Wednesday, April 6, 2011

when were too concerned with money...

And life...some of us tend to loose sight of creativity and shit :X
I've realized I've spent far too many days and even weeks moaping around the house being a stupid depressed fuck for only having a part-time job working 20 hrs a week and having aover $500+ to pay for in rent, so clearly, I'm always going to be behind on rent. Unless I seriously dont wanna eat for a week or two =_=ll and I've already budgetted my food like crazy. But in the end, you gotta get gas and etc too >__> and other bills to be covered as well, right?

Hence the lack of 'adventures' since I havent had money to and run off to LA for any events lately :X I've locked myself in the condo for far too long, not being very productive for that matter. Checking craigslist and begging for a call back....and sleeping in till god knows what time,wasting a whole day and sleeping super late.

But thats beside the point. Boring post is boring, I've been lacking on photos. I remember when I use to upload my LJ alot more, I atleast had semi-decent outfit posts. But no, not anymore lolz. I dress quite plain for work, I dont even really wear makeup to work LOL if I can help it, so to avoid having to use up makeup, makeup remover and etc. LAWLZ.
Yes, depressing, isnt it?.

but anyways, so I realize, I spend too much time moaping around and wasting time. And along the way, I tend to loose sight of 'creativity' I havent sewn anything in forever, drafted anything. Or made any new wigs lately.

has my creativity died down? I doubt it. I keep a notebook full of ideas. Its just a matter of execution.
since I'm hesitant to drop any money on materials needed to be creative, but. Thats what I'm missing exactly - you dont need ALOT of money to create something AWESOME. And though it may take me awhile to complete a project, I need to get my shit together and start making things again, even if it means it takes me forever to finish due to lack of funding. I need to take advantage of my free time now before I go back to school and start juggling 2 jobs and school. :X
If I ever get to that point OTL.

Wish me luck. So hopefully within the next few weeks progressing to Fanime (which I doubt I'll be able to go....) and AX. I'll have a few things done and over with. No more boring outfits plz. I cant use the whole 'my shit is in storage' excuse since I'm clearly done sleeping on couches OTL.

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