Friday, April 15, 2011


LOLOLOL So after a LONG LONG CAR trip we finally made it to San Francisco/Berkley! No photos yet since I'm using my sis' laptop since I was a butt and decided not to bring mine assuming my itouch wouldnt be a beezie but clearly it is! D': pieceofshit
I drove straight from work last night at 8 and made it all the way to Fresno which we got there around 2ish, checked into a cheapy motel, crashed. Woke up at 8/9. Hopped back on the road! >:D
and we finally made it to Berkley around 2? or3? Something like that LAWLZ.
Quick check in at the hotel and then hit China Town and Golden Gate bridge in San Fran.

Tomorrow I get to kick it with Toshi while sis goes to check out her future college/prison >:D
University of Berkley. Unfortunately, Toshi cancelled the Hakuouki shoot at the last min ;A;
and here I was busting my ass off to finish Kazama in time, but i guess its for the best considering my sewing machine started being a jackass to me at the last min ;A;
maaaaaan, I'm going to have to redo this shit D:< since I wasnt happy with it to begin with....>__>;;

but all is good! Tomorrow we're hitting Japan Town for the Sakura Festival.
I wish I had packed better....LOOOLZ I just threw w/e into my bag >_>ll

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