sent them out but I didn't take photos of them. They were just Marshmallow and Sakura flavored cookies. I didn't make enough ): so I was only able to send them to 2 parties. I need to make more so I can some some super belated ones to other friends....maybe they can consider theirs White Day cookies instead lol....

When I make cookies normally I use All Purpose White Flour but I was in the mood to try and experiment since I know cookies are laden with fat, fat and more fatty carbs (which is what makes them oh so yummy! So bad for us!) and also because I always sit here and regret my choices after I devour a white chocolate chip macadamia cookie so in an effort to lessen my guilt by a tiny bit I wanted to try using Wheat flour to add some more goodness. But before I went and doved into making white wheat white chocolate chip macadamia cookies I figured I'd try something else first. 

Now lets assemble the players!

1 Cup Margarine or Butter
1 Cup White Sugar (I prefer powder sugar since its more fine)
2 Eggs
2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
3 Cups Flour (see notes at the bottom regarding white wheat)
1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda
1 Teaspoon Salt

375 Degrees and bake for 8 Mins. Or till edges brown up
Yields about a good 24 
but if you're cutting them up into shapes, then expect more

Honestly, this is a loose recipe I follow, I always adjust the amount of sugar and flavoring I add on there and sometimes add a little something extra - like almonds or milk powder...etc etc...

This was the first time working with white wheat flour, I thought about using Whole Wheat flour but when I looked more into it, a lot of people suggested using white wheat instead, theres still some experimentation I need to do to find the right ratio between white wheat to all purpose. You DONT want to use ALL white wheat flour for cakes or cookie recipes, their going to turn bread-y and chewy ish and not exactly cookie-ish in texture and would be hard to cut out into shapes even after sitting in the fridge to chill because theres too much gluten in the wheat creating it to be more sticky and bread like. Truth be told these cookies turned out  like short bread style cookies, almost chewy.  A lot of bakers suggest doing 25% White Wheat, 75% All purpose. When I initially measured it all out, I thought of going big or going home. So I did 50-50. Bad idea. Like I mentioned, the batter turned out like dough. I ended up having to add more flour as I tried to roll out the dough so I can even cut them out into shapes. I probably ended up with something a long the lines of 1/2 cup of White Wheat and maybe 3/4 of All purpose flour just to get it to roll out and hold its shape.

You can definitely taste the wheat in these cookies too, so if you're not a fan of wheaty stuff, I suggest using even less wheat in there. I'm going to continue mixing up the recipe to find the perfect ratio oAo but this is my sad attempt at something 'healthier' per se >___>lll   And this recipe also makes the cookies kinda bland, I always end up adding more powder sugar like 1/2 cup more to make it taste a little sweeter and throwing powder sugar over the cookies when their done. So far, none of my friends have complained lol :D which I like to think is a good thing?! lol

Whats with the carnation breakfast powder? oh that, I just threw 2 packets of it into the batter in an attempt to substitute it for milk....and well, you get some good essential vitamins and nutrients in there too right?! lol /gets shot/ I also considered throwing in royal milk tea powder in the mix or any type of powder you want in there for shits and giggles.

I'm going to try baking a cupcake with the white wheat blend in next and see how it turns out :D I normally prefer cookies since they last a little longer versus cupcakes and they ship easier too....

also, note that using wheat on your cookies/cupcakes makes their shelf life shorter too. After the rest of these cookies gets devoured by other people (because Godknwos I wont eat it lol because I shouldn't eat everything I bake lol) I'll try and experimenting White Wheat White Chocolate Chip (macadamia) cookies then moving onto experimenting the white wheat into cupcakes which to be honest I'd imagine would be better as cakes versus cookies? WE SHALL SEE!

Also, I got the White Wheat Flour from Trader Joes. They run at about $2.99 here for a decent sized bag and it will last you for a long time since you won't really be needing to use the entire thing. Maybe I'll make Matcha bread or strawberry bread to try my hand at making those illusive milk bread you usually get at the Asian market using the Tangzhong method...hmm...

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