Friday, April 22, 2011

San Francisco Part 1

LOLZ. So I totally need to update my blog layout...oAo;;; its totally not epic like everyone elses'! LOLZ

LONG POST MIGHT BE LONG SO I think I should just go ahead and cut this into a strictly entry for my Norcal Trip! >D!

So as I wrote before, I took a road trip to Norcal last week with my sis and Dad to check out my sisters future prison/school xD, UC Berkley and well, SF in General.

I went to SF couple years ago right after HS and the day after I got my license LOL we took a road trip to SF. Moms motto was, the best way to learn how to drive, is to KEEP driving. So, I guess she took it to heart and made me drive from San Diego all the way to San Francisco for a weekend/con trip to San Francsico when Anime Overdose was still called, Anime Overdose (AOD) before I believe they changed it to Anime On Display?...

I wont bore you guys with a really long text entry...D':

golden gate bridge at twilight.
we went here after we had food at China Town. So, forgive the pretty dark photo....

What I forgot to upload here or is in my PC at home and I'm once again clearly writing this up at work. are photos from the parking garage in china town! LOLZ the parking slots in one of the garage lots had FORTUNES written on them LAWLZ. I'll probably post them up in another entry or check out my facebook! :D

I /had/ to take a photo of this. Reminds me of back in Asia
where people WOULD shamelessly hang their clothes out their window like
its nothing LOLZ.
Ash had to LOL at it too >D!
Oh China Town~

Ate so much while being in SF. I have more photos /: but all these are the ones from my DSLR. I guess the ones on my cellphone are on my hard drive at home OTL. So I guess expect another entry later on with funny-er photos /:

JAPAN TOWN. Yes the following day, instead of going to CAL Day with my sister and her friend
I went to JapanTown with Toshi LAWLZ! >D

more photo dump later 8B, and I realized I need to have a watermark on my photos =_=;;;

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