Saturday, April 23, 2011

Frugally vain

Alot of people tend to make the mistake of throwing away make up tubes assuming that its all used up or empty! But! nu-uh! Half the time we're throwing away product that could still very well contain a good amount of make up inside! :O
I personally have made that mistake before when I use to use foundation that came in a tube. Then I remember someone mentioning before in another blog that they had cut open their BB Cream tube or Urban Decay Primer Potion to uncover theres still a good amount of product left. So taking that suggestion to heart, I thought I was running low on my Boots No.7 makeupbase/primer. Which I absolutely love! It cost under $12 and works amazing in covering up my red undertones ;A; which I absolutely detest!

Yes, yes, I know, the stuff is under $12 but still, do you have any idea how much you're wasting if you just think 'oh, theres nothing left coming out of the package, time to get a new one~' so realistic you're cheating yourself out of the product you buy! I for one would love to get the most bang for my buck!

So I took an exact o knife of blade and cut the top open and using a plastic knife, scraped off every bit of the product left, which was mostly stuck to the side or at the very bottom/top of the packaging :D and transferred it into a plastic container that you can get practically anywhere, mostly in the 'travel' section.
I got this lil plastic pot at walmart for $.93 cent! They come in different colors and sizes (per ounce)

And I'm sure I still have enough product to last me through spring/summer :O! Since I dont really use alot of it.
mwahahaha yes for being stingy!

And here is a shot of my 'make up counter' where I keep most of my every-day product. Everything else is stored in drawers or in my metal kaboodle.

Friday, April 22, 2011

San Francisco Part 1

LOLZ. So I totally need to update my blog layout...oAo;;; its totally not epic like everyone elses'! LOLZ

LONG POST MIGHT BE LONG SO I think I should just go ahead and cut this into a strictly entry for my Norcal Trip! >D!

So as I wrote before, I took a road trip to Norcal last week with my sis and Dad to check out my sisters future prison/school xD, UC Berkley and well, SF in General.

I went to SF couple years ago right after HS and the day after I got my license LOL we took a road trip to SF. Moms motto was, the best way to learn how to drive, is to KEEP driving. So, I guess she took it to heart and made me drive from San Diego all the way to San Francisco for a weekend/con trip to San Francsico when Anime Overdose was still called, Anime Overdose (AOD) before I believe they changed it to Anime On Display?...

I wont bore you guys with a really long text entry...D':

golden gate bridge at twilight.
we went here after we had food at China Town. So, forgive the pretty dark photo....

What I forgot to upload here or is in my PC at home and I'm once again clearly writing this up at work. are photos from the parking garage in china town! LOLZ the parking slots in one of the garage lots had FORTUNES written on them LAWLZ. I'll probably post them up in another entry or check out my facebook! :D

I /had/ to take a photo of this. Reminds me of back in Asia
where people WOULD shamelessly hang their clothes out their window like
its nothing LOLZ.
Ash had to LOL at it too >D!
Oh China Town~

Ate so much while being in SF. I have more photos /: but all these are the ones from my DSLR. I guess the ones on my cellphone are on my hard drive at home OTL. So I guess expect another entry later on with funny-er photos /:

JAPAN TOWN. Yes the following day, instead of going to CAL Day with my sister and her friend
I went to JapanTown with Toshi LAWLZ! >D

more photo dump later 8B, and I realized I need to have a watermark on my photos =_=;;;

Friday, April 15, 2011


LOLOLOL So after a LONG LONG CAR trip we finally made it to San Francisco/Berkley! No photos yet since I'm using my sis' laptop since I was a butt and decided not to bring mine assuming my itouch wouldnt be a beezie but clearly it is! D': pieceofshit
I drove straight from work last night at 8 and made it all the way to Fresno which we got there around 2ish, checked into a cheapy motel, crashed. Woke up at 8/9. Hopped back on the road! >:D
and we finally made it to Berkley around 2? or3? Something like that LAWLZ.
Quick check in at the hotel and then hit China Town and Golden Gate bridge in San Fran.

Tomorrow I get to kick it with Toshi while sis goes to check out her future college/prison >:D
University of Berkley. Unfortunately, Toshi cancelled the Hakuouki shoot at the last min ;A;
and here I was busting my ass off to finish Kazama in time, but i guess its for the best considering my sewing machine started being a jackass to me at the last min ;A;
maaaaaan, I'm going to have to redo this shit D:< since I wasnt happy with it to begin with....>__>;;

but all is good! Tomorrow we're hitting Japan Town for the Sakura Festival.
I wish I had packed better....LOOOLZ I just threw w/e into my bag >_>ll

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, it looks like things are going to fall into place just nicely. Or as it should! D':

I have a job interview tomorrow with a company but I also applied for concierge at my brothers place; a swanky Hyatt place.lawlz. at this point, I just need a job that pays over $8 an hr! to make ends meet >D! gyaaah but thats not the point of this entry.

Sorry, its going to a boring text only entry /:

Me and Toshi decided to do a LAST MINUTE Hakuouki shoot for this weekend! Considering I'm heading to Berkley tomorrow night after work and catching up with Toshi on Saturday LAWWL
/excited but! lol. Gotta bust my butt to finish Kazama intime! I started on Toshi's Kazama kimono ver. last year around Oct to have it supposedly done for ALA since we were suppose to have a group there! lol, but the group fell through and shit happened to me. Ahahaha, so I dug up the piece last night and started putting them together.
The black Hapi is almost done, tonight, I need to finish the white kimono and finish hemming the black one. I was suppose to get up early this morning to do it, but clearly that didnt happen! So I believe I'll just have to pull an all nighter and get much of it as finished as possible then pack for Berkley tonight as well! oAoll spazz....

Its going to be crazy but exciting.
I also went and got new head phones, SkullCandy plugs (I prefer the clip on-over the ear type) but one cannot complain when their $5! and their skull candies! LOLZ. Thankgoodness for Marshalls. I didnt have time to browse at their bags though. I've been needing a new bag for a while now since I currently carry a messenger bag thats clearly way too big lawl for everyday use...LOOOLz its ok for Work since I can stuff crap in there for work, but not for when I go out....

I was suppose to sew one but clearly that didnt happen LOL and well, now we're clearly down to the wire! LOOOOLZ. Oh man. I'll probably suck it up and end up using the same bag I've been using - aka falling apart....xD;; most of my bags are held up with duck tape at this point and my grandma hates it XD;;

I still have photos and videos to edit from the Hetalia shoot and then I'm sure I'll have more to shoot / edit and cut after this SF trip! xDD! I even borrowed my brothers spare phone so I can shoot video in it when I can lawwwwlz.....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hetalia shoot + makeup Review!!! (LA Shopping haul)

b'awwwww D:<

but yay, I wanted to do a quicky update before I let it pile up in a big lump of random shit and will never update. lol.

So, went to LA this last weekend to help get my roomie's piano down from her old apartment down to our new condo in SD. And to do a Hetalia shoot at Huntington Library :B with my sis who flew in all the way from Florida to go on college tours for UCSD, UCLA and Berkley. which I will be tagging along with them this weekend to go on a loooong car trip on my new versa to SF :X
hopefully I can catch with Toshi while I'm up there D':
havent seen that bitch in forever .___. and I know she keeps insisting that I go to Fanime. B'awww

anyways moving on.

While in LA, we managed to dig around downtown LA for a bit and spend alittle too much of our nonexistent money >__>;;
among the purchases we did were:

  • ben nye make up LAWLZ (nerdy cosplays)
  • a new teasing brush ( for my dread makings lawwlz .___. )
  • custard pans D:< - nom nom junkfoods
  • new tights xD, no pic, but I got those damn vertical striped tights I've been looking at for so long, their the clearish tights with bold black vertical stripes that goes down. Sadly, I already ripped a hole on the sheer part =_=;; but atleast I got the website of the store I bought them from :D the lady that sold them to me at the Glendale Mall offered me their site to order stuff from and its free shipping for orders over $45. Support Small Businesses! :D
  • and; BB Cream and NYX Eyeshadow Primer (this shit is the fucking bommmmb! for the fraction of the price and it comes in a pot! ok, review coming up lawlz, yes?)

I feel so bad lol coz I'm pretty sure im going to SF with practically no money at all so hopefully Dad will spoil us for not being around for so long. lawlz /fucked up
.__. but I gotta set aside for expensive rent =_=ll dont ask why we have cable when we dont use it, its an argument I've lost....
moving on!

I'll be posting up photos from the very laid back casual Hetalia shoot at the Huntington library....the security guard was giving us a hard time even though we were all dressed pretty casual =_=ll I seem to just get stopped EVERYWHERE I go. The other week when we went to Dland, me and Mikey got stopped and questioned! WTF. SERIOUSLY?!!! makes me rage lawl.

I wont blog much about the Huntington Shoot on this entry, will do so in the next entry when I have videos and pictures done and ready to be uploaded :D

so basically after the piano moving, we had time to kill so we derped around Glendale Galleria then hit up Little Tokyo. And there. oh boy. lawlz. I wanted to hit up Maneki Meko, a store that carries NYX! :D lovelovelove NYX. The store is located NEXT to the Sanrio store in Little Tokyo in the same plaza as The Cube, Sanrio and Nijiya.

I picked up the NYX Eyeshadow primer in natural shade. Which according to their site
"Apply before eyeshadow to hold, intensify, and make eyeshadow last longer."

they have 2 other different 'primers' one for intensify the color and another is to give eyeshadow a more pearl tone to it. I'd like to collect them all some day :X

What I like about this is:

  • It comes in a POT! Versus the Urban Decay Primer Potion which comes with a wand and etc, a lot of people have complained that the packaging isnt very practical, which I personally agree as well
  • Price!!!! :D its under $15! 8DDD I think I paid $10? or $11ish after taxes.
  • After 8 hrs of wear, the eyeshadow still stayed without much creasing. And I used a metallic and matte eyeshadow. And normally I find the metallic shimmer shadows tend to crease faster on my lids. but yeayeah! :D
  • you only need a SMALL amount, a little goes a long way!
  • creamy soft light texture
  • Comes in a pot - can be a hygiene issue since most people wouldnt wanna dip their finger into the container, but I like the pot since it caters to makeup artists. When working with clients, I'd simply use a plastic spatula, scoop up a SMALL amount and apply.
Would I buy it again?: Fyeah! I freakin' LOVE NYX makeup 8D

Also known as BLEMISH Cream is like a tinted moisturizer with added perks to it~
this is my first BB Cream and I was in Maneki Meko when I saw that they are carrying BB CREAM! I was like o.o hoshit! nab!! they were selling Skin79 (pink) and the oriental gold.
This specific BB Cream offers:
SPF 25 + Whitening 8B

now I've heard mixed reviews about this and most BB creams for that matter.
I personally am not pasty white Asian but I wanted to give this a shot anyway. The packaging is better than the Gold Oriental ver. This one comes in a pump with a NOZZLE. Unlike the Gold Oriental one, it doesnt and just oozes down the package D':

for some reason my hand looks darker here LOLz. took this in my room against the window light.

(took this photo in my room ALSO o_O)

Color: the color when squeezed out comes out in a nice light beige color which blends alright. I personally wear Light beige foundation but my actual skin tone should be in the Beige region. I am just guilty of wearing a foundation a shade or two lighter than my skin tone regardless of summer or not, but I always make it a point to BLEND~

Light texture, goes on smoothly! :D and I have dry skin. So I was afraid it might dry out my skin or flakey but what I like about this is, like what most people said: it gives a nice dewy finish to the skin! 8B
I didnt even put a base or moisturizer underneath. It did leave my skin with a nice, smooooth texture :o

Coverage: medium coverage :D I was pretty amazed at how good the coverage was for something thats supposedly a 'tinted moisturizer' of sorts
its light and doesnt feel like you're wearing a heavy vale on your face. I finish this off with mineral powder to try and set it if need be but I've actually gone out without having to use finishing powder and its still looks and lasts pretty good :D
granted, I havent sweated in it LOLZ but of course makeup will melt eventually if your baking in the sun! LOLZ


Since it is a light to medium coverage, I still did notice that halfway through the day, my red undertones started showing up. I'm pretty sure they were there but under the lighting in my bathroom I couldnt tell. Lolz. but of course, normallyI would wear a green base primer to help minimize redness but other than that, love love love this BB and the price too!

Maneki Neko/Meko? was retailing these for $19.99, so I think I paid $22ish after taxes. CA taxes, you are a bitch D:<
online you can get these bad boys for $10-15 on most amazon stores. And on most sites, probably around the $20-25 price range anyway. but I was hesitant to ordering online and just jumped on the chance when I saw it at the store D':


After the Hetalia shoot, we went to durp around Puenta Hills and did Purikura, got food and dundundundun DESSERT!!!!

Custard filled TAIYAKI! :O zomfg nomnomnom.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

when were too concerned with money...

And life...some of us tend to loose sight of creativity and shit :X
I've realized I've spent far too many days and even weeks moaping around the house being a stupid depressed fuck for only having a part-time job working 20 hrs a week and having aover $500+ to pay for in rent, so clearly, I'm always going to be behind on rent. Unless I seriously dont wanna eat for a week or two =_=ll and I've already budgetted my food like crazy. But in the end, you gotta get gas and etc too >__> and other bills to be covered as well, right?

Hence the lack of 'adventures' since I havent had money to and run off to LA for any events lately :X I've locked myself in the condo for far too long, not being very productive for that matter. Checking craigslist and begging for a call back....and sleeping in till god knows what time,wasting a whole day and sleeping super late.

But thats beside the point. Boring post is boring, I've been lacking on photos. I remember when I use to upload my LJ alot more, I atleast had semi-decent outfit posts. But no, not anymore lolz. I dress quite plain for work, I dont even really wear makeup to work LOL if I can help it, so to avoid having to use up makeup, makeup remover and etc. LAWLZ.
Yes, depressing, isnt it?.

but anyways, so I realize, I spend too much time moaping around and wasting time. And along the way, I tend to loose sight of 'creativity' I havent sewn anything in forever, drafted anything. Or made any new wigs lately.

has my creativity died down? I doubt it. I keep a notebook full of ideas. Its just a matter of execution.
since I'm hesitant to drop any money on materials needed to be creative, but. Thats what I'm missing exactly - you dont need ALOT of money to create something AWESOME. And though it may take me awhile to complete a project, I need to get my shit together and start making things again, even if it means it takes me forever to finish due to lack of funding. I need to take advantage of my free time now before I go back to school and start juggling 2 jobs and school. :X
If I ever get to that point OTL.

Wish me luck. So hopefully within the next few weeks progressing to Fanime (which I doubt I'll be able to go....) and AX. I'll have a few things done and over with. No more boring outfits plz. I cant use the whole 'my shit is in storage' excuse since I'm clearly done sleeping on couches OTL.

caffeine, oh why

Another shameless retarded stupid post from work. Dundundun. You're probably asking, why the hell am I blogging from work?! oAo
true true. but theres only so much you can while working in a call center >_> to be frank.

I have probably saturated Youtube for all its worth and subscribed to GODKNOWS HOW MANY BEAUTY BLOGS on blogspot just to give me something to read >_> and browsed Amazon to no end and THAT just makes me depress :D lawlz. So lets move on from that topic shall we?

So what I wanted to talk about is, dundundun. Caffine D:

I was up till possible 4 am this morning and all of a sudden having craved for donuts and coffee
and the sad miserable part is, when I drive my brother to work, I ALWAYS without fail, drive by a coffee and donut shop. lololz so that clearly does not help my case :D but!
I've been good. I drove pass it and fought the urge lolz. at the time it just sounded like a good idea, but that doesn't stop the craving for coffee, or so I thought. D':
so I went to vons and did some shameless grocery shopping :B hurpderp, more fruits for smoothies and of course the usual noodles and canned soup (oh poor student budget :D kekeke)
and I came home with 2 cans of Seattle's Best Coffee. They were on sale vs Starbucks which I'm quickly tired of already. the sad part is, I have that can sitting infront of me and I have no grand desire to drink it anymore ;; and I still have a can of monster in my fridge >___> wow what happened.
I use to down myself in coffee, energy drinks and etc like it was water D:

instead I've traded all my caffeine in for this:

LOOL yes Green Tea! >D I use to dislike the taste of green tea but have liked all sorts of other teas before that, I think its simply an acquired taste. I use to dislike soy milk and have now grown to like it. /:

mhmm. must not waste the coffee though. I'll probably save it for when I go to SF the following week then. LAWLZ. And the monster, I'll save for when my friends come over for drinks.
Monster + Vodka = best combo ever :D loooolz I seriously shouldnt be talking about alcohol here xD!

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

What is 'Hydrogen Peroxide'?:

Hydrogen peroxide, developer or activator is the 'white' stuff you use to mix and activate your hair dye to turn it into hair dye prior to slapping it on your hair :D

It is H202, and it is a oxidizing agent that you use to mix with an oxidative agent such as Hair Dye. It supplies the needed oxygen the dye needs to pretty much 'activate' it. PH levels usually range between 2.5 to 4.5 When mixed together with the dye and applied to the hair, the activator reacts and 'opens' up the hair cuticles to allow the hair dye to penetrate the hair shaft. The higher the level of the developer, the higher the your color will 'lift'
You mentioned different names and forms?

Most places/people call Hydrogen Peroxide 'developer' or 'activator' as described above.
It comes in different forms, such as your regular basic liquid cream form (white liquid), gel (clear liquid. I personally dont like using gel as it tends to be runny) and sometimes even a heavier cream version which is best used for when bleaching your brows :D as its a thicker consistency allowing no drips or drops at all!

Levels and their usages:
H202 comes in different levels, the most basic levels you'll be able to access through your local beauty supply sheps are vol. 10-40. and Yes, they DO make developers as high as vol. 50 and 60 BUT are never advisable to be used at all! :O so dont worry about those, unless you are a licensed cosmetologist, you wouldnt be able to access anything higher than 40. And most places wont even sell you vol. 40)

Vol. 10 - Used to enhance ones own natural hair color, it doesnt 'lift' your hair color at all but it definitely works for depositing color and using it to enhance your natural shade. This developer gives the least amount of damage or NO damage at all considering its not even strong enough to open up the hair shaft.
I always suggest this to anyone who has pre-lightened hair and wants to go darker.
ie: When a friend went from black to blonde (and we all know when asians bleach their hair, is usually pretty yellow), she wanted to go 3-4 shades darker but still remain in the blonde range. So we used vol. 10 + the dye. Mixed them accordingly and reapplied to her hair.

Vol. 20 - most standard of the developers, this is the one most commonly used in boxed dyes (usually the ones that comes in the boxes are alittle bit more dilluted), this is also the developer used for full gray coverage. This would lift your hair 2 shades.
its strong enough to open up the hair cuticles and deposit the dye just enough but not too strong that it'd completely open up the hair shaft.

Vol. 30 - Use this for alittle bit more of a KICK to your hair lifting, this would lift you up atleast 3 volumes and is most commonly used with 'Hi Lift Colors' Most commonly adviced when using L'oriel high lift colors, per box instruction

Vol. 40 - Highest max lift in 1 step. This would lift you a nice 4-5 shades in one step.
I highly advice this for anyone going Blonde :B since it def helps lift you up a good 4-5 shades.
I wont go into detail in regard to 'how do I lift my hair to blonde blablabla, atleast not on this post. :D I'll go into it much more detailed in a different post. This is just a basic break down on Developers and what they do and whatnot.

What are the 'hair levels' you're talking about?
Your hair comes in 10 different 'shade levels'. Most Asians are either a level 1 or 2. Which is Black or Dark Brown. When 'lifting' your hair, you can use this chart as a guide to see how 'high' you wanna go:

Photo provided from

Will using a higher level above 10 be damaging to my hair?
Yes. The higher the level you're using, the stronger the chemical is, harsher it is on your hair, seeing as the higher the level the more it opens up your hair shaft.

As seen in the photo below, provided by (found via google images)

the higher the developer, the more it 'raises' or opens up the hair to allow maximum porosity. The stronger the developer, the more it blasts or raises the hair cuticle which in turn, does damage your hair more and more making your hair feel more dry and course since you're taking out all that moisture and nourishment. So I always suggest babying your hair with masks and deep conditioners to try and close the cuticle and restore moisture.
When looking for a conditioner or hair masks, try to find ones that has 'Keratin Protein' in it.
keratin protein is basically the compound your hair is made out of and is very healthy for your hair to try and get as much of that keratin protein back into your hair.

Hair Lifting @ home & the "right" light tone for you

Hair Lifting @ home & the "right" light tone for you
So many people have asked me how do I lift my hair? How do I get my DARK ASIAN Hair to be a pretty light blonde? Do I even look GOOD with light hair? Are asians suppose to HAVE light hair? Why cant we just stick to having DARK hair?
this is is an on going debate that will probably never change. So many people are for it while some are against it.
Personally, I've been both dark and light :P
which do I prefer? Honestly, it just depends on my mood. Thankfully I own plenty enough wigs to play with and whatnot but there's just SOMETHING about having light hair thats definitely a show stopper >:D
First of all, there are DIFFERENT shades and tones of LIGHT hair - Blonde hair.
From golden tones to more ashy tones. I've been both! 8D but don't use me as reference.
Some people look better with a more warm tone (warmer-gold tones) while others looks better with a more lighter cool ash tones.
It all depends on your skin tone.
So before you pick up a packet of bleach and peroxide and start bleaching the crap out of your hair, stop and check your skin tone and what are your skins undertones.
Those with pink or blue skin undertones fall into the cool category. This means that hair colors that have a cool overtone will generally look much more natural on you. When I say 'cool tones' that usually falls in the category of anything with the name 'Ash' on it.
While obviously those with darker tones in their skin are best to stick with a more warm tone. This rule isnt always 100% full proof on anyone and everyone. I'd suggest using swatches and placing it against your face to try and test out what color would be best on you. Since sometimes, someone who is pasty white like white rice wouldnt look good with anything ashy as it would simply wash them out even more! Golden tones help bring warmth to the skin and gives it a more natural glow.
I personally have red undertones in my face - so something warmer works for me, but! I've been bleach blonde and SILVER before 8D
how did I get away with it? Simply my dears - Makeup. Proper makeup application. I used the proper primer and base to cancel out all my nasty red tones in my face to give my skin a more 'cool' tone to it. You wouldnt catch me walking outside without so much as a base foundation on my face when I had blonde hair ahahaha.
So just keep that in mind when picking the level and tones of 'blonde' you want to be 8D
anyways, lets move on before I continue to blab some more! I'm going to go ahead and throw myself out there and use myself as an example. I am 100% Asian born with 100% DARK black hair 8D
Examples of how much I've killed my hair, probably not THE best examples :D but its better than slapping this post with photos of ageha models who are clearly not human and photoshopped to prettyness >D (no, I'm not bashing on those models, they are gorgeous, too gorgeous that its harder for us everyday folks to try and see ourselves are.../: )

so onto how to get your hair that light 8D
first of all, bleach can and WILL damage your hair, lightening your hair to this extreme levels will result in alot of breakage, throughout the whole process I think I lost a good 4" in lenght /:
(only because I went SILVER, I'm sure I could have save myself some breakage had I not pushed to bleach it silver :D kekeke) but again, the breakage differs from each and everyones hair and how much you're hair can personall take.

what you will be needing:
  1. Gloves
  2. Plastic Bowl & Applicator Brush
  3. Plastic Processing Cap (or a shower cap but I prefer the plastic ones you can get locally at your beauty supply store)
  4. Bleach
  5. Vol. 30-40 developer (refer to my previous post on developers for info on the difference and what do they do exactly)
  6. Foil (optional)
  7. Plastic Cape & Towels
  8. Hair Mask/Deep Conditioners (my personal favorite and go to is Ion Keratin Reconstructive Mask)
  9. Vol. 20 + Toner OR the hair dye of your choice (depending on how lighter/darker of a tone it is, you'd want to get a vol. 10 or 20, again refer to my previous post on developers)
  10. Plastic Clips

How to get started:
Mixing the product: Mix your Bleach and Developer in a clean plastic bowl. Follow the instruction on your bleach packet, but more often than not, they will be asking for 1:1 ratio. That means, 1 part bleach to 1 part Developer. For those of us who aren’t too keen on math, that usually means, for 1 cup of powder bleach, you drop 1 cup of developer in. Easy enough? Mix! :D It shouldn’t feel too watery or runny, if its TOO watered down, its going to be a hot mess! You want a nice good consistency- like cake batter :D ahaha. A good way to test how ‘thick’ your mix is, if you dip your brush into it, and lift it up, if the product is thick enough, it wont simply FALL off the brush. So you know you have a good consistency and it wont just drop everywhere!

Drape a towel around your neck and another one behind you, (so you will need 2 towels)
The 2nd towel should be tucked into the back of your shirt, the first one should be wraped around your neck. Drape your plastic cape on, you usually wanna wear 2 towels incase the first one doesn’t catch any bleach residue falling into your shirt! :o which would definitely suck. The cape is optional but I always suggest picking one up since their super cheap anyway at your local beauty supply store. Or just get a big towel. But plastic capes are definitely the best since their easier to clean!
Onto the hair!

First, you wanna section your hair off in 4 different sections or regions, it just simply makes it easier to do it and allows you to do cleaner and easier partings to properly distribute the product onto your hair. If you have sensitive scalp, I suggest definitely using Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer and to wash your hair previously with COLD water, thus closing the hair cuticles and minimizing the ‘burning’ sensation in your hair.

Starting in your back section, you wanna try and do nice clean partings, small partings layer by layer and apply the product half an inch away from the scalp to the end.
Why away from the scalp? As explained before in my previous post, you wanna start away from the scalp first since Hydrogen Peroxide, or developer reacts to heat, and well, clearly your scalp produces heat :D!

So if you ever noticed, if you do your roots-end application, your roots tend to always be a lot lighter then the rest of your hair? Well, that’s why! :D

So go ahead and go all around your hair, and in the last 20 mins of processing, you wanna apply some bleach to the roots where you left off, again starting at the back to the front sections again .
Once you’re done with that, you wanna cover your hair with a processing cap, to help keep the heat in and keep the bleach from drying out, once it dries out, then you’re pretty much done processing /:
Bleach/Dye usually is done processing at 40 mins to 60 mins. So no point in trying to leave bleach on your head for an hour and half, since most likely the bleach has dried out already.
Another option, since I mentioned foil in the above materials is, well, as you apply the bleach half an inch away to the ends, you can wrap hair in foil to help keep it moist and this also helps process the bleach faster, keep it moist and not dry out so much faster and also helps differentiate layer by layer – making root application a lot easier. Since you just need to lift one foil, after the other and sneak your brush through to the roots and apply the bleach there :D

After processing, you want to go ahead and rinse off your hair, shampoo and condition as always. Then dry.

Most Asians will most likely end up with either brassy orange hair to yellow.

This photo above is my hair going from Brown to Blonde, this was done with I believe 1-2 bleachings, with vol. 40 and purple shampoo, I haven’t toned my hair yet at this point.
Again, how much your hair will lift can definitely vary, please refer to my previous post on Hydrogen Peroxide levels, I have a level chart there that talks about the different levels of hair and color and whatnot.

I got this light personally because my hair as already a BROWN shade and not VIRGIN BLACK. So it only took me 2 bleachings at the most using vol. 40 developer to achieve this color.
Now usually at this point I can choose to pick a blonde dye to throw over my hair, which would also help tone out the yellowness, or I can continue to bleach it one more time and then apply purple-blue toner to achieve and platinum or white blonde color.

What are toners and how do I use them?

Toners comes in different shades, ranging from blue, purple, green and etc. what they basically do is, when applied with developer and applied to hair, basically cancels out the contributing pigments.
At the above photo, you can clearly tell I had Orange and Yellow underlining pigments.
To get a ‘pure’ color, you definitely want to cancel those out, so if I wanted to continue going blonde (depending on how much orange/yellow I have in my hair, it would also depend on the toner I need)
I would go ahead and use a purple-blue toner, my personal favorite is Wella White Lady, since it has both purple and blue in it to help cancel out all the yucky yellow and orange tones in my hair.
I personally don’t tone my hair tillI get it to this level of lightness. Since after 1 bleaching, and my hair is at that loooovely orange stage, the toner wouldn’t do anything or even budge it.
Toners have instructions in them so I wont bore you guys with any more info on them.
For my next post, I will go over some products for us wannabe blondors :B and the difference in different ‘bleach products’ and etc. Since this post has definitely gone pretty long already