Wednesday, April 6, 2011

caffeine, oh why

Another shameless retarded stupid post from work. Dundundun. You're probably asking, why the hell am I blogging from work?! oAo
true true. but theres only so much you can while working in a call center >_> to be frank.

I have probably saturated Youtube for all its worth and subscribed to GODKNOWS HOW MANY BEAUTY BLOGS on blogspot just to give me something to read >_> and browsed Amazon to no end and THAT just makes me depress :D lawlz. So lets move on from that topic shall we?

So what I wanted to talk about is, dundundun. Caffine D:

I was up till possible 4 am this morning and all of a sudden having craved for donuts and coffee
and the sad miserable part is, when I drive my brother to work, I ALWAYS without fail, drive by a coffee and donut shop. lololz so that clearly does not help my case :D but!
I've been good. I drove pass it and fought the urge lolz. at the time it just sounded like a good idea, but that doesn't stop the craving for coffee, or so I thought. D':
so I went to vons and did some shameless grocery shopping :B hurpderp, more fruits for smoothies and of course the usual noodles and canned soup (oh poor student budget :D kekeke)
and I came home with 2 cans of Seattle's Best Coffee. They were on sale vs Starbucks which I'm quickly tired of already. the sad part is, I have that can sitting infront of me and I have no grand desire to drink it anymore ;; and I still have a can of monster in my fridge >___> wow what happened.
I use to down myself in coffee, energy drinks and etc like it was water D:

instead I've traded all my caffeine in for this:

LOOL yes Green Tea! >D I use to dislike the taste of green tea but have liked all sorts of other teas before that, I think its simply an acquired taste. I use to dislike soy milk and have now grown to like it. /:

mhmm. must not waste the coffee though. I'll probably save it for when I go to SF the following week then. LAWLZ. And the monster, I'll save for when my friends come over for drinks.
Monster + Vodka = best combo ever :D loooolz I seriously shouldnt be talking about alcohol here xD!

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